ZoraSecond preview pic from Powers got many people puzzled: who’s the weird-looking woman in the photo? Some relative of Star Trek‘s Geordie La Forge? I’m sorry for the Trekkies, but this is Zora, portrayed by Logan Browning. Well, she surely is a little bit flashy, even more than in the comics (’nuff said), but the character herself is pretty interesting, an she’ll be one of the recurring of the series. Again, we have another race swap in the show, and after Deena Pilgrim, another Caucasian blondie from the comics becomes an Afro-American in the show; surely, Browning seems to be gutty enough to portray the character, independently from her look. Especially if they dress her in a way she doesn’t look like a back dancer from a Pat Benatar’s concert.

Very little is known about Zora’s past and, considering she was immortal, it’s unknown even how old she was exactly. Differently from many other Powers, Zora claimed to know exactly how she came to develop her superhuman abilities: at a certain point of her life, she fell into a deep spiritual crisis, and she rejected any belief in God she previously had. She emerged from this crisis believing in herself as the only God of her life, and from that moment, she started developing amazing powers, which she could bend energy and light with. She started traveling the world, looking for a purpose in her new life, and around 1000 B. C., she arrived in PekingChina. She heard of a place of enlightment, the Wushu Mountain Temple, and she decided to climb the long ladder to reach it and meet Master Han Xian-Zi. Once she arrived at the Great Temple, she found out that the claims about the wisdom of the master were grounded, and he became her first mentor. From Xian-Zi, Zora learnt meditation and found inner peace, discovering a new way to live her god-less life. She also mastered her powers to an extent she zoracomics1didn’t believe to be possible, all thanks to the self-discipline the old master taught her. During her time in the Great Temple, Zora also found one of the few things she wasn’t looking for: love. Another pilgrim in search of wisdom, a nameless man nicknamed the Great Walker, arrived to the temple, and started studying with Zora and the others, looking for enlightenment. Walker was an immortal, just like her, a tormented soul who didn’t understand his place in the world and, unlike Zora, unable to remember much of his past. Zora became attracted to him, even if he considered a curse the powers she regarded as a blessing. When a villager arrived to the temple asking for help against an invading force, Walker wanted to intervene, while most of the Powers chose not to: Zora, along with the Chinese incarnation of Retro-Girl and Super-Shock, decided to follow Walker, thus creating the first superhero team in history. They repelled the invader, then Walker decided to move on and to leave the temple.

Zora followed him, but when she realised he didn’t remember her nor his life at the Great Temple “just” a century after, she preferred to live her own life. They met again several times during the following centuries, and for Walker it was always like the first time, while Zora kept nurturing a strong feeling for the man. They kept meeting and parting, until they met again in 1986, in the United States of America. In Chicago, Walker had become the superhero known as Diamond, and Zora had decided to follow him in this new adventure, becoming part of his new team, along with the new Retro-Girl and Triphammer. Zora was still in love with Walker, and, despite having to share him with Retro-Girl (something that didn’t seem to bother her at all) she became sure he was the one she wanted to share her immortal life with. Diamond felt a strong attraction to her as well, some sort of zoracomics2reminiscence of their past, and eventually the two started a secret relation. When a fight with the supervillain Wolfe costed Diamond his powers, Zora decided to stay in Chicago nevertheless, as close to her man as it was possible. When Diamond became Detective Christian Walker, Zora stayed by his side, and they secretly got engaged. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t have lived to see her own marriage: during an investigation, the now powerless Walker met a deranged superheroine created by the government, Boogie Girl, an emotionally unstable young woman who had gone mad with her immense power. Walker was about to be killed, but Zora intervened, and tried to bring the heroine back to herself…but Boogie Girl was far beyond saving. A battle of titanic proportions ensued, and Zora managed to subdue Boogie Girl, but her right arm got ripped off, and she was mortally wounded. She collapsed, and Walker reached her in the midst of the battlefield. Just before dying, Zora told her beloved one she would have done anything for him, and then passed away in peace, in the arms of the man she had loved for millennia, a man who now, having become mortal, wouldn’t have forgotten her ever again.

Zora is a strong and determined woman, hardened by millennia of experience and sometimes pretty cynical. She believes in nothing but herself, and she claims to gain her strength from the idea she’s the only god to herself. She possesses a variety of powers, from flight to super strength, but she’s especially gifted in the manipulation of light and energy: she can shoot blasts of pure energy or build energy constructs with her mind, to use them in battle or just as interior designs for her house. Seemingly impervious and extremely powerful, Zora seems to have a single weakness: her love for the man now known as Christian Walker.



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