Yondu Udonta

Yondu UdontaFinally, the first official pic (albeit in low-res) of one of the remaining characters of Guardians of the Galaxy, and the last of the main ones: Yondu Udonta, portrayed by Michael Rooker. In the movie, Yondu will be Peter Quill‘s mentor and father figure (sort of…), who adopts him after the boy loses his mother and brings him to open space, where he’ll become Star-Lord. Yondu will be the leader of the Ravagers, a group of space outlaws, and his role towards the Guardians of the Galaxy is yet to be fully revealed, either an ally or a not-always-friendly antagonist. In the comics, Yondu is quite different from the movie version: not only he’s actually one of the original Guardians, but he’s also from another epoch entirely. Let’s see together.

In the 29th Century, people from Earth finally managed to colonize a planet outside of the Solar System: the planet in question was Centauri IV, inhabited by a race of primitive aliens. Scared by the technological superiority of Earthlings, the Centaurians yonduudontacomics1forged alliances and treaties with the invaders, at least, most of them: some tribes preferred to hide in the local forests and to avoid any contact with the conquerors, chosing a politics of isolationism. Among these Centaurians, the Zatoan tribe was the most inflexible, and Yondu Udonta was a member of it. Yondu lived as a hunter and a warrior in his tribe, and never saw a human in all his life…until a time traveler arrived on Centauri IV. When Yondu reached adulthood, he put himseld through an ordeal to prove his maturity to his fellow tribesmen, a survival and hunting test in the forests. During his exam, he met Vance Astro, a traveler from Earth, whose spaceship had suffered a malfunction and had arrived to his destination with two centuries of delay, thus making Astro an unwilling time traveler. Yondu at first tried to avoid contacts with Astro, as the tribe’s laws ordered, but the man, who was collecting data on the planet, tried to follow him. The moment Yondu confronted the colonist, an alien invasion occured: the destructive Badoon attacked Centauri IV, and killed everyone in their path. With his tribe massacred, Yondu allied with Astro, and the latter brought him to his ship to try and escape. Unfortunately, Astro’s ship was far to obsolete to be equal to the Badoon warships, and the two men were easily captured. Intrigued by the ancient technology of the ship, the Badoons brought the two prisoners to the aliens’ headquarter…Earth, which had been conquered before Centaury IV.

Yondu and Vance Astro were brought to the Badoon leader, Drang, who made the mistake of underestimating them. The two escaped, and looked for a ship to abandon the planet. During their getaway, Yondu and Vance met two other fugitives: Charlie-27, a massive warrior from Jupiter, and Martinex, a crystal man from Pluto. Joining their forces, yonduudontacomics2the four escapees managed to flee from Earth, and decided to create a resistance cell to fight the Badoons, the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the following four years, Yondu dedicated himself to acts of terrorism and guerrilla warfare against the Badoon outposts in the Solar System, until the small group of resistance met the Defenders, a time-traveling group of superheroes composed of Dr. StrangeNamor the Sub-Mariner, Hulk and Silver Surfer, from the XX Century. Together, the two teams managed to defeat Drang’s forces and to free Earth, regaining control over a good part of the Solar System. Believing he was the last of his kind, Yondu was quite amused to find Photon, another Centaurian who had been saved by an Uloc elder, Interface, when she was a baby. Yondu thought the two of them could restart the Centaurian culture and species, but she didn’t follow her tribe’s traditions anymore, and she wasn’t interested in recreating the Centaurian race, since they had tried to kill her as she was little. This refusal brought Yondu on the edge, and he arrived to the point of almost breaking up with his fellow Guardians. When he finally ended up fighting with Photon, Interface, trying to protect his foster daughter, intervened mutating Yondu’s right hand into vapor. Yondu came back to his senses, and when Martinex offered him to replace his hand, Yondu refused, preferring to keep an artificial one to remember him of his shame. He then came back to the Guardians, fighting against Badoons, the Universal Church of Truth and all the other threats to the universe’s peace.

Yondu Udonta is a proud and serious warrior, a hunter forged in the tradition of a people he has lost forever. Yondu is a proficient hunter and fighter, a strong and agile combatant who can proficiently use the traditional weapons of his tribe, the bow and arrows made of yaka, a unique sound-sensitive metal, which he can control through whistles. Yondu also possesses a natural mystic bond to wildlife, and is able to communicate with any form of life (the less-evolved the life form is, the stronger the telepathic connection gets). Yondu’s artificial hand can take the form of nearly any hand-to-hand weapon, and it’s also capable of shooting lasers, a power that Yondu refuses to use, feeling it to be not honorable and dangerous. Noble and determined, Yondu is one of the fiercest protectors of the galaxy, a Guardian second to nobody in his hatred towards the Badoons and his will of freedom.



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