Baxter Stockman

Baxter StockmanAnd here we have the last character appeared in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, albeit just for a cameo: Baxter Stockman, portrayed by K. Todd Freeman. If you don’t remember who this guy is, don’t worry: he only appears when April O’Neil is looking at the movie she made as a child in her father’s lab, and he appears in the background, shadowed (that’s why the pic is like this). In the film, Stockman is one of the three scientist, along with John O’Neil and Eric Sacks, who studies the new mutagen that will eventually create the Ninja Turtles. It’s unknown what happened to him after the lab was destroyed by fire and O’Neil died, especially considering that most of his scenes were cut from the final release. Anyway, let’s see together who Stockman is in the comics. And no, he’s no secondary character at all.

Born and raised in New York City, Baxter Stockman dedicated himself to science, and thanks to his genius-level intellect, he soon became a famous expert of physics, robotics and many other scientific fields. Unfortunately, Stockman also grew up to become a dangerous sociopath, who used his skills and research for egoistical purposes, if not for pure fun. When New York’s problem with vermin became almost overwhelming, Stockman proposed himself to solve it and, along with his assistant and computer programmer April O’Neil, he designed and built the Mousers, dog-sized robots that killed and mauled any rat they could find in the sewers. The Mousers were a success, and Stockman soon became the most apreciated scientist in the city. Unfortunately, the Mousers also had another purpose, since their master had programmed them to dig in the bank’s caveaus and to steal all the money the could take. When April found this out, she confronted baxterstockmancomics1Stockman, asking him why he robbed banks when he was already making millions legally: without flinching, the scientist declared he was just trying to have fun, and that he wasn’t actually interested in money. He then ordered the Mousers to kill April, and watched her as she was trying to run in the sewers, with no hope of surviving. He then proceeded with his plan and, with his face and voice covered, he threatened New York to destroy the entire city if he wasn’t given 20 million dollars. As a demonstration, he made the Mousers destroy the Rextab Building, and declared one of the World Trade Center towers would have been next. April, however, had survived, and she came back with her saviors, four giant mutant turtles, who easily incapacitated Stockman. The scientist, however, called back the Mousers and ordered them to self-destruct once in the base…luckily, the combined efforts of April and Donatello managed to foil also this suicidal plan: the self-destruction was avoided, and Dr. Baxter Stockman was sent to prison.

In the following years, Stockman nurtured his hate towards April O’Neil, who he considered responsible for his disgrace. Finally, he managed to break out of prison, and started plotting his revenge. He met the Utroms, a species of brain-like aliens who asked him for help; on the opposite, he stole from them their technology (a stock of lethal nanobots) and fled, knowing the Utroms wouldn’t have followed him risking to reveal their existence to the world. He then broke in a facility of DARPA and, after killing several guards, he locked himself into one of the labs. When the security managed to force the lab’s door, they could only find the dead bodies of the guards, and even Stockman’s dead body, with his head split open and no brain in it. Stockman had baxterstockmancomics2transferred his mind into a huge robot, getting finally ready to exact his revenge from O’Neil and the turtles. First, he attacked April, and injected her with the Utrom nanobots, that slowly started attacking her organism. He was later reached on a rooftop by the turtles and their new ally, the costumed adventurer Nobody, but in the following battle Baxter’s new robotic body proved to be too much for the heroes, and he easily overpowered them. He escaped in the sewers when he realised he was draining too much attention, and started to repair himself from the damage suffered during both the battle and the escape. Eventually, the turtles found him and, along with April’s husband Casey Jones, they battled him once again. Stockman tried to electrocute the turtles with a live wire on water, but Leonardo was quicker, and used the same strategy against him, making his body explode. Stockman was apparently killed by the explosion, but his mind had actually survived. Donatello found Stockman’s remains and decided to keep him alive, in order to gain whatever knowledge he could from the deranged yet brilliant scientist. Stockman stayed quiet, knowing that, in the following years, the nanobots he had injected April with would have started killing her, and he would have had his vengeance without moving a finger.

Baxter Stockman is a genius and a madman, a scientist able to create any kind of robot his mind can imagine, but irredeemably eager to destroy people and things for his own amusement. Even as a normal, defenseless human being, Stockman controls an army of Mousers, powerful robots able to break anything with their powerful jaws. After he transferred his mind into a robot, Stockman gained superhuman strength, speed and durability and the power to repair himself from any damage (he also had a missing arm regrow); he has several weapons installed in his new body, and he also has access to advanced alien technology he stole from the Utroms. Powerful, brilliant and unrestrained, Baxter Stockman is one of the most dangerous men in the world.



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