Danton Black (Multiplex)

MultiplexNext episode of The Flash, which will be aired this night, Fastest Man Alive, will feature a brand new villain, another one of the metahumans created by Harrison Wells‘ particle accelerator. Name’s Danton Black, portrayed by Michael Christopher Smith: we’ve seen him in the trailer threatening The Flash with a gun. Problem is: there were many of “him” pointing a gun to the hero. This is the first live action appearance of the villain, a multiple man known as Multiplex in the comics, but from what we’ve seen it’s unlikley that the tv show version of the character will be the same scientist we know from the comics. Anyway, let’s see together who Black is originally.

Born in New York state, Danton Black was a brilliant young man, who grew up to become a renowned physicist and scientist. Unfortunately, Black believed to be much more intelligent than he actually was, and acted accordingly, alienating many potential friends because of his
attitude. Luckily enough, he found a job in Hudson Nuclear Power Plant, an experimental power station with a futuristic nuclear reactor. Black worked as the assistant of the head of the project, Professor Martin Stein, but as always he believed in his superiority even towards multiplexcomics1the scientist. Unfortunately, Stein was an actual genius, and Black didn’t have any chance to prove his superiority: he resolved to steal from Stein some equipment and designs, but the professor busted him and fired him. Driven by his grudge against Stein, Black went to the authorities, claiming that he was the one who had designed the Power Plant, and that Stein had taken all the credit for his work. The assistant’s accusations were serious, so the Nuclear Regulations Council decided to postpone the Plant’s opening until Black’s claim could have been proven true or not; Stein, however, feared that the population would have never trusted his work if the Power Plant didn’t start running immediately, and he decided to open it the same night, alone. Danton Black had come back to the Plant as well, with the intention of creating some evidence to use against Stein in the trial. Unbeknownst to both Stein and Black, some echoterrorist had put a bomb in the Power Plant, and when Stein started the test, an explosion occured. The nuclear radiations gave Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond (a high school student, one of the echoterrorists) the power of fusion, and they became able to merge one with the other to become the nuclear hero Firestorm; however, also Black was invested by the radiations, obtaining the power of fission.

When he woke up after the explosion, Danton Black was pretty surprised not to be dead. He soon found out that, when he absorbed a certain amount of energy, he was able to create clones of himself, duplicates who mantained his identity and thoughts, but were smaller in stature than the original; the more clones he created, the smaller they got. His newly found powers could finally allow Black to obtain all the respect and recognition he deserved…as well as a good amount of money to be repaid of his efforts, of course. Black created the masked identity of Multiplex, and along with his duplicates, which he called duploids, he made his official debut in the superhuman comunity. His lust for money and power led him to face the newest superhero around, Firestorm, whose energy only helped Multiplex create new duploids. Eventually, however, the criminal was defeated in what happened to be both his and Firestorm’s first super-powered battle. Not accepting anybody’s superiority over him, Black began a revenge crusade against the hero, only to discover that behind Firestorm’s identity his former boss Martin Stein was still trying to humiliate him: his multiplexcomics2grudge against Firestorm became personal, and Multiplex challenged the hero time after time, always trying to prove himself better than he was. Multiplex also gladly accepted well-paid jobs, especially if his target was Firestorm, and became a mercenary (he was hired by industrialist Henry Hewitt to kidnap Lorraine Reilly, daughter of a senator, and to perform on her experiments aimed to replicate the one that gave birth to Firestorm, thus creating Firehawk). Eventually, Black was captured again, but this time, instead of going to prison, he was taken into custody by Amanda Waller, who offered him to become part of her Suicide Squad (a black ops team composed mainly of supervillains) in exchange of the cancellation of his criminal record. Still believing to be the smartest one around, Multiplex accepted, sure to have found a gap in the system: unfortunately for him, Waller was much smarter than he thought, and Multiplex’s career as a government agent would have been longer than expected. Luckily enough, when Firestorm tried to force all the world’s powers to renounce to their nuclear weapons, the Suicid Squad was sent after him, giving Black the opportunity to take on his old adversary once again…

Danton Black is an extremely arrogant and self-confident man, a brilliant nuclear physicist who believes to be the smartest man ever born. Despite his boasts, Black is actually pretty intelligent, and he uses his scientific skills to improve his criminal career. As Multiplex, Black is able to create perfect duplicates of himself: at first, the duplicates decreased in size proportionally to the number created, but after some time he learnt to create normal-sized copies. Creating duploids also increase Black’s strength and durability, as well as his duplicates’ ones, resulting in an army of super-powered villains. Greedy and determined, Multiplex holds a grudge against Firestorm, a rivalry that can end only with the death of one or the other.



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