ratchetfilmToday, another old acquaintance from Transformers: Age of Extinction. At the beginning of the movie, a CIA squad led by agent James Savoy intercepts a hiding Transformer, and after a brief battle, the robot is killed with the help of bounty hunter Lockdown. We’re unfortunately speaking of Ratchet, voiced by Robert Foxworth, one of the veterans from the first Transformers and one of the main Autobots. He arrived on Earth in the first movie, and was referred to as the medical officer in Optimus Prime‘s team. In the second one he was cast aside for most of the time, returning only for the battle in Egypt, but in Dark of the Moon he came back to more an active role, helping Optimus in his expeditions in Cernobyl, first, and then on the Moon. Another major character killed off quite mercilessly, we’ll miss him. In the meanwhile, let’s see who he was (is) in the comics.

Ratchet was born on planet Cybertron around five million years ago. During the Great War between Autobots and Decepticons, Ratchet ratchetcomics1sided with the first ones without the shadow of a doubt, despising Megatron‘s violence and lack of true, respectful leadership. More a healer than a warrior, Ratchet specialized in medicine, and served as the main medical officer among the Autobots’ lines. Since he wasn’t one of the strongest fighters, nor one of the most skilled soldiers, Ratchet often offered himself for suicidal missions, believing himself to be expendable to the cause, but Optimus Prime, who soon went from being just a commander to becoming a friend to Ratchet, always prevented him from doing so, appreciating Ratchet’s humility but insisting nevertheless on his importance for the team. When, because of the violence of the war, Cybertron went out of his own orbit, a meteor swarm menaced to annihilate every Transformer on the planet: Optimus formed a squad of his most valuable subordinates, and to Ratchet’s surprise, he was chosen among them. Despite his objections, Prime insisted to have Ratchet aboard the Ark, pointing out they would have needed a medical officer, and he eventually accomplished his orders. During the battle, Ratchet’s presence actually proved to be fundumental, as he saved many fellow Autobots who got wounded both during the swarm, and during Megatron’s following attack. When the Ark crashed on Earth, following Optimus Prime’s orders, Ratchet fell into a deep hibernation that would have lasted millions of years. When he woke up along with the others, a new species had become the dominant one on Earth: humans.

Humans deeply fascinated Ratchet, who started studying them and even befriending some of them. He soon became friends with the two mechanics called to find fuel for the starving Autobots, Buster Witwicky and his father Sparkplug. When the latter suffered a heart attack, Ratchet, transformed into an ambulance, brought him to the nearest hospital. Sparkplug was saved, but ratchetcomics2during Ratchet’s absence, the powerful Decepticon Shockwave had attacked the Autobots, weakened for the absence of fuel, and had easily defeated them all. Realising he had remained the only active Autobot, Ratchet infiltrated the Ark, where he met the severed but functioning head of Optimus, who urged him to action. Knowing he wasn’t able to face Shockwave alone, Ratchet went to Megatron, and offered him to help him regain his leadership over the Decepticons, taken from him by Shockwave, in exchange of the freedom of his comrades. Megatron agreed, and Ratchet, who knew from the data how Shockwave had been defeated five million years earlier, went in search of the Dinobots, powerful long-lost Autobots. He found them in an ancient tar pit, and dug them out, then led them against Shockwave, defeating him. Megatron, however, tried to betray Ratchet and to kill him: after defeating both the Dinobots and Ratchet, however, the Decepticon leader fell from a crumbling cliff, leaving Ratchet to be the hero of the day. From that moment, Ratchet dedicated himself to the re-education of the primitive Dinobots, and, of course, to his duties as a medic, hoping to face such a hard battle on his own never again.

Ratchet is a peaceful yet determined soldier, a medical officer dedicated to the safety of his comrades, who sometimes shows some battle skills of his own. Despite possessing the powers typical to his race (mostly augmented physical attributes, and he gains speed when turning into an ambulance), Ratchet prefers to use his unmatched medical skills, that have saved Optimus Prime and his teammates more than once. Cunning and intelligent, Ratchet however is inclined to underestimate himself, and usually fails in realizing his real value inside his team, believing to be less worthy than the others because of his lack of combat skills. Truth to be told, Ratchet is one of the few irreplaceable members of the Autobots, and Prime perfectly knows this.



  1. […] In 2006, the eternal battle between Autobots and Decepticons seemed to finally reach an end, as Optimus Prime was finally able to defeat and kill his nemesis Megatron. Unfortunately, somebody else had other plans for the Decepticon leader. Unicron (the Transformer god of death and destruction), wanting to create another, powerful tool to use against his hated brother Primus (the Transformer god of life), resurrected Megatron, increasing his power beyond any imagination, modifying his character and personality to make him more similar to the Dark God himself, and made him one of his most loyal and deadly servants: Galvatron, bringer of destruction. Galvatron’s power proved to be the first mistake from Unicron, since his new servant was quite unhappy to execute his orders, preferring to take his own course of action during the missions the Dark God entrusted him. After taking back the leadership of the Decepticons, Galvatron continued the war he was fighting as Megatron, but was unable to score a definitive victory, despite his augmented powers. Finally, Unicron ordered Galvatron to destroy the Matrix, the embodiment of Primus’ essence, the source of creation and the only artifact the Dark God actually feared; Galvatron, however, had to destroy it in the past, when it was weaker. Along with two of his most trusted men, Cyclonus and Scourge, Galvatron used a superior technology to travel back to 1986, taking the place (thanks to a time-travel rule according to which the same ammount of matter had to occupy the same time) of Optimus Prime, Prowl and Ratchet. […]

  2. […] a tar pit, and remained trapped for millions of years. The Dinobots were found in the 1980s by Ratchet, the Autobot medic, who reactivated them; before understanding what had actually happened and how […]

  3. […] capture and interrogate Arcee, a female Autobot intelligence officer, Lockdown ended up battling Ratchet, an Autobot medic and one of the best warriors on their side. During the fight, Lockdown managed to […]

  4. […] the Autobots, Huffer, found evidence of the battle between the Dinobots and Shockwave, and sent Ratchet to investigate…only to awaken Shockwave instead of their allies. While Shockwave defeated […]

  5. […] was Hot Rod who managed to make Optimus recover from the deep depression he had fallen into when Ratchet got killed, and he was always on the frontline, facing whatever threat might wait, even when it […]

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