Ronan the AccuserFinally, a second trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy hit the web, and we got our first look at the movie’s main villain: Ronan the Accuser, portrayed by Lee Pace. In the movie, Ronan will be a loyal servant to Thanos, a religious fundamentalist who considers strength as sacred and weakness as a sin. It seems he’ll also be responsible of the death of Drax‘s family, putting the bases of a personal grudge between the two warriors. Well, if Ronan’s appearance definitely matches his comics’ one, the character’s background and personality sure are different: in the original story, Ronan has never been a lackey to Thanos, nor he’s been a maniac priest, nor, actually, a villain in the strict sense of the term, despite he’s clashed with Earth‘s superheroes more than once. Let’s see together.

Ronan was born on Hala, the main planet in the Kree Empire, as the heir of an aristocratic family, blue-skinned direct descendants of the very first Krees appeared on the planet. Young Ronan underwent a strict education following his status as a nobleman, at the end of which he entered the Public Accuser Corps, the Krees’ law enforcers. The Corps ronantheaccusercomics1proved to bo quite the right environment for Ronan who, promotion after promotion, became one of the best known and apreciated Accusers. When a Skrull starfleet exploited a flaw in the Kree border and almost entered the Empire’s space, Ronan single-handedly repelled the ships, impressing the public opinion and even the Supreme Intelligence (ruler of the Kree Empire) with his act of heroism. Ronan was promoted Supreme Accuser, leader of the Accuser Corps and committed with the application of the Supreme Intelligence’s orders. In the hierarchy, Ronan was second only to the Supreme Intelligence and the Imperial Minister, but as a proud blue-skinned Kree, Ronan gladly accepted only the second one’s authority, while he didn’t like the Supremor and the way many Krees worshipped it as it was a god, despite it had actually substituted the legitimate Kree government. Along with some other aristocrats, Ronan tried a rebellion to depose the Supreme Intelligence, but his efforts were thwarted by the lack of certainty of his own followers: realising he had no people to lead to freedom, Ronan abandoned his ideas of a civil war, and came back to his loyal service, deciding he would have served his people better by completing with honor and devotion his task of protecting and enforcing the law in the Empire.

Ronan was sent on Earth the first time by the Supreme Intelligence when a group of humans destroyed Sentry #459, a dormant drone reawakened by archaeologist Daniel Damian. Ronan had to execute the humans who had destroyed the Sentry, but they were more than a match for him: known as the Fantastic Four, the humans defeated Ronan, thus avoiding the capital penalty. Ronan’s defeat wasn’t a total loss: while on Earth, the Accuser ronantheaccusercomics2had found evidence of the existence of a branch of mutants created by the Krees millennia before, the Inhumans, genetically designed to be the next step in both Kree and human evolution. Forgotten on Earth, the Inhumans had finally been found again, but they refused to come back to Hala to fulfill their original destiny, and Ronan was sent to…convince them. Ronan attacked Attilan, the city of the Inhumans, and captured all of them, telling them they would have served as an elite corps in the Kree army. Forced to obey, the Inhumans attacked a fleet of Shi’ar ships, following Ronan’s orders, and when the fleet got defeated, he also ordered a restricted number of them to commit a political assassination. Disgusted by what his people was becoming, the Inhuman king Black Bolt challenged Ronan to a duel to win the Inhumans’ freedom, something that Ronan, committed to his honor, couldn’t refuse: Black Bolt proved to be more than a match for the Kree, and defeated him in combat, but despite this, many Inhumans decided to follow Ronan to Hala rather than to come back to Earth to live as secluded hermits. Once again, a partial defeat turned in Ronan’s hands into a partial victory, thus granting him his position and the loyalty of his supporters on Hala.

Ronan the Accuser is a proud and honorable Kree, blindly devoted to the cause of his Empire. As the Supreme Accuser, Ronan is an extremely well-trained hand-to-hand combatant, and his sharp intellect makes him an exceptional strategist; he’s also well instructed in Kree laws and history, knowledge that serves him in accomplishing his duties. Along with a combat armor that inhances his already impressive physical attributes, Ronan wields the Universal Weapon, the most powerful Cosmi-Rod at the Empire’s disposal: the Weapon is able to emit energy blasts, create force fields, and allows Ronan to fly and to manipulate matter to a submolecular level. Determined and strong-willed, with all the courage leading the one who believes to be fighting the good fight, Ronan the Accuser is the most fierce defender of the Kree Empire, and the most vicious punisher of whoever threatens it.



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