Bette Sans Souci (Plastique)

PlastiqueThe new episode of The FlashPlastique, will air next week instead of this one, but we got a brand new trailer showing us the girl giving her name to the episode: Plastique, portrayed by Kelly Frye. In the show, Bette Sans Souci (her civilian identity) will be a veteran of the Second Gulf War who gets superpowers from the S.T.A.R. Labs accident, and the ability to make everything she touches explode looks pretty intriguing to her commanding officer, General Wade Eiling; needless to say, she’ll try to escape his custody, and she’ll be helped by The Flash in doing it. Plastique already appeared in Smallville, portrayed this time by Jessica Parker Kennedy. Her powers were a little bit different, since she only needed to look at something to make it explode; after she gained her powers, she was abducted by LuthorCorp and used as a guinea pig, then she escaped also with the help of Clark Kent. We meet her again first as a member of the team hired by Tess Mercer to hunt down Doomsday, then as a new recruit of the Suicide Squad. Well, time to see who she is in the comics.

Very little is known about Bette Sans Souci’s early life. She was born in Quebec, and she grew up with the idea that French Canada should obtain independence from the rest of the nation. This idea didn’t stay a mere political position for long as, when she was still pretty young, she joined a group of extremists, men and women disposed to bomb key places in order to force the government to create a new country, free from both the English Canada and the influence of United States of America, believed to be exploiting Canada’s natural resources with a capitalistic economy and finance. Bette gave all herself to the terrorists’ cause, and accepted to go on a solo mission to plastiquecomics1the US when she grew in ranks enough. Her “superiors” assigned her to New York City, one of the main symbols of US: she was supposed to detonate a number of bombs in a significant place of the city, the New York Herald-Express, NY’s fourth bigger newspaper. She attached bombs to her clothes, and broke in the newsroom: she threatened everybody, declaring she would have made all the bombs explode if the Herald-Express wouldn’t have abandoned the paper mills built in Canada, industries that were destroying her country’s forests. Unfortunately, one thing NY is famous for are superheroes: Firestorm intervened and, in front of the hero, Bette decided she would have become a martyr to the cause and resolved to make the bombs explode before time, killing herself as well. Firestorm was quicker, and vaporized her clothes, leaving her naked and embarrassed, mocked by the entire editorial staff: while the police arrested the naked terrorist, Firestorm flew away with the bombs, in order to have them explode somewhere safer. The other terrorists, namely Le Flambeau, tried to break her out of prison, but Firestorm once again intervened, foiling their plan. Of course, they wouldn’t have surrendered this easily.

While she was in jail, Bette received a visit from her lawyer, who had in turn received a sample of an experimental serum from The Doctor, a mysterious man working for the terrorists. The scientist had been working on something called Project Bomb-Burst, and the serum was the result: after the girl was injected with it, she gained the power of making everything she touched explode on command… quite a useful skill for a bomber. She broke out, and allowed another prisoner, Killer Frost, to escape: with her new powers, she took up the name “Plastique”, and plastiquecomics2came back to her old habits. Along with Killer Frost, she tried to destroy a power plant on the Niagara Falls, making it blow up while her partner froze the falls. Unfortunately, also Firestorm was in a team-up mood, and while he dealt with Plastique, his friend Firehawk defeated Killer Frost. Defeated but not tamed, Plastique tried once again to bring on a terrorist attack, this time leading herself her team: she planned to kill both the US President and the Canadian Prime Minister, all the while blowing up the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, in a split operation that would have been much harder to foil. This time, it was up to Captain Atom to stop her and her designs, After being arrested, Bette was contacted in prison by Amanda Waller, a government agent who offered her to be part of the Suicide Squad: she would have participated to nearly suicidal missions on the US government’s account and, if she survived the experience, she would have earned a pardon from all her past crimes. It was too good an offer to refuse, and Plastique joined Waller and her reforming supervillains. It wasn’t much time, however, before she decided to betray the team, and to start a solo career as a mercenary: this “working-for-the-government” thing simply didn’t fit Plastique at all.

Bette Sans Souci is a woman with a cause, a determined idealist ready to risk everything to follow what she believes to be a righteous (albeit extreme) path. As Plastique, she has the unique ability to project explosive force from her body, thus making anything she enters in physical contact with explode at command; this power, summed to her extensive knowledge over demolitions and explosives, makes her the ultimate bomber, a one-woman wrecking crew. Despite quite a violent attitude, Bette also has some soft spot in her character, something that only a few people have ever seen, a fragile woman looking for something steady in her life. While looking for it, Plastique blows everything else up…



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