Leonard Snart (Captain Cold)

Captain ColdIn the last days, we got some pics from the fourth episode of The Flash‘s first season, Going Rogue: this time, our hero will face a bad guy who’ll possibly become a recurring one in the series, Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold, portrayed by Wentworth Miller. In this version, Snart will be a bank robber who gears up with a freezing gun realising nothing, not even crime, can be the same with all the metahumans around. This is not the first live action appearance of the character: he already appeared in the original The Flash tv series, portrayed by Michael Champion: this time, he was an albino hitman named Leonard Wynters, who used a nuclear-powered freezing gun to kill his victims; he’s hired by mob boss Jimmy Swain to kill his rivals and the heroic Flash. Captain Cold also has a small cameo in Smallville: when the Toyman assembles his own team of supervillains, Marionette Ventures, Cold can be seen among the summoned criminals, and he’s assigned to kill Impulse. Waiting to meet this new version of one of the most iconic villains from Flash’s rogue gallery, let’s see together who he is in the comics.

Leonard Snart’s childhood wasn’t exactly the best one: he was the son of an ex-cop, a drunkard who often beat his wife and his children. Leonard tried to protect his little sister, Lisa, even when he was still a kid, with the only result of taking a double beating. His mother tried several times to leave her husband, but always came back. The only nice person Len and Lisa knew while growing up was their grandfather, an ice deliveryman who often took the kids on his truck, carrying them along on his route and buying icecream for them. In order to survive, bot Len and Lisa learnt to become “cold”, to avoid crying and showing any kind of emotions when they were in their father’s company, putting a distance between them and the parent, a self-discipline made possible only by the moments of happiness given to them by their grandfather. When Leonard was twelve, his grandpa died, and he resolved to leave his father’s house for good, taking any chance captaincoldcomics1possible: he decided to join a local criminal gang, and when his sister tried to come along, he told her to stay at home, since she was a great ice-skater and he didn’t want to ruin her future with the kind of life he had in mind for himself. He joined a gang of thieves, who wore as a trademark special glasses that protected them from the flash of gunfires: his small-time criminal career was meant to be short-lived, however, as Snart and his new “colleagues” got captured by the new hero of Central City, the Flash, who was patroling the streets near the building they were about to rob. Years of abuses had made Snart pretty vengeful, and he swore to take his revenge on the masked hero. While in prison, he read an article theorizing that the energy of a cyclotron (a kind of particle accelerator) could possibly interfere with Flash’s superspeed. Intrigued, Leonard started studying physics, specialising in kinetics. With his studies, he designed an experimental weapon he would have used against Flash: once out, he broke into a lab, and used a cyclotron to charge up his gun. Not even he had fully forseen the results of his experiment.

When he was about to leave the lab, a security guard appeared; intending to scare him with his gun, Snart accidentally pulled the trigger, and something unexpected happened: the air moisture around the guard froze solid, trapping the man in ice, a reaction that for Snart was barely hypotetical. Understanding that absolute zero would have stopped even the Fastest Man Alive, Snart decided to use the capabilities of his new weapon to become a supercriminal: in homage to his grandfather he donned a parka, as well as the glasses from his former gang, and he named himself Captain Cold. At first, Snart used his gun to try and make some money, robbing banks and actually managing to freeze even the Flash. Quite a romantic at heart, however, he also committed several crimes in the name of love: when he fell in love with Iris West (who he had met while in prison), he froze the entire Central City, putting everyone in suspended animation, and then declaring his neverending love to the girl (blackmailing her into marrying him in exchange of the city’s liberation); another time, he fell in love with a newscaster who was also the captaincoldcomics2woman another criminal, Heat Wave, had a crush on, and the two started competing with each other to conquer her; in both cases, Cold suffered a defeat at the ends of Flash. Realising he couldn’t beat his foe alone, Cold allied with other villains and formed the first Secret Society of Supervillains; he also founded his own team, the Rogues, a band of Flash-hating criminals who had to obey to a strict code of honor to be part of the team. Following Barry Allen‘s death, Captain Cold decided there was no reason to continue with his criminal activity (it was later revealed that he and other reformed villains had been tricked by Zatanna to change side), and after serving for a while in the Suicide Squad, he became a bounty hunter, partnered with his sister Liza, who had used her skating skills to become the villainous Golden Glider, thus taking her away from crime as well. The two also teamed up with the new Flash, Wally West, several times, but eventually they both came back to crime, since working honestly wasn’t profitable enough. Leader of the Rogues again, Captain Cold could come back to his favourite activity: to hunt the Flash.

Leonard Snart is a man born from adversity, who learnt to repress his emotions and always to think rationally; despite this, his heart is not always cold as he pretends it to be: he cried for the first time since he was a child when his beloved sister died, and he always has a soft spot for women. A criminal, a thief and occasionally a killer, Snart has nevertheless a personal moral code, which he forces everyone who works with him in the Rogues to follow: no drugs, no unnecessary violence, no harm to women and children, no killing but in kill-or-be-killed situations (and when he has to exact revenge, of course). As Captain Cold, he has designed a special weapon, the Cold Gun, able to harness the power of a cyclotron to reach the absolute zero, freezing anything (and anyone) hit by its ray. A peculiar criminal, sometimes even more honorable than some of the heroes, Captain Cold is also a vengeful man able to hold a grudge for years: brilliant, resourceful and charismatic, he’ll stop in front of anything to make the Flash pay his “debt”.



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