SlagNew trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction, and we had the chance to see another couple of Dinobots. Unfortunately, only one is noticeable during the pursuit on the bridge, especially because he’s quite large and not hidden behind a car: the giant, mechanical triceratops running on the other side of the street is Slag, one of the original Dinobots. In the movie, he’ll be one of the ancient Transformers that Optimus Prime will call in aid against the new batch of man-made Transformers, but it seems he’ll have some difficulties convincing them to join him. Curiously, all the Dinobots seem to be mute: in the comics, they surely are not. Let’s see together.

Slag was born on planet Cybertron millions of years ago, a Transformer who participated, as all his fellow citizens, to the Great War between the wise and peaceful Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, and the violent and warmonger Decepticons, led by Megatron, fighting for the first ones. During the war, he suffered a major damage to his emotional dampeners, and became incapable of controlling his feelings; living in a world constantly in war, the most prominent emotion he felt was the rage of the battle, and the accident turned him into a violent and brutal fighter, who suffered from a serious glitch that, once every 4 million years, turned him into a feral berserker. The first time Slag fell to his Glitch, he ended up killing his slagcomics1entire tactical squad; one of his friends and commanders, Grimlock, who apreciated and valued strength, decided to cover up what had happened, hiding the “incident” from Optimus Prime and the High Command, and taking Slag under his direct command from that point on. Slag understood he owned a big debt of honor to Grimlock, and despite often clashing with him and with his orders, he always stayed loyal to him. When a meteor swarm threatened to destroy Cybertron, Optimus Prime gathered a team of his best soldiers on the spaceship Ark to stop it and save the planet: Slag was among these. The mission was accomplished with success, but Megatron attacked his weakened enemies with some of his most lethal Decepticons immediately after: during the following battle, Optimus decided to have the Ark crash on a remote and deserted planet, Earth, in order to protect it from Megatron. All the Transformers survived, but they fell into a suspended animation that would have lasted for millennia… for most of them, at least.

When the Ark’s computer detected the presence of Shockwave on the planet, it awakened some of the most fierceful warriors from the Autobots’ lines to face the deadly Decepticon. Slag was among the chosen ones, and he, along with Grimlock and the others awakened, absorbed the characteristics and shape of nearby organisms in order to move freely on the planet; he gained the ability to turn into a mechanical triceratops. Grimlock led Slag and the others, now called Dinobots, against Shockwave, and managed to subdue him; during the battle, however, Slag and his teammates fell into a tar pit, and remained trapped for slagcomics2millions of years. The Dinobots were found in the 1980s by Ratchet, the Autobot medic, who reactivated them; before understanding what had actually happened and how much time had passed, Slag and the others found themselves in battle once again, as they helped Ratchet defeating Megatron. The war wasn’t over, and the Dinobots were ready to fight… unfortunately, their bad attitude soon became a weapon to use against them. Spied upon by Laserbeak, Slag himself became the tool for Jetfire to be used against his comrades, exploiting his berserk’s glitch; even repaired, however, he proved to be quite a tough cookie for his allies, and he often challenged Optimus, not accepting his leadership and proposing Grimlock as the new Autobot commander. War was war, and it needed the strongest ones to be won.

Slag is a violent psychopath, who often falls to a blind rage that involves enemies and allies all the same: suffering from a glitch that prevents him to control his emotions, he’s brutal enough to be confused with a Decepticon. Extremely strong and durable, Slag is also a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and marksman; in his triceratops form, he’s very fast and even more durable, and his frontal horns can become quite a vicious weapon in battle; as a dinosaur, he’s also able to breathe fire. Powerful and dangerous, Slag poses as a threat to whoever he dislikes, being him a Decepticon or an Autobot he considers annoying enough to deserve total annihilation… which means everyone but Grimlock and a few others.



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