Sarah Essen

reneemontoyafilmWell, it seems I made a mistake while writing about the Gotham characters seen so far. The one I believed was Renee Montoya was in fact Captain Sarah Essen, portrayed by Zabryna Guevara. Since we now have the first pic of the true Montoya, we’ll speak of Essen instead, just to make things fair. In the show, Captain Essen will be the head of the Homicide division in Gotham City Police Department, and that makes her Jim Gordon‘s boss. She’ll be quite a strong character, whose skills and attitude will create more than a clash with her subordinates. In the comics, her appearance is quite different, even just because she’s blonde and blue-eyed. Her role in the comics is also something more than just Gordon’s superior officer: let’s see together.

Sarah Essen was born in Chicago, the city where she became a police agent and rose to the rank of Sergeant. Essen proved to be quite a remarkable policewoman, with a strong sense of justice and a smart intellect that brought her to unveil also the corruption of some of her superior officers. After a brief time, she got transferred to Gotham City, the capital of crime, a real challenge even for an incorruptible officer as she was. Once arrived in GCPD, Essen was partnered to Jim Gordon, one of the very few honest policemen in the district. Sarah and Jim grew closer working together and protecting each other, to the point that they started an affair. Jim, at the time, was married to another woman, Barbara Kean, and she was pregnant. Considering Gordon’s family status, the two of them decided to break up their relationship, but in the meantime Commissioner Loeb, possible the most corrupted cop in all Gotham, had discovered their affair, and was trying to blackmail Gordon forcing him to give up all his investigations about the links between GCPD and the sarahessencomics1crime families in Gotham. To save both his marriage and his integrity, Gordon chose to tell Barbara everything before Loeb could, and Sarah asked for a transfer, and moved to New York City.

In NY, Sarah met another good man, a cop, and married him, but her husband eventually got killed during an operation against some drug smugglers. Saddened by her husband’s death, Sarah chose to come back to Gotham City, where the other man she had loved, Gordon lived. Sarah and Jim, who was now commissioner and, above all, divorced, started a solid relationship, and one night, while the GCPD central was under siege, Jim proposed to her. Sarah Essen accepted to marry James, and she became Sarah Essen-Gordon a few days later. The Gordons’ life wasn’t exactly a normal family life, and Gotham’s political arrangement deeply influenced the couple’s balance. When the new mayor, Armand Krol, demoted Gordon (who later entered in politics to stop him), Sarah became the new Commissioner Gordon, a task she faced without the moral and legal compromises Krol expected from her. When Krol lost his seat sarahessencomics2to Marion Grange, Sarah was fired as well, replaced by Andrew Howe. It was ultimately thanks to Howe that Jim was re-promoted to his former role of commissioner, and Sarah was hired as a liaison between the GCPD and the Mayor’s office. As difficult as life could be in Gotham City, Sarah and her husband would have faced it together.

Sarah Essen is a strong and smart woman, a determined police officer with an extensive knowledge of law and a good training with firearms. A honest and good woman, she tends to be quite a by-the-book cop, and she doesn’t like the cooperation between her husband, the GCPD commissioner, and the masked vigilante Batman. One of the few honest women in Gotham, Sarah is a tough cop who’ll stop in front of anything to pursue her idea of justice.


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