Clinton Francis Barton (Hawkeye)

hawkeyefilmFinally, there are some pics emerging from Avengers: Age of Ultron, and we get to see some known and unknown faces. Let’s start from the first ones, namely Hawkeye, always portrayed by Jeremy Renner, who shows a new outfit while crossing the woods. He first appeared in Thor, a juicy cameo as a S.H.I.E.L.D. sniper targeting Thor while he was trying to get back his magic hammer Mjolnir from Phil Coulson‘s custody. He got his first full appearance in The Avengers, where he got brainwashed by Loki and turned into his loyal servant, until a hard fight with the Black Widow brought him back to his senses. Just in time, so that he could join the other heroes in the battle of New York, against Loki and his Chitauri army. In the comics, he’s been one of the main characters in the Marvel Universe for a while. Let’s see together.

Born in WaverlyIowaClinton Frances Barton was the son of butcher Harold Barton and his wife Edith. Clint grew up with his brother Barney, mostly working in his father’s shop. Unfortunately, Harold was quite an abusive father and husband, and often got drunk and beat both his wife and sons. Barney, tougher than Clint, tried to teach him how to defend himself, and actually hawkeyecomics1accomplished much, but neither of the boys ever tried to react to Harold’s violence. Time proved there was no need for it, since Harold killed himself and Edith by driving while drunk and having a bad accident. The Bartons were moved to an orphanage, where they spent six years. Finally they both escaped, wanting to join the circus in town, the Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonders. When they met the ringmaster, he agreed to take them in, hiring them as simple workers and taking them away from the orphanage. It was in the circus that Clint met Jacques Duquesne, a master of any kind of blade going by the name Swordsman, and his partner Buck Chisholm, an infallible archer known as Trickshot. The pair saw great talent in the boy, and decided to train him. When Clint gained skills enough, he started working with his two masters in their show. Unfortunately, it was Clint himself who discovered Duquesne while stealing money from the Carnival: he tried to stop him, but was hardly beaten by his former friend and master. During the following months, he also broke bonds with both Barney and Trickshot, and eventually left the group, joining Tiboldt’s Circus. He gained quite a name for himself as the master archer Hawkeye, using the skills he had learnt from his mentors, and later joined the Coney Island Circus.

Now a celebrity, Clint Barton was quite amazed in seeing Iron Man in action. Wanting to emulate him, Hawkeye created a costume and decided to fight crime, but unfortunately the police mistook him for a masked thief on his first outing. Escaping from authorities, Clint met the Soviet spy Black Widow, who he desperately fell in love with. A slave to hawkeyecomics2the woman’s will, Clint agreed to help her steal some technology from Stark Industries, but their plan was foiled by Iron Man, the very hero Hawkeye wanted to be like. Feeling the wrong of his doings, Clint exploited the first occasion in which he was parted from the Widow to leave the duo, and to try to do some goods with his talent. He saved an old woman and his middle-aged son from a robber. The man happened to be Edwin Jarvis, the butler of the Avengers, who invited him to Avengers Mansion to thank him and to allow him to clear his name in front of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Clint accepted, and arrived to the point of asking the Avengers to give him a chance to prove himself by joining the team. Much to his surprise, Iron Man himself sponsored his candidacy. When most of the original members left the team, Hawkeye entered the second formation of the Avengers along with former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants affiliated Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, under the expert leadership of Captain America. Despite having some problems with his teammates (Quicksilver hated him because he was in love with Scarlet, and Hawkeye showed some problems with authorities in accomplishing Cap’s orders), Clint finally had the chance he had always looked for to prove his worth, and this time to the entire world.

Despite his show-off and boastful attitude, Clint Barton is a deeply insecure man, always trying to show everyone he’s up to the task, even and especially when he’s fighting alongside with the most powerful beings on Earth, despite being a “simple” human. Gifted with an infallible aim, Hawkeye trained his body to the limit, and is a master of several martial arts; being the World’s Greatest Marksman, Clint’s specialty is of course archery, and he’s able to hit anything at great distances, even when performing complex acrobatics that require total balance and coordination. Hawkeye is equipped with a groundbreaking bow, more often then not charged with Trick Arrows with multiple effects and extras, from simple explosions and cables to EMP generators and acid flasks. One of the most skilled fighters in the world, with a remarkable ego but an undeniable heroic tendency, Hawkeye is a man ready to sacrifice everything in order to fight for the ones who cannot protect themselves.



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