Miranda Cobblepot

Gertrud KapelputIt’s been a while, but finally some new information from the upcoming Gotham has been released: now we have the first official image of Carol Kane as Gertrud Kapelput, the old woman who’ll appear as The Penguin‘s mother. Almost nothing is known about the character, but that she’ll be a proud and vain woman, still attached to a past glory her family doesn’t possess anymore. This is not the first appearance of the character: she already had a brief role in Batman Returns portrayed by Diane Salinger, but this time she was named Esther Cobblepot. In the movie, she was a rich woman in Gotham City, who was quite disgusted by her newborn son, the deformed Oswald; along with her husband, she decided to get rid of the little monster, and threw him in the river, hoping to kill him. Unfortunately, the baby survived, and was nurtured by the penguins in the sewers. What about the comics? Well, her name is yet another one. And her story differs, depending on the continuity you’re looking to. Let’s see together.

Miranda Cobblepot is one of the minor characters who went through the biggest changes during the Crisis on Infinite Universe story line. Her first appearance was an unnamed one, as she was simply known as Mrs. Cobblepot, an old lady who had become a widow after her husband had died of a pneumonia. The accident deeply traumatized the woman, who became overprotective towards her only son, Oswald. Since she believed her husband had died because he had been walking under the rain with no umbrella, the mirandacobblepotcomics1woman forced her son to take along an umbrella everytime he got out, even if it was sunny: she didn’t care the fact that her son had become the laughing stock of the entire neighborhood because of that, she preferred to have a living outcast for a son rather than a another dead beloved one to cry for. The only activity Mrs. Cobblepot cared for, apart from taking care of her son, was running her bird shop, the only inheritance she received from her husband. Unable to manage the shop alone, the woman was helped by her sister, Miranda, while Oswald spent most of his time in the shop as well, since all the other boys mocked him for his unique physique, and of course for his umbrellas. Ironically, it was Mrs. Cobblepot herself who fell sick, and the expenses for her medicines dried the savings of the entire family. Mrs. Cobblepot died, leaving her son only the shop, and the recommendation never to go out without an umbrella. Unfortunately, the medical expenses had created a lot of debts for Oswald, and the creditors eventually expropriated the shop, leaving Oswald only with his loneliness, his umbrellas, and quite a grudge against the legal system.

After the entire DC Universe was revolutionized, the Penguin’s mother changed almost completely. The Cobblepots were now a rich and famous family in Gotham City, business rivals to the Waynes and among the most ancient and respected families around. The Penguin’s mother and aunt got merged into a single character, Miranda, wife to Tucker Cobblepot, the heir of the Cobblepot family. mirandacobblepotcomics2They had a son, Oswald, but he was nothing like his father: short and fat, ugly and clumsy, he soon became the favorite target of any bully. Far from getting worried for their son, the Cobblepots started treating him like a reject, the unworthy spawn of a once-wealthy family (now ruined, mostly because of Tucker’s inability to manage his fortune). When Tucker died because of a pneumonia following a downpour, Miranda lost her mind: rude and violent, she became also overprotective, forcing her son to bring an umbrella wherever he went despite of the weather. Whenever Oswald refused to do so, she savagely beat him, arriving to the point of threatening to kill him with her own hands. Needless to say, this kind of family environment didn’t benefit Oswald’s mental health at all, and when eventually Miranda died of old age, her son remembered only her reproaches about him being unable to put together the old family fortune… something that soon led him to become the mob boss known as The Penguin, again one of the richest and most feared men in Gotham City.

Miranda Cobblepot, in every reality, isn’t exactly a balanced woman, nor in her right mind. After the death of her husband, she became terrified of the perspective of losing her son the same way, forcing him into habits that would have accompanied him all her life. Being as a sweet, scared old lady, or as a brutal, authoritative and violent woman, Miranda Cobblepot has always had a major role in the creation of one of the greatest threats for Gotham City.


Carl “Crusher” Creel (Absorbing Man)

absorbingmanfilmThey promised us more characters from the comics in Season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and it looks they’re keeping their word. In the previous days, we’ve seen pictures on set of Brian Patrick Wade with a grayish arm, and many believed he would have portrayed a Kree or some other alien: wrong! Wade will be none other than the Absorbing Man, one of the toughest villains in the Marvel Universe, a guy who’ll undoubtedly give some headache to the reborn S.H.I.E.L.D., and to director Phil Coulson in particular. The character already appeared in Hulk, a little bit different than usual: portrayed by Nick Nolte, his secret identity was the one of Bruce Banner‘s father David, who became the Absorbing Man after trying to replicate the incident that gave his son his powers. In the comics, the Absorbing Man and the Hulk have surely a link, but not a family one. Let’s see together.

Born and raised in New York CityCarl Creel wasn’t exactly the smartest guy around, but he had quite a talent in beating people. He was close friends with his cousin, Rockwell “Rocky” Davis, a short guy he swore to protect. Eventually, Creel became a boxer, putting his natural skills to the best use; he adopted the stage name Rocky Davis in honor of his cousin, and won a match after the other, becoming one of the favorites in the race to the heavy weight championship. Unfortunately, on his way Carl “Rocky Davis” Creel met “Battling” Jack Murdock, an old but tough boxer, who had quite a motivation to win: he had to regain the respect of his son, Matt (the future hero absorbingmancomics1Daredevil). The match was almost an even, but at the end Creel got floored, and Murdock won the game. That one was a key match for Creel’s boxing career, and from that moment his previous sponsors refused to have anything to do with him. With no job and no money, Creel found another way to put his muscles at use, and became an extortionist for the organised crime, becoming known as “Crusher” Creel, a mean and unstoppable thug. Eventually, police caught him, and sentenced him to a long time to be spent in prison, charged with aggravated assault. Under normal circumstances, this would have been just the beginning of an ever-repeating life for Creel, but somebody else decided differently: while searching for an unaware (and possibly dumb) puppet in his personal crusade against Thor and Odin, the mischievous god Loki selected Crusher Creel as the perfect candidate, and concocted a special magic potion to grant him superhuman abilities. Mixed to the water he was drinking, the potion gave Creel the ability to absorb the physical properties of anything he touched, a power that would have made him one of the most powerful mortals walking on Midgard. Thanks to his newfound abilities, Creel easily escaped from prison, and started wreaking havoc in the streets of New York. Now calling himself the Absorbing Man, Creel was virtually invincible.

It was only about time before a hero came and tried to stop him, and that hero happened to be Thor himself, thanks to Loki’s schemes. The God of Thunder battled the new enemy, but was soon overpowered, since Creel could absorb his strength and durability by touching him, and he could also become a being made of unbreakable Uru metal by entering in absorbingmancomics2contact with Thor’s magical hammer Mjolnir. Absorbing Man soon found himself inebriated with his new powers, and savagely beat one of Earth‘s mightiest heroes; he was however unable to put the god down for good, and he ultimately resolved to threaten the life of Jane Foster, a woman Thor clearly cared for, in order to stop the fight and go away. On his way, Creel decided to make up some money the old way, and attacked a house to rob it: Thor reached him once again, and a new battle ensued. This time, the God of Thunder was prepared, and tricked Absorbing Man into absorbing the properties of gas helium: the only thing Creel could do was floating helplessly to the atmosphere, unable to react. It was thanks to Loki’s intervention that Creel was saved from an eternity in space, and sent directly to Asgard, where he successfully challenged many warriors. When he dared to fight Odin himself, however, the Absorbing Man was hopelessly outclassed, and the lord of Asgard sent him to space once again in a blink. This time, Creel came back on his own using a comet, and once on Earth he challenged Hulk for the first time, almost managing to absorb his limitless strength, but being defeated when the Green Goliath became weak Bruce Banner once again. After many battles with as many heroes, Creel met, during the Secret War organised by the cosmic Beyonder, the powerful villainess Mary MacPherran, aka Titania. The two of them developed a romantic relation, and eventually got married. Now a deadly couple, the two kept challenging the heroes, with or without the other Masters of Evil.

Carl “Crusher” Creel is not exactly what you’d call a genius, quite the opposite: brutal and dull, he acts on pure instinct, usually falling into rage and losing what little control he has on himself. The only person that seems to be able to make the best of him emerge is his wife Titania (even if their quarrels usually destroy half a city). As the Absorbing Man, he is one of the most dangerous people in the world, labeled an Omega Level Threat: his power is called Omni-Morph Duplication, and allows him to absorb the physical properties of anything (or anyone) he touches, becoming a man of steel, rock, concrete or even energy and gas if he touches them. At the beginning, the power was unconscious, and Creel often got tricked into absorbing something that weakened him: now he has learnt how to control it to a certain extent, becoming even more dangerous. Able to increase his strength, durability and size, the Absorbing Man proved to be a lethal threat also for nearly-invincible Thor and Hulk, a violent juggernaut armed with ball and chain nearly impossible to stop.

Scott Edward Harris Lang (Ant-Man)

ant-maniifilmAfter (too) many delays, Ant-Man officially entered production, and we already have a first glimpse to the titular character, portrayed by Paul Rudd. The main focus of the movie will be Scott Lang, who in the comics is the second Ant-Man, and judging from the pic he’ll have to walk quite a long way to become a hero. In the film, Scott will be a con-man who stumbles upon the inventions of a genius scientist, Hank Pym, and who will find himself unwillingly committed into protecting his technology against new and powerful threats who would likely use them for not-so-good deeds. Little more is known of the character so far, in the meanwhile we can enjoy the first look at Rudd as Scott, and the first action sequence released with the test footage last year. And, of course, we can see who Scott Lang is in the comics.

Scott Edward Harris Lang was born in Coral GablesFlorida. Smart and brilliant, he grew up to become an electronic expert, and married a girl called Peggy Rae, who gave him a daughter, Cassie. Unfortunately, Scott just couldn’t find a long-lasting job, and his part-time as a repairman couldn’t cover his family’s expenses; he resolved to use his skills to become a thief, but he wasn’t such a refined criminal, and he soon got caught and arrested. Peggy couldn’t forgive him for what he had done, and obtained divorce while he was in prison. After only three years, however, Scott was paroled for good behavior, and was hired by Stark International‘s design department, also helping Tony Stark himself installing the new security system in Avengers Mansion. Bad luck kept haunting Lang, and Cassie was diagnosed a serious and congenital heart condition: the only person able to help her was a renowned ant-maniicomics1surgeon, Erica Sondheim, who had disappeared some time before. Scott gathered evidence of the doctor being held prisoner by Darren Cross, CEO of Cross Technological Enterprise, but culdn’t find anybody helping him, since nobody believed his story. He then resolved to commit yet another theft: he broke into Hank Pym’s home, and stole his Ant-Man suit and technology, which he used to shrink and to infiltrate Cross Enterprise. Once in there, he realized Cross had indeed abducted Dr. Sondheim, and managed to rescue her after a battle with an enhanced Darren Cross. Sondheim was luckily able to help Cassie, and the girl was cured from her condition; with his mission accomplished, Scott was ready to give Pym his equipment back, and to turn himself in for the theft, but unbeknownst to him Pym himself, as Yellow Jacket, had followed him from the very night he had entered his house, and had observed what he was doing with the Ant-Man costume and shrinking technology. Seeing some potential in the robber, Pym offered him to keep both the costume and the identity of Ant-Man, of course using them as the hero he could have become. Grateful, Lang accepted the offer, and became the second Ant-Man.

Despite not considering himself a “full-time hero”, spending most of his time trying to earn money enough to pay Cassie’s studies (and Peggy’s alimony), Scott soon found himself deeply inside the superhero community. When he saved Iron Man, trapped inside his own armor, the new Ant-Man earned the trust and respect of the other Avengers, and became a member when, after refusing many times to have more time to dedicate to his daughter, he finally accepted their offer. He also helped his mentor Hank Pym to save his wife, The Wasp, from evil scientist Parnell Solomon, proving himself to be worthy of Pym’s legacy. Along with the Avengers, Scott came in contact with the Micronauts, a race of microscopical individuals who lived in the Microverse, a universe of sub-atomic proportions. Lang researched the Microverse, and forged a personal alliance with the robot Biotron; thanks to his expertise ant-maniicomics2of this universe he also came in contact with the Fantastic Four, and helped them in their mission in the sub-atomic world, becoming good friends with The Thing during an unexpected battle that occurred during the exploration. Ant-Man also found some sort of a nemesis in Taskmaster, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. operative turned lethal mercenary who started targeting the Avengers: he fought Taskmaster at the side of the other Avengers, of Spider-Man and of other heroes, eventually deciding to go on a solo mission and to infiltrate his mercenary school; unfortunately, Taskmaster soon discovered the infiltrator, and a battle ensued. Ant-Man was assisted during the fight by Hawkeye, who he formed quite a formidable couple with, with a nearly infallible team-combo that had Lang riding on Hawkeye’s arrows, flying at the enemies at high-speed. While managing his heroic career, Scott also tried to keep in balance the private one, a task that proved to be much more difficult than the missions with the Avengers: trying to protect his daughter, he kept hidden his dual identity from her, but was kind of relieved when he found out Cassie had discovered his secret “job” on her own. With his daughter at his side, Scott Lang was ready to take on the world as Ant-Man, and on a difficult personal and professional life as the good but unlucky man he had always been.

Scott Lang is an intelligent and good-hearted man, with a particular skill in understanding and manipulating even high-level technology, and in getting himself into trouble. Despite quitting his studies early because of money issues, Lang is quite a skilled scientist, able to replace Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four for a while. As Ant-Man, he has free access to the Pym Particles, which he inhales in a gas and that make him able to shrink in size, maintaining his strength unvaried. His Helmet allows him to communicate to a certain extent with insects, while his Wrist Gauntlets make him able to shoot bio-energy blasts. A resourceful hero able to take on enemies much more powerful than he his (he knocked out the Absorbing Man and Titania, above the others), with a useful instinct that allows him to muddle through even the most desperate situations, Ant-Man spends his life to show everyone he’s worthy of Hank Pym’s trust, and especially of his daughter Cassie’s love.

Damien Lord

Damien LordAnother character revealed in the new trailers for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and even this one is a minor but pivotal one: we’re speaking of Damien Lord, portrayed by Marton Csokas. Unfortunately, as it’s perfectly understandable even from the trailer, the only goal his presence has in the movie is dying, so that the major events of the main episode will take a start: don’t get too fond of this guy (not that there were some risk). In the trailer, we see him standing from his chair to face Dwight McCarthy, while his beloved wife Ava prompts her lover to kill her husband. Such a lovely couple. Damien won’t appear much more than in this sequence only, and also in the comics his role isn’t a wide one at all, with the best part of his life taking place behind the scenes. Let’s see together.

Born in Basin City, Damien Lord managed to build a fortune using both his family patrimony and his smell for business, soon becoming one of the few multi-millionaires in town, and likely the only one who didn’t indulge in non-legal operations to keep or expand his assets. In order to live the quite life he dreamt of, Damien needed to take a distance from the most violent and corrupted city in the world, and built for himself Lord Mansion, a huge classic-style villa outside the city, a haven in which he could come back after his days of work. With all his money, he soon came in damienlordcomics1contacts with Wallenquist and the Roark Family, the two major powers in Sin City, but although his stubborn refusal of extra-legal operations alienated the Roarks from him, Wallenquist easily found some compromise that could have been accepted also by a rigid man such as Lord (despite, of course, he would have liked him to be more… indulgent towards certain kind of business). Dealing with Wallenquist wasn’t a safe investment, even and especially for honest men like Damien, and he feared that The Kraut would have soon tried to convince him in stronger ways than he had tried before. He bought a gun for himself to keep in his atelier, and he also hired a bodyguard, Manute, a hulking and loyal brute who took very seriously the task of protecting him. Unfortunately for Damien, ruin would have come from the only corner he didn’t expect it to.

Damien Lord was rich and influential, but he started feeling the lack of a companion at his side. As if she had heard his needs, the perfect woman appeared: Ava, a goddess-like creature who seemed to be able to embody everything Damien wanted from a woman. In no time, Damien fell in love with Ava, and soon married her. At first, life for Damien was heaven, with Ava always staying by his side, getting interested in everything he did, always asking him to share the burden of his life with her; soon, however, Damien realized his wife was just getting the information she needed about the management of his patrimony, plotting to take his place. Despite knowing this, he still loved her, and found himself unable to send her away. The first signals of Ava’s betrayal were spotted by Damien when a private investigator who was also an ex-lover of Ava, Dwight McCarthy, got caught by Manute while spying on the Mansion: Damien had Manute torture Dwight, damienlordcomics2perfectly knowing that he as well, as the same Manute did, had fallen into the trap of Ava’s charm. When Dwight came a second time, he was prepared, and had brought the hulking Marv with him to take care of Manute. Damien waited for Dwight in his atelier, and when the private eye came, they talked briefly about Ava, before Damien pulled out his gun and tried to kill the intruder. Dwight, faster and stronger, disarmed him and beat him to death, without stopping, without remorse. Only when Damien was dead, the appearance of Ava made it clear that all the stories about her abusive marriage were lies, and that she had manipulated Dwight, Manute and Damien so that she would have been able to inherit Lord’s fortune.

Damien Lord is quite a rarity in Sin City: a multi-millionaire businessman who has built his fortune (mostly) through honest means, refusing to bend himself to the unspoken rule of the town, in which illegality was the true legality. Despite his strong character and his firm will, that distinguished him all his life, he’s proven to be as weak as a kitten in front of Ava’s ways of seduction, just another victim to a woman who uses men as her tools and then throws them away like rags.


SallyNew trailers for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For have been released, along with some new posters: the latest one has Juno Temple teasing the viewer with a nasty “You can show me who’s boss” catch-phrase. The character is the prostitute Sally, quite a minor one, but a funny one nevertheless. Judging from the trailers, she’ll have exactly the same role as she has in the comics (like most of the characters in the Sin City franchise, actually), so she’ll likely appear in one sequence only, to disappear immediately after. But never mind, the scene will be one to remember. Let’s see together who Sally is in the comics (you’re warned: since the movie strictly follows the comics’ events, mild spoilers ahead).

If you were a pretty girl born in Basin City, you surely had not many choices for your life: you could either try and marry some rich and influential man who could protect you, or you could decide to live exploiting your own strength and talents, finding your way as a stripper in Kadie’s Bar or as a prostitute in the Old Town. Sally, being quite strong-willed and independent, didn’t even consider the first option, while the family-like organizations of the Girls of Old Town, on the opposite, attracted her. She joined them and became a prostitute, supporting The Twins and Gail in the struggle to free themselves from Wallenquist‘s grasp on their activities. When the organized crime was cut out of the deal, the Girls were finally the only leaders of themselves, and were able to keep for themselves the profits of their job. As all the other Girls, Sally became a specialist in a certain branch of the sex market, namely sadomasochism: the character she used to lure the clients in and to make them fall in love with her was a childish and naive girl speaking with a high-sallycomics1pitched voice, an angel of sex who could be docile and submissive, or strong and dominant. Soon, Sally became the favorite choice of many businessmen in Basin City, men used to give orders all day long, and who only wanted to be dominated in their intimacy. With such a clientele, Sally became quite popular, even among the many different specialties the Girls had to offer.

Among the many clients who started getting a real crush on Sally, there was Joey Canelli, an Italian-American businessman with a disastrous marriage waiting for him at home, full of stress and repressed violence, who enjoyed both the dominant and the dominated role in Sally’s games. Sally used with him the best of her skills, playing with her voice, her body, and the many tools she had for the role she had built for herself, from the dresses to the handcuffs. Unfortunately, Joey’s wife, aiming at the husband’s money, started to have him followed by a private investigator, trying to prove his adultery and obtain a convenient divorce. Joey understood his wife was on his trails, and decided to end the affair with Sally the worst way possible, since he thought that, if well paid, the prostitute wouldn’t have hesitated in selling him to his wife’s lawyers (actually, quite a valid assumption). Sally didn’t know anything about what was happening in house Canelli, and received her client as always: he handcuffed her to the bed’s head, and they had sex. Unfortunately, when the man finished, he quickly dressed up, and pointed a gun to Sally, telling her he would have stopped her before she took away from him everything he had achieved in his life. The private eye following Joey, however, was sallycomics2Dwight McCarthy, a real knight in a shining armor, that promptly intervened the moment Joey pulled out his gun. Sally, scared and tied, urged Dwight to kill Joey, but he refused, stating that nobody killed anybody as long as he was around (a principle that he would have changed just a few nights later, thanks to the plotting of an ex-lover). He then left Joey unconscious on the floor, and took Sally back to the Old Town: the girl thanked him for saving her life, and then rejoined her expanded family, knowing that the loss of a single client wouldn’t have changed much in her “professional” life.

Sally is a strong and manipulative girl, who’s always in control despite the appearance. She likes to tease her clients with a childish voice, but she’s more than aware of her adulthood and of her potentialities. Specialized in rich costumers, she’s one of the most popular girls from the Old Town, committed to exploit men’s weaknesses for women’s sake.

Meredith Quill

Meredith QuillLast character appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy (at least until some cameos are confirmed): Meredith Quill, portrayed by Laura Haddock. In the movie, she had quite a brief but fundamental role: she is the woman who meets a mysterious man (his role will likely be expanded in the future of the franchise), falls in love with him and gives birth to Peter Quill, future hero Star-Lord. Unfortunately, she dies of terminal cancer early in the life of her son, who’s later “adopted” by alien adventurer Yondu. In the comics, her role is a little bit wider: let’s see together.

Born in Colorado, Meredith Quill was a normal country girl, who had made quite a lot of mistakes in her life. She had fell in love with a guy from her town, Jake, who turned out to be quite the violent one. Luckily, she eventually found the strength to kick him out of their house, especially thanks to the help of her friends. She started living alone in her big country house, taking care as best as she could of her property, unable to find time to see anyone, but more often then not spending time on the phone with her friends (usually speaking of Jake). Eventually, one night Meredith witnessed quite an unexpected event: a plane-like vehicle, which turned out to be a spacecraft, meredithquillcomics1crashed near her house, and she ran to see what was happening. The moment she realized someone was still trapped inside the burning ship, without a moment of hesitation she decided to save him, and dragged the only occupant out. The man, acting instinctively, pointed his gun at her, but fainted immediately after: despite that, Meredith brought him inside her house, with the intention of curing him from his wounds. Waiting for the star-traveler to wake up, Meredith pointed her shotgun at him, and when he became conscious again, she asked him who he was: the man was J’son, an alien from planet Spartax, whose ship had been hit during the war with the Badoon race (originally the Ariguan Confederacy). He asked her time to fix his ship and come back home, swearing not to hurt her, and Meredith decided to trust him. Meredith kept nursing J’son while he repaired the ship, and eventually they fell in love. Unknown to the rest of the world, they started a relation, one that, however, was meant to be short-lived.

When J’son finished the reparations, Meredith asked him either to stay, or to bring her with him: the first one was impossible, while for the second J’son didn’t feel comfortable in bringing the woman he loved to a space war. He promised her he would have come back, and he left his Elemental Gun as a token for his return; he then blocked her memories, not wanting her to suffer in case he was to be killed during the war, and left. Without J’son realizing it, however, Meredith was pregnant already: the moment she found out, she decided to reconcile with Jake, and the two came back together. When the baby was born, Meredith told Jake he was his son, but the man could clearly see that newborn Peter was nothing like him. Due to meredithquillcomics2the violent nature of Jake, his suspicion soon led him to become angrier and angrier towards both his wife and his “son”, and eventually he decided to kill the child: unexpectedly, he died of a sudden heart-attack immediately before accomplishing his deeds. Meredith found herself to raise her son on her own, and she resolved to never try to find a replacement for Jake at her side. Peter grew up good-hearted and selfless, he often got involved in scuffles in school, but only because he always tried to defend his weaker schoolmates from the bullies: brawls or not, Meredith was proud of him. In the meanwhile, without Meredith knowing it, in space war had escalated, and the Badoon were losing: they decided to send two killers on Earth to end the Spartoi bloodline before Peter was of age to claim the throne of his father, but they only managed to kill an unaware Meredith in cold blood, while Peter fled from his home just a moment before it was destroyed. J’son’s bloodline still lived.

Meredith Quill is a strong-willed and brave woman, ready to sacrifice herself for helping others, even strangers, but smart enough to take her precautions while doing it. Unfortunately, she’s got quite a bad taste for men, and she usually finds herself trapped in abusive relations she endures more than necessary. She loves with all her heart and soul her son Peter, whose father she only vaguely remembers, the shadow of a strong passion not even Spartoi technology managed to erase completely.

Moloka Dar

Moloka DarAnother character from Guardians of the Galaxy, almost at the end of the cast: among the many prisoners at the Kyln, there’s one who holds a particular grudge against Gamora, and tries to kill her along with other inmates (only to be stopped by Drax the Destroyer, who claims to want to kill her himself). That particular inmate is Moloka Dar, portrayed by Alexis Rodney. And yes, he comes directly from the comics. This version of the character has very little in common with his comics counterpart, starting from the look, and the only common trait can be the fact that he’s imprisoned in the Kyln. Let’s see together who the original Moloka Dar is.

Little is known about Moloka Dar’s early life, not even the planet he was born in. The only thing we know for sure is that he was a criminal, and that he was arrested by an unspecified intergalactic police and brought to the Kyln. The Kyln was an inescapable prison, a series of mechanical spheres facing the cosmic barrier known as the Crunch. The Kyln served two purposes: on a side, it collected the energy coming from the matter and anti-matter clash in the Crunch, distributing power to the nearby inhabited planets; molokadarcomics1on the other, its unique structure was powerful enough to restrain extremely powerful cosmic beings, such as deranged Elder Gods or other nearly almighty beings. Normal prisoners such as Moloka Dar had a life expectancy of no more than three years in the Kyln, and that’s why, despite the sentence actually imposed to the inmates, being sent to the Kyln was considered the same as a death penalty. When Moloka Dar arrived in the Kyln, the situation was even worse than usual: the inmates’ population was divided between sympathizers and opponents to the Maker, the ultimate evolution of a sentient Cosmic Cube once known as Kosmos (the fusion of the cosmic beings Beyonder and Molecule Man), now gone mad and infecting the entire galaxy with her folly. Many prisoners started worshiping the Maker, who presented herself as a redeeming goddess. Moloka Dar, however, didn’t like the deranged cosmic being at all, and he liked even less the demented followers of her cult, many of which weren’t so bad before knowing her. Eventually, Dar joined the forces of Gladiator, the leader of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard who had volunteered to be sent to the Kyln to keep an eye on the Maker, who had destroyed a Shi’ar outpost. Gladiator organised a resistance, but even with his astonishing power he had little hopes to defeat a Cosmic Cube incarnated. Moloka Dar, however, believed in him, and gained many followers to his cause, among which The Cleric, a wise green-skinned alien, and Star-Lord, a half-human half-Spartoi outlaw.

The clash between Gladiator’s forces and the Maker always ended with minor turmoils that only involved the subordinates, until the Cleric brought to Gladiator an unexpected guest: Thanos the Mad Titan, who was visiting the Kyln during a pilgrimage following molokadarcomics2his experience as an omnipotent god-like being, a chrisis of conscience that brought him to act heroically for a while. Knowing far too well the reputation of the Titan, Moloka Dar opposed the idea of involving Thanos into the internal affairs of the Kyln, but Thanos himself, after realizing the Maker was an incarnation of Beyonder, decided to join the resistance in order to protect the universe from the potential omnipotence of the deranged woman. Dar obeyed to Gladiator’s decisions, and brought Thanos to the Cleric, who explained to him everything about the prison; when the Cleric was attacked and almost killed by a follower of the Maker, Mynx, Thanos healed him, thus gaining Dar’s trust. Eventually, Thanos arrived to face the Maker directly, and managed to shut her mind off, imprisoning her godly nature in her own physical body: the Kyln were finally free of the Maker’s influence, and Dar himself had to thank the Mad Titan for what he had done. Thanos, Gladiator and even Star-Lord abandoned the Kyln, and everything came back to its normal state… until Annihilus, a warlord from the Negative Zone, decided to conquer the positive universe and attacked any inhabited outpost on his way. Leading the Annihilation Wave, Annihilus attacked also the Kyln, wanting to cut out the energy resources of his enemies, and the intergalactic prison was left in ruin. Arguably, none of the prisoners survived the attack, and even Dar died in a war he didn’t even know was ongoing.

Moloka Dar is a distrustful and sarcastic individual, a man who always knows how to exploit a situation and to survive in the most desperate and hopeless places. With a sharp intellect and a remarkable agility, Moloka Dar doesn’t demonstrate any superhuman ability, apart from an awful sense of humor. A violent man in the most violent place in the galaxy, Moloka Dar is one of many would-be survivors trying their best to live more than the average three years.