Meredith Quill

Meredith QuillLast character appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy (at least until some cameos are confirmed): Meredith Quill, portrayed by Laura Haddock. In the movie, she had quite a brief but fundumental role: she is the woman who meets a mysterious man (his role will likely be expanded in the future of the franchise), falls in love with him and gives birth to Peter Quill, future hero Star-Lord. Unfortunately, she dies of terminal cancer early in the life of her son, who’s later “adopted” by alien adventurer Yondu. In the comics, her role is a little bit wider: let’s see together.

Born in Colorado, Meredith Quill was a normal country girl, who had made quite a lot of mistakes in her life. She had fell in love with a guy from her town, Jake, who turned out to be quite the violent one. Luckily, she eventually found the strength to kick him out of their house, especially thanks to the help of her friends. She started living alone in her big country house, taking care as best as she could of her property, unable to find time to see anyone, but more often then not spending time on the phone with her friends (usually speaking of Jake). Eventually, one night Meredith witnessed quite an unexpected event: a plane-like vehicle, which turned out to be a spacecraft, meredithquillcomics1crashed near her house, and she ran to see what was happening. The moment she realised someone was still trapped inside the burning ship, without a moment of hesitation she decided to save him, and dragged the only occupant out. The man, acting instinctively, pointed his gun at her, but fainted immediately after: despite that, Meredith brought him inside her house, with the intention of curing him from his wounds. Waiting for the star-traveler to wake up, Meredith pointed her shotgun at him, and when he became conscious again, she asked him who he was: the man was J’son, an alien from planet Spartax, whose ship had been hit during the war with the Badoon race (originally the Ariguan Confederacy). He asked her time to fix his ship and come back home, swearing not to hurt her, and Meredith decided to trust him. Meredith kept nursering J’son while he repaired the ship, and eventually they fell in love. Unknown to the rest of the world, they started a relation, one that, however, was meant to be short-lived.

When J’son finished the reparations, Meredith asked him either to stay, or to bring her with him: the first one was impossible, while for the second J’son didn’t feel comfortable in bringing the woman he loved to a space war. He promised her he would have come back, and he left his Elemental Gun as a token for his return; he then blocked her memories, not wanting her to suffer in case he was to be killed during the war, and left. Without J’son realising it, however, Meredith was pregnant already: the moment she found out, she decided to reconcile with Jake, and the two came back together. When the baby was born, Meredith told Jake he was his son, but the man could clearly see that newborn Peter was nothing like him. Due to meredithquillcomics2the violent nature of Jake, his suspicion soon led him to become angrier and angrier towards both his wife and his “son”, and eventually he decided to kill the child: unexpectedly, he died of a sudden heart-attack immediately before accomplishing his deeds. Meredith found herself to raise her son on her own, and she resolved to never try to find a replacement for Jake at her side. Peter grew up good-hearted and selfless, he often got involved in scuffles in school, but only because he always tried to defend his weaker schoolmates from the bullies: brawls or not, Meredith was proud of him. In the meanwhile, without Meredith knowing it, in space war had escalated, and the Badoon were losing: they decided to send two killers on Earth to end the Spartoi bloodline before Peter was of age to claim the throne of his father, but they only managed to kill an unaware Meredith in cold blood, while Peter fled from his home just a moment before it was destroyed. J’son’s bloodline still lived.

Meredith Quill is a strong-willed and brave woman, ready to sacrifice herself for helping others, even strangers, but smart enough to take her precautions while doing it. Unfortunately, she’s got quite a bad taste for men, and she usually finds herself trapped in abusive relations she endures more than necessary. She loves with all her heart and soul her son Peter, whose father she only vaguely remembers, the shadow of a strong passion not even Spartoi technology managed to erase completely.


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