HoundTime for another character appeared in Transformers: Age of Extinction new trailer, this time a new entry. During the battle scenes, we can clearly spot a Transformer with a cigar (!) in his mouth, shooting and screaming: that’s Hound, who’ll be voiced by none other than John Goodman. Very little is known about his role in the movie: he’ll be on the Autobots‘ side, and it seems he’ll be quite nasty. As many other Transformers before him, his physical appearance has been radically changed in order to characterize him the most, and this time he displays quite a big belly and whatever robots have in place of a beard. Quite awkward. Anyway, let’s see together who he is in the comics.

As all the other Transformers, Hound was born several million years ago on Cybertron, a remote planet on which the dominant houndcomics1species were the sentient robots called Transformers, and which had been torn apart by a bloody civil war among the peaceful Autobots and the warmonger Decepticons. Hound fought for the Autobots, a small and cunning scout who used his unborn ability to project holograms to disguise himself and spy on the enemy’s ranks. Hound was also a peaceful soul, who grew tired of combat after years and years of continuous war. When Optimus Prime, the Autobots’ leader, formed a taskforce to destroy a meteor swarm threatening to hit Cybetron, Hound was among the chosen ones, and he gladly accepted the offer to take some distance, even for a little while, from the deserted metal plateaus of his suffering planet. The mission was accomplished succesfully, but the Decepticons attacked the spaceship Ark and everyone on board seeking to destroy them while they were weakened for the meteors: Hound soon realised that war would have never let him be, and did his best to protect his companions. Eventually, Optimus sent the ship on a collision route with a primitive, deserted planet, Earth, in order to avoid his nemesis Megatron to conquer the Ark. On Earth, Hound and his companions fell into a deep coma, a suspended animation that lasted for millennia.

In 1984, however, the Autobots awoke from their slumber because of a volcanic eruption: stranded on an unknown planet, with no idea on how much time it had passed since the accident, Optimus decided to send a scout team to explore the new world…and of course, Hound was among them. Hound was immediately amazed by the beauty of houndcomics2the new world they had been crashed on, a planet full of life and colors, unlike the grey and dying Cybertron. He followed some local machines (automobiles) to what happened to be a religious ceremony (actually a drive-in cinema) and, observing them, he was the first one who realised the dominant species on Earth weren’t the cars, but the tiny little creatures inside them, humans. Humans caught Hound’s attention, as much as everything else on Earth, and he decided he would have protected such frail and full-of-life beings from the horrors he had to witness. As if in response to his silent resolution, a team of Decepticon scouts, who had followed them to the drive-in, attacked them, starting a battle that gravely put at risk all the present humans’ lives. After the drive-in, the Decepticons attacked also on the Sherman Dam, another battlefield that risked to erase what little humans were on place: as hard as the battles were, especially for not a warrior born like Hound, he would have put all he had on the line in order to protect a planet he consiedered more a home for himself than Cybertron had ever been.

Hound is a peaceful and good-natured Transformer, very gentle even for Autobots’ standards. Being quite small, he gives his best as a scout, gifted with a natural camouflage system that allows him to project holograms, thus hiding all the better (in some versions, it’s his gun that creates the holograms). He possesses superhuman strength and durability, and he’s able to transform into a Mitsubishi J59 Jeep. Maybe far too gentle to be fighting a war, Hound is nevertheless determined to protect the little natural heaven he learnt to love: Earth.


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