Scott Edward Harris Lang (Ant-Man)

ant-maniifilmAfter (too) many delays, Ant-Man officially entered production, and we already have a first glimpse to the titular character, portrayed by Paul Rudd. The main focus of the movie will be Scott Lang, who in the comics is the second Ant-Man, and judging from the pic he’ll have to walk quite a long way to become a hero. In the film, Scott will be a con-man who stumbles upon the inventions of a genius scientist, Hank Pym, and who will find himself unwillingly committed into protecting his technology against new and powerful threats who would likely use them for not-so-good deeds. Little more is known of the character so far, in the meanwhile we can enjoy the first look at Rudd as Scott, and the first action sequence released with the test footage last year. And, of course, we can see who Scott Lang is in the comics.

Scott Edward Harris Lang was born in Coral GablesFlorida. Smart and brilliant, he grew up to become an electronic expert, and married a girl called Peggy Rae, who gave him a daughter, Cassie. Unfortunately, Scott just couldn’t find a long-lasting job, and his part-time as a repairman couldn’t cover his family’s expenses; he resolved to use his skills to become a thief, but he wasn’t such a refined criminal, and he soon got caught and arrested. Peggy couldn’t forgive him for what he had done, and obtained divorce while he was in prison. After only three years, however, Scott was paroled for good behavior, and was hired by Stark International‘s design department, also helping Tony Stark himself installing the new security system in Avengers Mansion. Bad luck kept haunting Lang, and Cassie was diagnosed a serious and congenital heart condition: the only person able to help her was a renowned ant-maniicomics1surgeon, Erica Sondheim, who had disappeared some time before. Scott gathered evidence of the doctor being held prisoner by Darren Cross, CEO of Cross Technological Enterprise, but culdn’t find anybody helping him, since nobody believed his story. He then resolved to commit yet another theft: he broke into Hank Pym’s home, and stole his Ant-Man suit and technology, which he used to shrink and to infiltrate Cross Enterprise. Once in there, he realised Cross had indeed abducted Dr. Sondheim, and managed to rescue her after a battle with an enhanced Darren Cross. Sondheim was luckily able to help Cassie, and the girl was cured from her condition; with his mission accomplished, Scott was ready to give Pym his equipment back, and to turn himself in for the theft, but unbeknownst to him Pym himself, as Yellow Jacket, had followed him from the very night he had entered his house, and had observed what he was doing with the Ant-Man costume and shrinking technology. Seeing some potential in the robber, Pym offered him to keep both the costume and the identity of Ant-Man, of course using them as the hero he could have become. Grateful, Lang accepted the offer, and became the second Ant-Man.

Despite not considering himself a “full-time hero”, spending most of his time trying to earn money enough to pay Cassie’s studies (and Peggy’s alimony), Scott soon found himself deeply inside the superhero community. When he saved Iron Man, trapped inside his own armor, the new Ant-Man earned the trust and respect of the other Avengers, and became a member when, after refusing many times to have more time to dedicate to his daughter, he finally accepted their offer. He also helped his mentor Hank Pym to save his wife, The Wasp, from evil scientist Parnell Solomon, proving himself to be worthy of Pym’s legacy. Along with the Avengers, Scott came in contact with the Micronauts, a race of microscopical individuals who lived in the Microverse, a universe of sub-atomical proportions. Lang researched the Microverse, and forged a personal alliance with the robot Biotron; thanks to his expertise ant-maniicomics2of this universe he also came in contact with the Fantastic Four, and helped them in their mission in the sub-atomic world, becoming good friends with The Thing during an unexpected battle that occured during the exploration. Ant-Man also found some sort of a nemesis in Taskmaster, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. operative turned lethal mercenary who started targeting the Avengers: he fought Taskmaster at the side of the other Avengers, of Spider-Man and of other heroes, eventually deciding to go on a solo mission and to infiltrate his mercenary school; unfortunately, Taskmaster soon discovered the infiltrator, and a battle ensued. Ant-Man was assisted during the fight by Hawkeye, who he formed quite a formidable couple with, with a nearly infallible team-combo that had Lang riding on Hawkeye’s arrows, flying at the enemies at high-speed. While managing his heroic career, Scott also tried to keep in balance the private one, a task that proved to be much more difficult than the missions with the Avengers: trying to protect his daughter, he kept hidden his dual identity from her, but was kind of relieved when he found out Cassie had discovered his secret “job” on her own. With his daughter at his side, Scott Lang was ready to take on the world as Ant-Man, and on a difficult personal and professional life as the good but unlucky man he had always been.

Scott Lang is an intelligent and good-hearted man, with a particular skill in understanding and manipulating even high-level technology, and in getting himself into trouble. Despite quitting his studies early because of money issues, Lang is quite a skilled scientist, able to replace Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four for a while. As Ant-Man, he has free access to the Pym Particles, which he inhales in a gas and that make him able to shrink in size, mantaining his strength unvaried. His Helmet allows him to communicate to a certain extent with insects, while his Wrist Gauntlets make him able to shoot bio-energy blasts. A resourceful hero able to take on enemies much more powerful than he his (he knocked out the Absorbing Man and Titania, above the others), with a useful instinct that allows him to muddle through even the most desperate situations, Ant-Man spends his life to show everyone he’s worthy of Hank Pym’s trust, and especially of his daughter Cassie’s love.



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