Carrie Cutter (Cupid)

Cupid“I’m Cupid, stupid!” and the magic begins. Or at least, she’d like to. In tonight’s episode of Arrow, Guilty, we’ll see another villain(ess) make her official debut: Cupid of course, portrayed by Amy Gumenick. In the show, she’ll appear as a deranged fangirl of The Arrow, who starts stalking her hero and actually challenging him in archery. Yes, another archer: apparently, they don’t have any other hobby in Starling City. Anyway, she’ll be perfectly recognizable from her heart-shaped arrows, and of course her love messages towards her beloved vigilante. This marks the first live action appearance of one of the funniest villainess/anti-heroines in the comics, and she looks to be pretty much the same… apart from the fact that on page she’s not an archer. Luckily. Let’s see together.

Carrie Cutter was born in Star City, and when she came of age she joined the US Army, becoming an extremely skilled and trained soldier. During her time in the army she met the man who would have later become her husband, Bill “Ross” Hartnell, who she deeply fell in love with. Despite sharing most of her time with him, the two had to part the moment Carrie’s skills had her promoted to special operations soldier, getting secret assignments her husband didn’t take part in. Once, in Georgia, Carrie went through a series of disturbing missions that cupidcomics1mined her mental health; following these events, she only wanted to forget what she had done for her country, so she volunteered to be a part of a military project led by the organization Cobalt, that promised her to erase much of her recent memory. The project was aimed to make her the perfect soldier, with enhanced physical abilities and the absolute incapability of feeling fear. Unfortunately, messing with the woman’s emotions also had some interesting side-effects: it erased the woman’s fear, but it heightened her other emotions, making her lose it all especially when she fell in love. When she recovered to her senses following Cobalt’s intervention, she started demanding to see her husband, something that the scientists couldn’t allow, not yet, since they had to monitor the results of their experiment. Believing she would have stopped asking for Bill, the scientists told Carrie her husband had abandoned her and didn’t want to see her again, but they tragically underestimated the woman’s newfound instability: distraught at the news, Carrie broke free of her containment and killed all the scientists, disappearing for a while. She spent some years mourning her lost love every day like it was the day she received the news, her emotions going wild in her mind. Finally, she discovered Ross was alive and well, still in Star City. Love turned into rage, and she came back to the United States, eager to settle things with her “beloved”.

Carrie easily broke into Bill’s apartment, and attacked him: in that very moment, Green Arrow was patrolling the city, and he saw from the window what seemed to be a man beating his wife. To help the woman, he shot an arrow to the “aggressor”, thus allowing Carrie to finish her job. The arrow she retrieved started a brand new obsession, and she desperately fell in love with the hero. She followed Green Arrow and assisted to a battle of his, and when he was gone, she picked up an cupidcomics2arrow from the ground, carving on her chest a heart pierced by an arrow, a celebration of her new love. Then, Carrie created the masked identity of Cupid, a deadly vigilante who wanted to get Arrow’s attentions and to declare her love for him. First of all, she got a new haircut to impress her “future lover”, but she eventually pulled the hairdresser’s eyes out when the job was done, since she believed it was so perfect she didn’t want anyone else to have it. She then started hunting down some of Green Arrow’s long-time enemies, killing them one by one: she murdered Death DealerBig GameSlingshot and Vengeance, all in the attempt of getting Arrow’s attention. She on the opposite attracted the interest of the crime boss Brick, who had her followed: Cupid easily dispatched of the lackey, but the bulletproof Brick seemed to be too much for her guns. Cupid, however, proved to be pretty resourceful, as she used a wrecking ball to hit the villain: at the end of the fight, even Brick was killed, but there was no sign of Green Arrow. Believing she had to aim higher, Cupid kidnapped Merlyn from the police cell he was held into, and had Green Arrow follow her to Star City Museum. She wanted to exploit the new, darker methods of Arrow, and to drag him to “the dark side” with her: she wanted him to kill his nemesis, going beyond the edge and (in her dreams) leaving his wife Black Canary and riding towards the sunset with her instead. Green Arrow this time arrived, but he refused to follow Cupid in her madness and to kill Merlyn. Disappointed, Cupid left, covered by an explosion. But what was a little let-down compared to the greatness of true love?

Carrie Cutter is, to say the least, a deeply disturbed individual, with quite an emotional problem and more than an anger issue. Every time she falls in love, it’s totally and forever, and everything exists for favoring her love or for impeding it. As Cupid, she’s an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant and a nearly infallible shooter, an inventive she-warrior who’s able to exploit to her advantage any battle-ground. Deranged and desperately in love, Cupid will do anything to make Green Arrow return her passion… or to kill him if he refuses her.



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  2. […] plans for him: injected with nanites, he was later released, and found by another dangerous psycho, Cupid. Obsessed by Green Arrow, Cupid eventually settled for the duplicate, who came to call himself Dark […]

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