CosmoAnd here we are, for another character introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy. When The Collector‘s zoo is destroyed by the Orb‘s power, only some of the specimens survive, and while the Collector himself stands in the middle of his ruined collection, with quite a sad look on his face, a dog in a space suit tries to comfort him by lapping his face: it’s Cosmo, “portrayed” on screen by Fred the Dog. Albeit on screen he doesn’t have much a role, Cosmo has been one of the protagonists in the reboot of the Guardians of the Galaxy series in the comics, proving to be quite a useful ally, and a powerful one of his own. Let’s see together who this space-dog is in the comics.

Cosmo was born on Earth, a normal cross-breed between a Labrador and a Golden Retriever who lived in the Soviet Union with the rest of his brood. Cosmo, however, was selected to be a test animal for the Soviet Space Program: he was experimented cosmocomics1on, gradually made used to artificial gravity, and then sent to space with an experimental spaceship. Cosmo’s objective was to stay in Earth’s orbit, and then to come back to see the effects of an artificial environment on a living being, but something went wrong sometime in the 1960s, and the ship lost its original route. The spaceship went adrift into deep space for quite some time, and when it got hit by some unknown radiations, Cosmo’s organism mutated: not only his lifespan got exponentially elongated, but also his brain suffered a major and rapid evolution, making him become a powerful telepath. Eventually, the ship reached the very borders of the universe, where the decapitated head of a long-time murdered Celestial floated: the head had been transformed into a space station that acted as neutral ground for every being and species in the universe: Knowhere, a safe spaceport for any smuggler around. Finally setting his feet (paws) on steady ground, Cosmo made Knowhere his new home, and thanks to his telepathic abilities and his canine loyalty, he was soon hired as the new security chief of the station. During his forty years of work on Knowhere, Cosmo faced many threats, developing his powers to the point of being able to be strong enough to control on his own the many powerful beings passing through Knowhere. He was eventually entrusted with a dimensional envelop he inserted in his collar, a safe zone in which he could store all the citizens of Knowhere in case of emergency, just as long as he had solved the situation.

The greatest emergency occurred soon after the Luminals, a heroic team from Xarth Three, arrived on Knowhere with a mysterious box. Some unexplained deaths started occurring on the space station, and Cosmo investigated. During the cosmocomics2investigation, on Knowhere arrived another unexpected guest: Richard Rider, Earth’s Nova, exhausted and slowly dying because of a transmode virus infecting him. When Nova was forced to kill in self defense Suspensor, one of the Luminals who had been transformed into a mindless zombie, Cosmo saved him from the remaining Luminals, deciding to trust him. Nova used the Worldmind to help Cosmo investigating on the deaths on the station. The two of them were soon attacked by other citizens of Knowhere turned zombies, as well as by the other Luminals: Cosmo saved the inhabitants who had not been turned by putting them in his collar, while Nova discovered the responsible of the zombification of all the others, the creature known as Abyss, who was prisoner of the box brought by Luminals but had managed to free himself. Eventually Nova used the virus in his body to repair Abyss’ prison, thus ending the mayhem he had caused and bringing the Luminals and the others back to normal. In exchange of his help, Cosmo used Knowhere as a spaceship to bring Nova on Kvch, the homeplanet of the Phalanx, the mechanoid species that had infected Rider with the virus, hoping for a cure. Unfortunately, this led Knowhere deep into the war between Ultron, now commanding the Phalanx, and the biological life-forms of the entire universe: Drax the Destroyer and Nebula, under Phalanx’ control, attacked Knowhere, and slaughtered many of its citizens. Cosmo tried to intervene, but it was too late, as the two aggressors had followed Nova and left the station. The two space warriors made amend by becoming members of the new Guardians of the Galaxy, a team that Cosmo offered Knowhere as a base to. Now acting as a liaison to the space heroes, Cosmo could expand his task of maintaining peace and order to the entire galaxy.

Cosmo is a loyal and good-hearted dog, deeply committed to his task of protecting the people of Knowhere. He’s also fiercely loyal to his friends, among which Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy have a special place. He possesses vast psychic powers, from telepathy to telekinesis, the full extent of which is still is still undiscovered: he has proven to be powerful enough to knock both the Luminals and the Guardians out with a single psychic blast; he’s also able to create energy shields, to perform mind control on other sentient beings and to camouflage himself or others thanks to his telepathy, an array of powers that makes him able to stand up toe to toe with some of the most powerful beings in the universe, such as Magus. Despite all his power, Cosmo always tries to restrain himself, afraid of hurting somebody: truly a nice dog.


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