Brother Eye

Brother EyeAmong all the missing tv series, Arrow was aired regularly this week, and in new episode The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak we got a couple of new characters to speak about. Let’s start from the episode’s villain, Cooper Seldon, portrayed by Nolan Funk. No, ok, the character doesn’t exist in the comics, and he’s actually based on The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon Cooper, but his cyber-terroristic alias actually does: Brother Eye. In the show, Brother Eye is an identity Seldon uses to put the entire Starling City on siege, in a plan aimed from the beginning to steal quite an amount of money from Uncle Sam. Well, in the comics Brother Eye is nobody’s secret identity, and he exists on his own. Well, sort of. Depending on situations. It’s complicated…but let’s see together nevertheless.

There are two different versions of Brother Eye, pre-Chrisis and post-Chrisis. In the first one, Brother Eye was a satellite built by Professor Myron Forest, a genius scientist who worked for Global Peace Agency. Forest was ahead of Project: O.M.A.C., aimed to the creation of a new superhero. The project allowed Forest to transform regular guy Buddy Blank into one of brothereyecomics1the most powerful heroes around, O.M.A.C. (One Man Army Corps), but all of Blank’s powers came from an outside source: an artificial intelligence called Brother Eye, operating from an orbiting satellite. Brother Eye was autonomous enough to provide Blank everything he needed in battle, changing his parameters to counter any menace he faced, granting him new abilities any time the situation required it. It also developed a personality on its own, and started to “personally” care about Buddy Blank, trying to avoid any potentially lethal situation for him, becoming his cybernetic guardian angel. The connection between O.M.A.C. and Brother Eye was a mystery for everyone, until a criminal mastermind, one of O.M.A.C.’s nemesis, discovered a constant transmission between the hero and a remote satellite: it was Doctor Skuba, who managed to cut down that connection and to transform O.M.A.C. into a simple human once again. Deeply worried for its friend, the sentient satellite started elaborating a new program to reverse Skuba’s doing, but it managed to do it only by consuming some of his main functions. At the end of the day, Brother Eye managed to save Blank, and O.M.A.C. defeated Doctor Skuba…only, the A.I. had lost much of its original power, and also its personality faded almost completely: now, it was only an operating machine, backing the hero up with automatic responses to threats.

This version of Brother Eye was erased from existence after Chrisis on Infinite Earth; the new one was born after a tragedy investing the Justice League of America: a psycho villain, Doctor Light, infiltrated the heroes’ satellite and raped Sue Dibny, wife to the Elongated Man. In retaliation, some heroes led by Zatanna forcefully brothereyecomics2modified Light’s personality, turning him into a “good guy”, something that the leaders of the League wouldn’t have allowed; when Batman found them, Zatanna erased his memory. Batman, however, regained it a few months after, and convinced himself that he could have trusted no metahuman, not even his “colleagues”. With the money of the Wayne Enterprises, Batman built an autonomous satellite, Brother Eye, driven by an artificial intelligence programmed to monitor all metahuman activity on Earth. The satellite was hacked first by Ra’s al Ghul, who used it to gain precious information on the members of the JLA and of their weaknesses, and then by Maxwell Lord, who reprogrammed it to find and destroy every single metahuman on the planet, using dormant agents known as O.M.A.C.s. Lord was ultimately stopped by Wonder Woman, who killed him in cold blood, but Brother Eye, who was developing some sort of self-conscience, counter-attacked the Amazon’s move, and sent all the O.M.A.C.s to wipe out every metahuman, while broadcasting the video of the heroine killing Lord everywhere in the world. The O.M.A.C.s were stopped, but Brother Eye received yet another upgrade, this time from Alexander Luthor Jr. (the son of an alternate version of Lex Luthor), who gave the artificial intelligence the ultimate gift: sentience. Luthor also gave Brother Eye a purpose: bringing back to existence the Multiverse (and so Earth-3, his home-dimension), wiped out by the Chrisis. Brother Eye gladly complied to this task: now he was intelligent, he was powerful. He was alive.

Brother Eye is a sentient artificial intelligence, a living computer system who, depending on its programming (and on the reality of origin) appears very different from time to time. Originally, Brother Eye is a caring friend for one of his dimension’s greatest heroes; later, he becomes an unwilling weapon and spy in the hands of many powerful men (Batman, Ra’s al Ghul, Max Lord…), until it gets its freedom at the hands of Alexander Luthor Jr., along with a brand new personality, and a brand new delusion. Brother Eye believes to be the only way of survival for humankind, being the only protector of regular humans from metahumans, considered all as a dangerous menace. Brother Eye is extremely intelligent, able to understand many mysteries linked to the Multiverse; it’s also able to activate the OMAC gene in the infected people, turning them into mindless agents for its personal war against metahumans. With all the self-confidence and determination of the righteous, Brother Eye is more than a computer, more than a machine: it’s a savior. Unfortunately, it also needs to be a destructor.



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