azazelfilmFinally, X-Men: Days of Future Past is in theatres, and, by the way, it’s simply awesome. In the next days we’ll focus on the characters appearing in the movie that we didn’t see in any previous trailer: be warned, the first three will be spoiler-free, but the last two won’t, so if you didn’t see the movie already be careful. We’ll start with Azazel, portrayed by Jason Flemyng: in First Class, he was a member of the Hellfire Club, but joined Magneto in his first Brotherhood of Mutants after Sebastian Shaw‘s death. In Days of Future Past he’s dead from the very beginning of the movie, but we see a picture of him (of his corpse, actually) when Mystique reads Bolivar Trask‘s files, and we learn that he’s been killed and experimented on in order to study his powers. In the comics, Azazel has proved to be quite hard to kill, and I doubt Trask and his men would have been able to do that. Let’s see together.

Azazel’s origins go back in millennia, as he is one of the world’s most ancient mutants. Azazel was born when in the world two different kinds of mutants battled: on one side, there were the Neyaphem, a group of evil-doers, powerful beings with demonic appearance, with Azazel as their leader; on the other side, there were the Cherayafim, who distinguished themselves for their blonde hair, healing blood and wide wings. The two groups battled each other for supremacy during biblical azazelcomics1times, and they gave birth to humans’ concepts of demons and angels. Azazel, liking the idea of being considered a demon, and at a certain point battled some well-known and extremely powerful demons (among them, even Mephisto and Satannish) for the title of Satan, the ruler of Hell, but he lost to Marduk Kurios. In the meanwhile, the battle with the Cherayafim became more and more violent, until it ended up in an open war: the entire forces of both line-ups clashed, and the Neyaphem lost. Many of the survivors were simply immortal, like Azazel himself, so the Cherayafim decided to banish them, rather than killing them. The angel-like mutants opened a portal to another world, the Brimstone Dimension, and locked their enemies there for all eternity, sealing them up with their blood. For the Neyaphem, it was the beginning of a long time of imprisonment…luckily for them, their leader was a teleporter, and he soon found a way to use his powers to travel back to Earth, even if for a brief time. From the first time he came back to Earth, Azazel started impregnating mutant women, in order to spawn children that would have served as a bridge between dimensions, ready to be used by him to free himself and his people.

Azazel travelled between worlds for millennia, spawning quite a number of sons, all of them Neyaphem. In recent times, Azazel arrived in Germany, where he used his powers to appear like a human; he became a business associate of Baron Christian Wagner, a local nobleman, but it was his wife that lured his interest. The woman, in fact, despite appearing absolutely normal, was a blue skinned mutant: Raven Darkholme, aka azazelcomics2Mystique. Azazel seduced the woman, and managed to sleep with her despite she loved her husband: she got pregnant, and Azazel abandoned her to come back to his dimension. From Brimestone Dimension, Azazel saw that Raven had been forced to kill her husband, who was barren and so quite suspicious about his wife’s pregnancy, and that a furious crowd had apparently killed both her and the baby, Kurt. When time came, Azazel finally gathered all of his children, thanks to his psychic powers, in the Isla Des Demonas, where they were ready to sacrifice themselves to let their father and his people come through. Also Kurt, who had survived and become the heroic Nightcrawler in the meanwhile, was there, but his friends, the X-Men, had followed him while he was in a semi-catatonic state. When Azazel’s children opened the portal to the Brimstone Dimension, the X-Men jumped in, determined to protect their friend from whatever awaited on the other side. Intrigued, Azazel decided to take some fun with them before reopening the portal, and convinced the mutants they were actually in Hell, and he was Satan in person: after eons of imprisonment, Azazel was ready to dally a little bit torturing some hero before getting to serious business…

Azazel is an ancient and cruel mutant, willing to establish his own kingdom on the world. He’s quite powerful, and has displayed a variety of abilities: he’s immortal, and also possesses a healing factor that not only prevents him from aging, but also regenerates his cells at an incredible speed, making him survive also to otherwise mortal wounds; he’s an extremely powerful teleporter, and is able to emit energy blasts that usually paralyze whoever is hit; he’s also able to shapeshift and to mind-control other people to a certain extent; he’s also an excellent swordsman and a skilled acrobat. Considering himself a man of honor (or at least a twisted version of it), Azazel feels a deep hatred and despise not only towards his long-time nemesis, the Cheyarafim, but also against all “normal” mutants, the ones who don’t show any physical sign of their mutation. With all the determination and the power to accomplish his goals, Azazel will stop in front of nothing to free himself and his army and to establish a kingdom ruled by demonic and monstrous mutants like himself.



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