Anthony Woodward (Girder)

GirderWhile waiting for another episode of The Flash, we got another trailer showing us what we can expect from the future episodes. We also see one of the next recurring villains, who’ll appear in The Flash Is Born: Tony Woodward, portrayed by Greg Finley. We still don’t know exactly who Woodward will be in the show, but it’s pretty clear he won’t be friendly at all, at least not with The Flash; we get a glimpse of his powers, as we see him turning his skin into girded steel, much like Marvel’s Colossus. This makes him differ a bit from his comicbook counterpart, who has not the privilege of turning back to a “normal” human form, being trapped in his metal skin. Let’s see together!

Even in this case, we don’t know much of Anthony Woodward‘s early life. He was born in Central City from a poor family, and didn’t get to study much in his life. When he came of age, he found a job as a steelworker, working in a plant and building for himself a massive physique due to his toil. Tony didn’t get along too well with his co-workers, especially because of his really bad attitude and his violent tendencies; however, for most of the time, he was simply regarded as a grumpy loner who should be let be. Things escalated quickly the day Tony had the really bad idea of assaulting a female co-worker, something his colleagues refused to close an eye on: turned into an angry crowd, the steelworkers hunted Tony down, and when they caught him, they started lynching him. Eventually, unloading in a single time all the grudges they had against Woodward, they threw him into a barrel full of molten steel, killing him. Or, at least, they would have killed him if that was normal molten metal: the barrel girdercomics1contained the molten scraps coming from S.T.A.R. Labs, used for many unrelated experiments conducted in there. The unique mix didn’t kill Tony, on the opposite, it strenghtened him, giving him a brand new metal-made body. Tony, now naming himself Girder, found out at least two major flaws in his newfound powers: first, from an aesthetic point of view, his body looked like it was built from random scraps found in a dump; second, and most important, the metal body started to rust the moment it came in contact with oxygen. Believing it would have been alright if he just kept moving, Girder decided to use his powers to obtain what he never had from life, first of all money, and went for a robbery. Unfortunately, he wasn’t used to his new body yet, so he got easily arrested by some random police agent. Being a metahuman nevertheless, Girder was sent to Iron Heights, the maximum security prison outside Keystone City.

In prison, Girder met Amunet Black, better known as Blacksmith, a villainess who was recruiting gifted criminals to join her Rogues. Seeing in the woman a chance to get out of prison, Tony joined her, teaming up with many enemies of The Flash and battling the hero with them. Among the Rogues there was another woman, Frances Kane, a metahuman known as Magenta with magnetic powers: she used her abilities to eliminate the rust from Girder’s body, an attention that Tony, as always, misinterpreted. From that moment, he started feeling “an attraction” to Magenta (an annoying pun on her being a human magnet and him being an iron-man), and started harassing her repeatedly. His advances arrived to a point in which the mentally-unstable Magenta couldn’t stand him anymore, and when Tony tried yet another approach to girdercomics2her, she ripped him in half without even thinking about it, leaving him torn apart on the ground. The police found Girder’s both halves rusted and immobilized and, after having him welded together once again, they brought him back to Iron Heights. Hopefully enough, the villain had learnt not to challenge women’s patience anymore…but that was unlikely. Girder came back as a part of the Rogues, this time led by Captain Cold, but when Cold started a fight with The Top, Girder was one of the villains brainwashed by the hypnotist, and forced to fight his teammates. Everything ended when Cold killed The Top, but Girder was arrested once again as a result of the battle. Because of his continuous going in and out of prison, Girder was selected by the US Government and the Checkmate as one of the villains to be sent on Cygnus 4019, aka Planet Salvation, a permanent prison for metahumans exiled on the remote planet with only one choice: either to reform, or to die on a hostile alien world. Girder however found his place in the ensuing battle between imprisoned supervillains and the Parademons inhabiting the planet, and managed to come back to Earth with the other survivors to wreak havoc again…starting from another imprisonment in Iron Heights.

Tony Woodward is a vulgar and unpleasant man, a coarse guy who’s barely able to think at all, with more than a problem in his relations with the opposite sex. As Girder, he possesses an extremely resilient body which gives him superhuman strength and durability…even if it tends to rust, sometimes arriving to block him entirely. Gross and violent, Girder chose the perfect life for himself, spending more time in Iron Heights prison than outside of it, seldomly battling this or that hero to avoid boredome.



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