leadfootfilmAnother recurring character for Transformer: Age of Extinction, even if also this one has little more than a (tragic) cameo: Leadfoot, voiced by John DiMaggio. When hacking one of KSI‘s cameras, Cade Yaeger catches a video of a group of CIA attacking and killing poor Leadfoot, who’s trying to make them stop saying “I’m an Autobot!”, of course with no result. The character already appeared in Dark of the Moon, as the leader of the Wreckers trio, and a good friend to Ironhide (another one who met a tragic end, much like everyone else in this series). In the comics, Leadfoot’s background is a little bit more complex, even if he’s a relatively new character. Let’s see together.

Unlike most of the Transformers, Leadfoot wasn’t born on Cybertron, but was of much more recent creation. When Bludgeon, a fierce samurai warrior, became the leader of the Decepticons, he decided it was time to give birth to a second generation of warriors. While on Warworld (a battle cruiser that served as a base for the Decepticons), leadfootcomics1Bludgeon used the stolen Creation Matrix to create two assault teams: the Laser Rods, a quartet of powerful swordsmen composed of Volt, ElectroJolt and Sizzle, and the Rotor Force, a quartet of lethal marksmen composed of Manta Ray, Ransack, Powerdive and, of course, Leadfoot. Before bringing the eight new Decepticons to life, however, Bludgeon was killed by Megatron, who took back his leadership; realizing that his rival had done quite a good job assembling the new warriors, Megatron decided to instill life in them nevertheless, and so both the teams saw the light, albeit under a new leader. To test the efficiency of his new forces, Megatron sent both teams on Tykos, a heavily-guarded planet, to steal a powerful substance called Rheanimum, a gas able to harden a Transformer’s body structure to make him virtually invincible. The Laser Rod and the Rotor Force made their way through the secured mines without difficulty, slashing and shooting everyone who stood in their way. They finally managed to get their hands on the Rehanimum, thus accomplishing their first mission, which Megatron actually believed to be suicidal. With such a success at his back, Leadfoot soon became one of the most appreciated warriors among the Decepticons’ lines.

When a new batch of Transformers, calling themselves the Cybertronian Empire, emerged, both Autobots and Decepticons found themselves in great difficulty against the new enemy, an amoral force who only sought conquer and destruction. The emergency forced Megatron and Optimus Prime to forge an uncomfortable alliance, and leadfootcomics2the respective teams had to cooperate to gain victory. In order to strike the Cybertronians more effectively, Decepticons and Autobots created mixed teams, and Leadfood, along with co-Rotor Force Manta Ray, was assigned to sabotaging the Cybertronian flyers along with Autobot Tracks, an experience that deeply changed him and Manta. Tracks, in fact, was nice and encouraging towards them, and he showed sympathy, an emotion none of the Decepticons had ever experienced. Soon, both Leadfoot and Manta started to feel more akin to their all time enemies than to their masters. The Decepticon Razorclaw soon saw through this, and tried to kill Manta as an example, but Leadfoot was quicker, and decapitated his former ally to save his friend. This marked the definitive decision of the former leader of the Rotor Force, who decided to side with Optimus and his Autobots. Prime welcomed Leadfoot among his ranks, and made him a member of the Wreckers, an elite squad of tough and die-hard warriors, a force to be reckoned with. Serving first under Springer, then under Kup, Leadfoot finally learnt what it really means to fight together as a team, making him all the surer about his decision of changing sides.

A cool and calm soldier, Leadfoot is a warrior able to maintain his attitude even under the pressure of incoming battle. As both a Rotor Force and a Wrecker, Leadfoot is quite a powerful fighter: extremely fast (especially when transformed into his Lola T93/30 model), he also has at disposal a remarkable firepower, mainly coming from his rototrop weapon, a gun shooting a deadly sharp rotor able to maul any opponent. The team’s defense specialist, Leadfoot is nevertheless an extraordinary forefront fighter, and, above all, a warrior completely loyal to the Autobot code and cause, since he has also experienced the Decepticons’ ones.

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