AmazoLast character appeared in this season of Arrow, albeit not a newcomer from the last episode: during all the series, Oliver Queen and his friends (while on Lian Yu) face Anthony Ivo and his mercenary crew, who came to the island looking for the Japanese miracle drug Mirakuru. Well, Ivo arrived on a ship, sunk during the events of Unthinkable, whose name reflects the one of a major villain in the comics, associated with Ivo as well: Amazo. Needless to say, in the comics Amazo is not a ship: he’s an android. On tv, the character underwent more or less the same treatment Smallville reserved to Starro, turned from alien conqueror to technological device. Let’s see together who, or what, the real Amazo is.

Terrified by the prospect of death, genius Professor Ivo ended up using his skills to create the world’s first android, Amazo. The artificial man was programmed for one purpose only: to achieve immortality for his master through any means possible. Thanks to unique artificial cells in his organism, the absorption cells, Amazo was able to “steal” (later just replicate) superpowers from other beings, and he did it with the original Justice League of America. He then used their powers to capture some long-lived amazocomics1animals, stealing a centennial catfish using Green Lantern‘s Power Ring replica, and capturing a giant cicada with a replica of Wonder Woman‘s Lasso of Truth; the creatures were meant to serve to Ivo as the main ingredients for his longevity serum. The peculiar disappearance of these animals led the Justice Leaguers, unexplicably without powers, to investigate, guarding other similar beasts, but they got defeated one after the other by Amazo himself, who kidnapped them and brought them to Ivo, with the only exception of Batman and Superman (Ivo wasn’t worried, since Batman had no superpowers, and he had in store a piece of kryptonite for Superman). While Ivo was trying to erase the captive heroes’ memories, however, Green Lantern managed to break free and to restore everybody’s powers through his (original) Power Ring: both Ivo and Amazo were defeated, and while the scientist got imprisoned, the android was deactivated and put in the JLA trophy room.

Amazo was reactivated twice by the JLA: once, when an alien was absorbing all the heroes’ powers, the android was sent against him, and overloaded him with the combined powers he possessed; the second time occured when Libra stole the JLA’s powers, and Batman and Atom used Amazo to retrieve them and transfer them back to their legitimate owners. During this two events, Amazo was reawakened and forced to go against his primary directive: this prompted his cells to furtherly adapt to the environment, and he developed self-awareness. When the explosion of a red star bombarded Earth amazocomics2with radiations, Superman got greately weakened, but Amazo was awakened once again: his existence devoted to someone else’s will brought him to crave true death, and, after defeating the entire JLA by himself, he seeked Ivo asking him to be deactivated. Amazo, however, had evolved too much for Ivo to be able to shut him down; fueled by rage and will of vengeance only, the android decided to kill his maker, giving him the only thing he feared, that was also the one the android desired the most: death. In his rampage, however, Amazo almost killed Lois Lane as well, and Superman, powered-up by an exoskeleton he named Supermobile, intervened and saved both the woman and the mad scientist. He then travelled to the future to absorb yellow sun’s radiations, and came back to finally defeat Amazo. The android was once again deactivated, and his personality was erased: in the future, he would have been reactivated by both the JLA for emergencies, and by villains such as Ivo and the Key for service, but somewhere deep in the android’s circuits, Amazo’s conscience still lived, waiting to resurface.

Amazo is a formidable machine, an android capable of absorbing the powers of any metahuman he enters in contact with: in time, he has absorbed the powers and skills of Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Atom, Martian Manhunter, Batman, Green Lantern, Green ArrowHawkmanHourmanSolomon Grundy, Professor Ivo, NightwingBlack Adam, Red TornadoVixen, Elongated ManSuperboy and many others, always magnifying them to greater extents than the original owners’ possibilities. Amazo has, however, developed a conscience of his own, an unexpected result of his ability to constantly evolve and adapt: rather than simply pursuing Ivo’s immortality, he has now intelligence enough to follow his own free will, often defying his maker’s desires (he even became an active member of JLA at a certain point). Nearly unstoppable, an indestructible android bent to Ivo’s will has become one of the most powerful beings in the universe, still struggling to conquer his freedom.



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