Nora Thompson

Nora AllenLast but not least, also the first trailer for upcoming tv series The Flash hit the web, and it was quite cool actually. In the Arrow spin-off we’ll see a lot of new characters, and in the trailer we can already spot some of them. Let’s start with Nora Allen, portrayed by Michelle Harrison: Nora is Barry Allen‘s mother, and her murder leads Barry to become a forensic investigator for the police. Despite being killed in the first episode, Nora will appear as a recurring character, most likely in flashbacks. Nora had already appeared in the first The Flash tv series, portrayed by Priscilla Pointer: this time, she was alive and well, and worked as a volunteer in a shelter for single mothers. Oddly enough, in the comics she’s both of them: the living and loving one, and the dead and buried one. Let’s see together.

Once again, there are two different versions of the character in the DC Universe (but this is not the reason for the apparent paradox of the previous lines). In the first one, Nora Thompson was a small-town girl who married Henry Allen, the town’s doctor. Now Nora Allen, the girl lived at his husband’s side during his thirty years of medical service in FallvilleIowa. She also gave him a son, Barry, a boy destined to accomplish great deeds. When Henry retired, Nora and her husband started a new, boring, happy life together, with Barry passing by sometime to say hello to his old noraallencomics1parents. A turning point in the couple’s life happened when they took a car trip together: a biker, Jack Morgan, caused an accident, and almost killed the two. While Morgan himself reanimated Henry (who ended up being possessed by villain Top for some time), Nora fell into a deep coma. After several weeks, she eventually woke up, without any of the brain damage the doctors feared, but on a wheel chair for life. After the accident, Barry finally revealed to his parents he was the superhero Flash, fearing they would reject this, but actually making them proud of what he did. Nora and Henry started to follow their son’s adventures through television, and also saw him dying to save the entire reality during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths: the sorrow for the loss of their children soon took away the Allens’ will to live, and both Nora and Henry died at a short distance one from the other. Nora, along with Henry, was buried next to Barry’s grave.

The new version of the character shares some traits with the previous one. Even in this one, Nora Thompson was born and raised in a small town of Iowa, Fallville, and ended up to marry the local doctor, Henry Allen. When Nora Allen got pregnant, she soon found out she was expecting twins. The labor pains started on May 23d, on a stormy night, and Nora was brought by her husband to Dr. Gilmore, the man who was supposed to make her give birth to her sons; also another couple arrived, Hugo and Charlene Thawne, with the latter about to give birth to her son as well. Unfortunately, Gilmore was quite drunken that night, and the nurse working with him was blocked at home by the storm. Charlene Thawne was the first one to enter the delivery room, but her infant son strangled himself with the umbilical cord, and the doctor was uncapable of saving him. In order to make things “fair” (and to avoid civil lawsuits) Gilmore took one of Nora’s sons and gave him to the Thawnes, who would have raised noraallencomics2him believing him to be their son Malcolm; Nora instead was told one of the babies was stillborn, and she brought back home only one of them, Barry, while she buried Thawnes’ son believing he was her own. Nora and Henry raised Barry, saw him become a scientist, and got old…but this reality was abruptly erased when Professor Zoom, the nemesis of his son Barry “The Flash” Allen, came back in time and, using his super speed, killed her without being seen. Since nobody else was at home, Henry was arrested for her murder: this tragic event brought Barry to become a forensic detective for the police, trying to solve impossible cases, and in the meanwhile investigating over his mother’s death, trying to exculpate his father.

Nora Allen (née Thompson) is a good and loved woman, a loving wife and mother, who gives her unique imprint to the life of whoever she meets. She found her perfect place in her family life, and she’s ready to do anything for her beloved ones, especially her son Barry.



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