Irani Rael (Nova)

Irani RaelThe second character appearing for the first time in Guardians of the Galaxy‘s new trailer is Irani Rael, portrayed by legendary actress Glenn Close. In the movie, Rael will be Nova Prime, commander of the intergalactic police force known as Nova Corps. She’ll be the one arresting the Guardians of the Galaxy in the first place, but she’ll also release them in a last hope to defeat Ronan the Accuser and his allies, stopping them from endangering the entire universe. Well, in the comics Rael is surely a member of the Nova Corps, but she’s never been a Prime; her appearance is also quite different: apart from the armor, in the comics she’s not quite human-looking as Close is in the movie, but her alien origins are a little bit more evident, thanks to her oveergrown head. Let’s see together.

Irani Rael was born on Rigel-3, an extremely advanced planet in the Rigel Star System. As all Rigellians, Irani was born with an outstanding intellect, and a strict logic that made her think more like a living computer than a common organic being. When Annihilus, a warlord from the Negative Zone (a parallel dimension based on antimatter), invaded our dimension, one of his first targets resulted to be the Nova iraniraelcomics1Corps, the intergalactic police aimed to keep peace in all sectors of the universe: taken by surprise, all of the Corps were brutally killed by Annihilus’ army, the Annihilation Wave, with a single exception, Richard Rider, a human who became the new Nova Prime and also the host of the Xandarian Worldmind, a sentient supercomputer who was the core and the cumulative knowledge of all Corps. Following Annihilus’ defeat, Rider resolved to be the one and only Nova in the universe, but the Worldmind thought otherwise, and while he was asleep, it secretly looked for new worthy beings to recruit in a new version of the Nova Corps. Irani Rael was the first one the Worldmind chose, a sharp intellect driven by a will not “stained” by useless emotions that the computer felt would have been the fittest for reforming the Corps. Irani, feeling the call as a personal commitment for making the universe a better (and more orderly) place, accepted the Worldmind’s offer of recruitment, believing it came from the Nova Prime, and became one of the new Nova Centurions.

When Richard Rider, still unaware of the presence of other Centurions, battled with Galactus, and was almost killed by him, the Worldmind sent an emergency signal to the five new Centurions. Irani Rael joined the Nova Prime along with the other four recruits: the Shi’ar Malik Tarcel, the Harmonite Qubit, the Kakarantharaian dragoness Fraktur and the Mephitisoid Morrow. The five Centurions crossed the galaxies following the source of the emergency signal, and they joined Nova Prime on his iraniraelcomics2homeplanet, Earth, which had just suffered an almost-succeeded attempt of invasion by the Skrulls. Rider was both surprised and unpleased to see this kind of reinforcements, and he blamed the Worldmind for having put at risk other people’s lives in the Nova Corps’ crusade just for a self-preservation intent; since Rael and the others were already there, however, Rider decided to put them to the test, and asked for their help in pacifying Earth after the battle against the Skrulls. Irani distinguished herself in a battle against the Serpent Society, knocking out the team’s leader, Sidewinder, with a single energy blast. She also helped her Prime to capture Dragon Man, complying about his plainly scarce intellect in the strategy deployed (Rider actually didn’t want to hurt the creature, who was only scared). Despite her doubts about Rider’s leadership, Irani was ready and prepared to start her new life as a Nova Centurion, and soon left Earth to resume the Novas’ original mission.

Irani Rael is an extremely intelligent woman, a Rigellian whose over-evolved brain grants her many unique traits, such as a methodic and cold way of reasoning often in contrast with the passionate nature of Nova Prime Rider. To her natural psychic powers, Irani adds her new ones as a Centurion: the Nova Force allows her to fly at incredible speed, to survive in open space, to emit powerful blasts of energy and power fields and to understand any known language in the universe, plus a variety of other abilities. Quite sarcastic for being a Rigellian, Nova Rael fights for order and peace, a commitment that fits quite well with her natural view of life and universe.


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