Crispus Allen

Crispus AllenNew cast photos from Gotham have been released, and we have a glimpse of the last main character from the precinct: Crispus Allen, portrayed by Andrew Stewart Jones. In the show, little or nothing is known about his role, but that he’ll be a detective in Gotham City Police Department, and that he’ll be one of the few honest ones. This marks the first full appearance of the character, who had anyway somewhat of a cameo in The Dark Knight Rises: among the many police officers featured in the movie, there’s one named Agent Allen portrayed by Rob Brown. The name and the physical appearance suggest this can be the movie version of Crispus Allen, but he doesn’t have much of a role in the movie (he participates to the final battle against Bane‘s terrorists, and little more), so it cannot be considered a certainty. Anyway, let’s see together who this serious cop is in the comics.

Crispus Allen was born in Metropolis, son of a very religious woman called Violet. Despite the faith of his family, Crispus grew up to become an agnostic man, able to see clearly the evil in the world, doubting that the loving and caring God of his mother could tolerate it. Following this view over the world, Allen resolved it was up to him to do the best he could to fight against this evil, and decided to become a policeman. He entered Metropolis Police Department, and proved to be quite a good cop, a honest man and a professional protector of the citizens. During his time in Metropolis he met Dore, a girl he fell in love with, and that he eventually married. The two lived a happy marriage, and had two children: Jake and Malcolm. Following his many successes, Cris was promoted crispusallencomics1detective, and built a fame for himself as one of the most capable officers in MPD. When Commissioner James Gordon from Gotham City became in need of good policemen he could trust in order to face the spreading corruption in his own Department, Cris was transferred there, and he moved in the most crooked and dangerous city in the United States with his entire family. Once in Gotham, Allen was immediately assigned to the Major Crimes Unit, and he was partnered with another capable detective, Renee Montoya, who he became friends with. His serious and sometimes arrogant demeanor, along with his flawless dressing, attracted the attentions (and the mocking) of another GCPD detective, veteran Harvey Bullock, who nicknamed him “Peacock“. Despite the rush start, however, the two of them eventually came to respect one another, and in the following years Allen, Bullock and Montoya became the most trusted subordinates of Gordon’s.

Gotham City was no Metropolis, and it became clear to Allen that the city had its own rules and ways of doing things. The most upsetting aspect of his new residence was the presence of Batman, a vigilante who believed he could take justice in his own hands crispusallencomics2and beat the hell out of the criminals ignoring the police’s work. Understanding that many menaces present in Gotham required something more than normal cops, however, Cris ended up accepting Batman and his partners as a “necessary evil”, even if he kept treating them coldly anytime they met. His dislike towards the vigilante proved to be a fault more than once: when Gordon was shot, Cris investigated on Catwoman, the primary suspect. A team composed of Robin, Nightwing, Azrael and Batgirl, however, managed to collect enough evidence to prove that the shooter was a corrupt policeman, Jordan Rich. Allen and Montoya arrested him, and Montoya suggested they brought in Batman during the interrogation to make the criminal confess; Allen strongly objected the idea, believing it was a job for the police and not for some masked freak, and led the interrogatory, playing the “good cop” and letting Renee play the “bad cop”. Being a cop himself, Rich knew all the tricks, and didn’t confess anything. Eventually, Allen had to let him free, with no evidence or confession of his guilt. He also went close to arrest Bruce Wayne for the murder of tv journalist Vesper Fairchild, and he started a manhunt the moment the billionaire escaped; eventually, he had to give up all the charges when professional killer David Cain confessed to be the murderer (a plot set up by Lex Luthor to have his business rival out of the way). Along with many irregularities, Gotham brought in Allen’s career the taste of failure.

Crispus Allen is a honest cop, who always does everything by-the-book. A serious man, who often looks with a not-hidden sense of superiority at his colleagues from Gotham, Allen strongly believes in order and duty, and tries never to do anything outside the manual: the only exception is everything that regards his family, his first thought even in a situation of global crisis, the only people in the world he’s ready to throw away his shield for. A very intelligent and analytical man, Allen is a skilled detective and an expert of law; he’s trained in both armed and unarmed combat, but usually prefers brain over brawn. Crispus Allen is the perfect cop for the less-perfect city in the world.



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