David Singh

David SinghFinally City of Heroes, the first episode of The Flash, has been released, and we’ve got some people to speak about. First of all, the only recurring cast member left: Captain David Singh, portrayed in the show by Patrick Sabongui. Singh only briefly appeared in the first episode: at the very beginning, he’s seen starting the investigation on a bank robbery committed by the Mardon Brothers, a duo of renowned criminals. While speaking with Joe West, he’s shown to be pretty exasperated by the continuous lateness of young forensic scientist Barry Allen, who arrives immediately after and is covered (sort of…) by West. It’s positive we’ll see more of Singh in the future episodes, since he’s Barry’s boss. In the meanwhile, let’s see together who he is in the comics.

A skilled detective and an expert of forensic science, David Singh made himself noticed during his time as an assistant in Central City Police Department, and did his best to climb the ladder to the top. Eager to prove himself, he contributed to solve many cases, until he was “rewarded” with the position of Crime Lab Director. Singh made it clear from the very beginning that his approach was different from his predecessor’s one, and encouraged his subordinates to try and solve as many cases as possible in the quickest way possible, rather than “lose” time and resources on single investigations that didn’t give the expected results in a short time. This way of acting, that focused on quantity rather than on quality,
disappointed more than one detective and scientist in the lab; among these, one of the most skilled forensic scientists in CCPD, Patty Spivot, clashed directly with Singh and his way of working, eventually preferring to leave the department and Central City, and to move to Blue davidsinghcomics1Valley, in Nebraska, looking for a job fitter to her attitude. Despite the loss of one of his best agents, Singh kept following his own way, and managed to create some sort of balance inside the Crime Lab…until Captain Fyre sent to him Barry Allen, recently come back to work for the CCPD after a long absence. Allen shared Spivot’s point of view over the lab’s task, and immediately opposed to Singh’s way of working, plainly accusing him of not caring of his job. On his side, Singh didn’t like Allen’s general attitude, nor his habit of coming late at work every single day, and the two started to cordially dislike each other. To test his new subordinate, Singh ordered Allen to investigate on the murder of Mirror Monarch, a supervillain from the future: when James Forrest, the DNA specialist, informed him that Allen’s blood was on the criminal’s gloves, Singh accused Allen of contaminating the crime scene, rather than arresting him for murder as the real killer, The Top, had intended.

It seemed like the relation between David Singh and Barry Allen couldn’t be any worse, but the director found out that Barry had re-opened an old case on his own, the one concerning a murder whose responsible, Jason Hicks, had been arrested already. When Singh asked explanations from Allen, he told him that Hicks’ mother had asked him for help, since she firmly believed her son to be innocent. Considering the investigation a loss of time and money, Singh forbid Allen to continue the inquiry, and to avoid giving up to sentimentalism, especially on already-closed cases. The same night, Singh found out the Hicks’ files were missing, and that Allen himself was nowhere to be found. The scientist had given the files to his wife, journalist Iris West, and she had done some researches starting from them. Barry and Iris together collected evidence enough to exculpate Jason Hicks, and to incriminate the real killer, Rory Tork. Forced by evidence, Singh privately re-examined all the cases his lab had followed, and realised he had actually closed many davidsinghcomics2of them a little bit too hastily. The very next morning, upon entering the lab, Singh ordered to re-open all the cases that had been closed in the last six months, also forcing his subordinates to work overtime, Saturdays included, for accomplishing the task. Dealing with the death of Elongated Kid, Singh entrusted Allen with the case, and was happy to see that Patty Spivot had come back to action to help her old friend…despite this, he treated her quite harshly. Finally, however, Singh had apparently embraced a brand new way of working, more careful of the single cases rather than of their overall number.

David Singh is a severe and harsh man, who always acts as he’s under a test. In the effort of proving his value, Singh prefers to collect a number of solved cases rather than examining every single one thoroughly, a habit that results in many misjudgments and wrong arrests. Pretty proud himself, Singh never acknowledges a mistake, unless the strong evidence he likes so much proves him wrong. With an ill-concealed antipathy towards Barry Allen, he nevertheless respects him and his work, and with time he has also learnt to see his work like he does.



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