BereetWith Guardians of the Galaxy now in cinemas, there are just a few characters left to speak about. Let’s start with Bereet, the cute purple lady portrayed by Melia Kreiling. In the movie, she’s one of the many girls Peter Quill picks up, and she (unwillingly) accompanies him in his adventure to retrieve the Orb. After being quite ill-treated by the space adventurer, she breaks up with him and comes back to Xandar. The comicbook version is quite different: first of all, she’s older than her movie counterpart, and her skin is much lighter; she also has less fingers and more feather (…). Most of all, she never met Star-Lord, being a supporting character of another well known Marvel hero. Let’s see together.

Bereet was born on Krylor, a distant planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, sustained by the star Aceta. On Krylor, the dominant species had evolved from both birds and mammals, presenting the characteristics of both: they had feather crests on their heads instead of hair, two fingers and a thumb on each hand, two toes on each foot, and hollow bones that made them extremely light-weighted. A common characteristic of Krylorians was the melodious voice, a trait that made them extremely sensitive to beauty and art in general. Bereet was no exception, but rather than becoming a singer or a musician, she preferred another form of art, called techno-art, and became a filmmaker. She used the advanced technology of her planet to bereetcomics1spy on alien worlds and take inspiration for her work, and she eventually found on Earth a good source of stories, since humans, the aliens from that planet, often engaged in incredible adventures. After some movies about normal humans Bereet got bored with them, unable to find them as entertaining as she believed they were; she was about to abandon her primary source of inspiration when she found the Hulk, a massive green human who soon became quite a fascination for the Krylorian director. She made several movies about the Green Goliath, films that became blockbusters on Krylor, but she eventually resolved to travel to Earth to make a documentary on the real Hulk. With her spaceship, the Banshee Mask (a spacecraft which could be folded into a small mask), she reached the alien planet and tracked down the Hulk. Once she found him, she easily convinced the brute that the Krylorians were trying to invade the planet, and accompanied him on several missions, which actually were just sets she had built previously; using her Star Eyes, levitating cameras with quite an artificial intelligence, she filmed the Hulk’s battle with the “aliens” unseen, recording material enough to make the movie she wanted. Back on Krylor, Bereet edited The Life and Times of the Incredible Hulk, the movie that consecrated her as an artist. Finally, she had become the moviemaker she had always wanted to be, and gained the attention she believed to deserve. Hollywood, however, never sleeps, not even the alien counterpart to it.

Soon out of inspiration, Bereet came back on Earth, again in search of the Hulk. This time, Hulk wasn’t a brute anymore, since Bruce Banner managed to retain his mind in his alterego’s body. When Bereet found him, he was desperately trying to save his friend Rick Jones from a radiation poisoning: luckily enough, it was a kind of disease Krylorian medicine had found a cure bereetcomics2for long time before, and Bereet saved him. Abandoned by Betty Ross, Banner started feeling romantically attracted to the alien woman, and she reciprocated (actually, it’s unclear if she really loved Banner, or if she simply wanted her “star” to be cooperative while filming). The two sticked together for a while, fighting together the armored villainess Jackdaw: of course, Bereet filmed everything. When the U-Foes, a quartet of villains who had mutated while trying to replicate the incident that gave birth to the Fantastic Four, attacked the Hulk and overpowered him, Bereet decided to abandon her non-intervention policy, and helped Banner by releasing her Defendroids, powerful robots programmed to protect her. Thanks to the Defendroids’ help, Hulk was able to defeat the U-Foes…all the while giving to Bereet beautiful shots. This time, Bereet decided to sell her new documentary to Earth’s cinemas, and the new movie premiered at Radio City Music Hall. She became a popular director on Earth as well, and she decided to move to Hollywood (a decision that saved her from her planet’s destruction at the hands of Ego the Living Planet). With time, however, Bereet realised that on Earth as well as on Krylor her movies were acclaimed, of course, but just as pure entertainment, not as the pieces of art she would have liked to. Believing it was her fault for being still an immature filmmaker, she abandoned Earth as well, and started traveling the galaxy in search of the true inspiration of her artistic life.

Bereet is an ambitious moviemaker, a woman who dreams of becoming one of the most renowned and celebrated artists on her planet (and that’s quite a dream, being Krylor a planet inhabited mostly by artists). She has consecrated all her life to her artistic achievements, and she uses many technological devices (all contained in the bottomless bag called Spatial Distorter) to try and catch the most inspiring images she sees through the galaxies. She doesn’s possess any peculiar ability or power, apart from a complete mastership over Krylorian technologies. Unable to think of herself but as a the artist she longs to be, Bereet does everything she does just for art’s sake.


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