Scott Summers (Cyclops)

cyclopsfilmAnd now we begin with the spoilerish characters: at the end of X-Men: Days of Future Past, when Wolverine comes back to his present, it’s immediately clear his actions have indeed changed history, as he finds himself in the rebuilt Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, and finds, alive and well, Jean Grey and even Scott Summers, portrayed by James Marsden. Scott already appeared in most of the movies in the series: in the first two films, he was Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men, but in the third one, depressed because of Jean’s death, he’s pretty much the shadow of what he used to be (no problem about it: he’s killed by his revived girlfriend in the first ten minutes of the show). A teenager version of him appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine portrayed by Tim Pocock: he is kidnapped from school by Sabretooth and brought to Weapon X program, so that his powers can be transferred into Deadpool. He also makes a small, uncredited cameo in First Class, as a young boy with red sunglasses seen when Charles Xavier uses Cerebro to detect mutants. Just let’s hope that his resurrection will lead to a proper evolution of the character. In the meanwhile, let’s see who the real Cyclops is.

Son of test pilot Christopher Summers and his wife Katherine Ann, Scott Summers was the older child of the family, acting as cyclopscomics1the big brother to Alex. He and his family led normal lives, and from time to time Christopher brought his wife and sons on family trips with his vintage plane; during one of these vacations, when Scott and Alex were still little boys, a Shi’ar ship suddenly appeared on the plane’s route, setting it aflame. Trying to save her sons, Katherine gave them the only parachute on board, with Scott embracing Alex not to let him fall. A moment after the children jumped, the plane exploded, and the parachute was set ablaze: while falling, Scott’s mutant powers manifested for the first time, and the boy used his optic blast to slow his and his brother’s fall; he however hit his head upon falling, and suffered a major brain damage that impaired the part of the brain which would have allowed him to control his optic blast, thus making it always active. Both Scott and Alex suffered from a traumatic amnesia of the events that had led to their parents’ (apparent) death, and they were hospitalized and taken under the protective wing of a skilled geneticist. Unfortunately, the scientist was Nathaniel Essex, aka Mr. Sinister, who took interest in Scott’s power. He sent Alex away, in order to make the boy emotionally vulnerable. After accidentally destroying the hospital’s roof with his blast, Scott was sent to an orphanage, were he was followed by the owner, Mr. Milbury, and bullied by his roommate, Lefty (both of them were cover identities for Sinister, who prevented him from being adopted more than once). When he started suffering from painful headaches, Scott was sent to a specialist (Sinister again), who forged for him special ruby-quartz lenses, able to restrain his blast. When he first used his powers to save some people from falling debris, however, Scott was charged by a mob, who believed he had tried to kill the people he had actually saved: this bad experience led him to crime boss Jack O’Diamonds.

cyclopscomics2Jack O’Diamonds forced the young boy to work for him, abusing him when he refused. When FBI agent Fred Duncan assaulted O’Diamonds’ lair and arrested him, Scott was sure he would have been arrested as well, but Duncan was working with Charles Xavier, a telepath who understood the boy’s history, and decided to take him with him. Taken to Xavier’s institute, Scott found in Xavier the first family in a long time, and started to see him as a father figure. He was also trained to become Cyclops, the first X-Men, the founder of a team of young mutants who would have helped normal people to accept mutants’ presence among them through their heroic deeds. When Xavier found other mutants for his school (Hank “Beast” McCoy, Warren “Angel” WorthingtonBobby “Iceman” Drake and Jean “Marvel Girl” Grey), Scott was elected leader of the X-Men, and although he proved to be an excellent tactician and a good leader, he however suffered from major lacks in social capabilities. He also fell in love with Jean, but, being extremely shy, he didn’t even try to confess her his feelings. He was also afraid he would have hurt her sooner or later with his uncontrollable power, and wanted to keep her at a distance; also Jean, however, liked him, and she made the first move: the two finally started dating, becoming the first official couple in the X-Men. From the first moment he had entered the School, Scott faced many difficult moments: he created the identity of Eric the Red to infiltrate Magneto‘s criminal organization that was threatening to destroy the X-Men for good, and he acted as Xavier’s successor during his (many) apparent deaths. He even found his brother, who joined the team and become Havok, and even his father, who had become the space pirate Corsair, but wasn’t able to entertain good relationships with either of them. In everything he faced, however, he had now a family to support him, and Jean by his side.

Scott Summers is a brilliant and intelligent man, strengthened and hardened by a number of personal tragedies, a young man who rapidly grew up in order to face the many responsibilities he had been entrusted with. Scott has found in the X-Men the family he lost as a small child, and is ready to sacrifice himself to protect his teammates. As Cyclops, he’s a well trained hand-to-hand fighter and a superb tactician, but his trademark is the extremely powerful optic blast he emits from his eyes, an uncontrollable burst of energy that forces him to always wear the visor and lenses Xavier built for him copying Sinister’s technology. A great leader and a good man, Cyclops is an anchorage for all his X-Men (with the possible exception of Wolverine, who he shares a not-always-friendly rivalry with), a mutant who fights for the peaceful cohabitation with humans, following the dream of his “father” Xavier.



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