Gor/Gora/Christian Walker (Blue Streak/Diamond)

Christian WalkerFinally, we got our first official photo from upcoming Powers, a new tv-series based on Brian Michael Bendis‘ and Michael Avon Oemig‘s comics, published by Icon (the independent imprint of Marvel). In the pic, we get a look at the show’s protagonists, first of all Christian Walker, who’ll be played by Sharlto Copley. Now, it’s been some years that we’ve been hearing about a Powers adaptation, but this time it seems they’re really doing it, and in December we’ll have our first episodes on PlayStation Network (and possibly on other channels as well after the first release…). Before then, let’s see together who is the protagonist of this new not-so-classical police drama, the super-strong Christian Walker.

This is possibly one of the origin stories that go back furthest in time: at the dawn of mankind, when still homo sapiens was but a possibility in the evolutionary spectrum, a Cro-Magnon found a female he liked, but was challenged by another male to have her. The two started fighting, as always happened in this cases, but during the clash they found out they were capable of deeds the others couldn’t even dream of: that was the first super-powered battle, that destroyed much of the surroundings before the two hominids grew tired of it and separated. During the years, the first man-ape noticed that everybody near him eventually died, everyone but him: from time to time, the hominid retired in a cave, alone, and mutated into a higher evolutionary state, increasing his brain functions and radically changing in appearance. Eventually, he evolved into a homo sapiens, and took for himself the name Gor. Thanks to his superhuman abilities, that remained from an evolution to another, Gor soon got followed by other cavemen, until a tribe was formed: Gor was elected chief, some sort of sacred figure who led his people wisely and pecefully. The tribe worshipped a “god”, a cave bear they gave tributes to every once and while, in order to assure it christianwalkercomics1didn’t attack them. Everything proceeded well, until one of the tribe’s men came back dying to his cave: his wounds didn’t look like they had been produced by claws or fangs, and Gor decided to investigate. He soon found another man, who called himself Blood Fist (his rival from the Cro-Magnon era), who had built the first weapon in history: a knife made of stone and bone, which he wanted to kill the cave bear with in order to proclaim himself the true god. Gor foiled his plan by killing the bear for first and, wearing the beast’s skin, he challenged his rival, eventually piercing his skull with his own weapon. Thousands of years passed, and Gor evolved once again, losing much of his memory. Now called Gora, he was a mighty warrior, hired by a princess to fight fot her father. Unfortunately, the couple was ambushed by a sorcerer, Haemon, who killed the princess and started a battle with Gora. Haemon was the eternal rival Gora had forgotten about and who had survived their previous clash, and at the end of the battle, a tie, the enemy left, warning Gora he would have returned again to fight him.

For thousands of years, however, they didn’t meet again. Gora was however eager to learn why he was so different from all the others, and travelled to China, in order to meet Master Han Xian-Zi, the enlightened monk of the Woshu Mountain Temple in Peking. The long christianwalkercomics2journey made him earn the name Walker, and in the temple he met many people like him, who called themselves Powers. Walker lived in the Temple for sixteen years, until an unknown enemy attacked the nearby village. A villager asked the Powers for help, but only a small group decided to intervene: along with Walker, there were other immortals such as Zora and the two who would have become, centuries later, Retro-Girl and Super Shock. Nothing is known about the outcome of the battle, nor why Walker eventually left China. He surfaced once again in Chicago, in 1936, with a wife and a secret life as a vigilante. He met Albert Einstein and asked him for an explanation of his powers, and how he could get rid of them, but obviously found no answer: the scientist only warned him to keep his identity a secret, in order to protect himself. Back home, he found his wife butchered, killed by the enemy he had no memory of, a man who was now calling himself Wolfe and who had clearly a better memory than the hero. Sixty years later, Walker had become the masked superhero Diamond, and fought evil with others like him (Retro-Girl, Zora and Trip-Hammer). As a superhero, he fought Wolfe once again, and during their battle he sent his enemy flying into the Power Drainer (a machine, built by Trip-Hammer, able to strip a Power of his abilities), causing an explosion that left the two rivals without their superhuman abilities. Finally free of his “curse”, Walker asked an old friend from the police to repay a debt, and he entered the Homicide Unit as Detective Christian Walker, specialised in cases involving superpowered beings.

Christian Walker is a silent and serious man, a tormented creature with the weight of centuries on his shoulders. Despite his body never grows old, his memory can remember only as much as a normal human’s can (little less than a century), so most of his past is shrouded in mystery for him as well. Before losing his powes, Walker was an incredibly powerful being, with immense strength and durability, able to fly and sometime to emit pure energy, cursed with an immortality that allowed him to see most of his friends and beloved ones die. As a “normal” detective, however, Walker is a hunter with no rival, able to find even the stealthiest murderer, relying on an instinct he himself has forgotten, but that still works pretty well. Unfortunately, as uncommunicative as he is, he’s quite a burden for any partner he’s assigned to.



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