Angel Salvadore

angelsalvadorefilmSecond character coming back in X-Men: Days of Future Past, albeit not in person. When Mystique breaks into Bolivar Trask‘s office and reads the files he hides in his safe, she finds out the autopsy report of some mutants Trask experimented on and killed: one of them is Angel Salvadore, portrayed by Zoë Kravitz. In the movie we don’t only see a photo of her corpse, there’s also one of her wings kept in a caveau, the same one that Magneto goes to in order to retrieve his helmet. Angel already appeared in First Class as a stripper who becomes one of the first recruits of Charles Xavier‘s and Magneto’s school, but she abandons her companions to join Sebastian Shaw after the first encounter with the Hellfire Club; she later changes sides again, and joins Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants. In the comics, she changes team just a couple of times, but she’s mainly a member of the X-Men. Let’s see together.

Angel Salvadore was born in a small town in Wyoming, from a poor woman and a man who had an affair with her, and abandoned her the moment he learnt she was pregnant. Angel lived with her little sister and her parents, and nobody but her mother knew she was the daughter of another man.angelsalvadorecomics1 Her step-father, however, suspected something, and, unfortunately for Angel, he was a violent and abusive man: she became the target of his physical, emotional, verbal and even sexual assaults; the mother didn’t seem to notice or to care what her husband was doing to her daughter, and the girl was left alone to defend herself from the father. When she was fourteen years old, Angel started finding blisters and blotches on her back, at her shoulders’ level, and this only encreased the abuses coming from her step-father. One night, she tried to fight back, and threatened the man to sue him for child-abuse, but he bluntly answered that nobody would have believed he had molested a mutant: shocked by what he had said, Angel fled from home, and took refuge in a nearby park. She cried herself to sleep, praying that what her step-father said wasn’t true and she wasn’t a mutant…but the man was right. That very night, while she was sleeping, Angel formed a cocoon, from which she emerged the morning after…with a brand new pair of wings.

Before even realising she had completed her mutation, Angel was attacked by the U-Men, a group of human fanatics believing to be the “Third Species“, and hunted mutants to harvest their body parts and “improve” themselves with them. The U-Men wanted angelsalvadorecomics2to take her wings, but Angel’s body subconsciously reacted on its own: she vomited acid on the nearest assailant, and used her new wings to produce ultrasonic waves that incapacitated the attackers. She then tried to fly away, but she wasn’t able to control her new limbs, and ended up crashing nearby: the U-Men sedated her, and took her away. She woke up on a vivisection table, with the U-Men about to cut off her wings, when a clawed mutant came to the rescue: Wolverine. The X-Men, in fact, had spotted Angel using Cerebro, and Jean Grey had used it to direct Wolverine to the girl’s imprisonment place. Wolverine made short work of the U-Men, and gutted many of them…but Angel’s first reaction, understandably, was to throw up from the stress and from the view of her kidnappers’ entrails. The acid blast hit Wolverine right in the face, but luckily his healing factor made him survive the experience. Logan convinced Angel to follow him to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, and another misadventure with a mutant-hating bartender on the way convinced the girl even more of the necessity of a safeguarded environment for what she had become. However, she was still quite scared of her lethal protector, and her life at the new school started in plain distrust and suspicion towards the other mutants…until she met Barnell “Beak” Bohusk, another “freak” who soon became her boyfriend, allowing her to live her new life with another spirit.

Angel Salvadore is a girl who grew up sooner than her age requested because of a childhood of violence and abuses: hardened by a hard life, she’s however completely disoriented when facing the changes that occured to her in first person, and she’s quite frightened of being a mutant. Angel has developed an insectoid physiology, with a pair of fly-like wings that she can use either to fly or to emit powerful supersonic waves by making them vibrating at high speeds; she also possesses special glands that emit a corrosive digestive acid, that she can use as a weapon as well. Whenever she’s heavily damaged, Angel can create healing cocoons, inside which she can heal from her wounds quite fast. Fearing herself and the new world around her, Angel is a young mutant who just made her first step in a wider world.


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