Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla GroddIn The Flash episode Plastique we got a sweet easter egg at the very end: when the mysterious Dr. Harrison Wells recalls his previous collaboration with General Wade Eiling, we see him quarrelling with the military over unuseful cruelties over some guinea pig. The guinea pig in question happens to be a huge gorilla, who’s saved by Wells’ intervention…unfortunately the good doctor declares he has some “other plan” in mind for him, with a nasty smile on his face. The gorilla is Grodd, and we know from the first episode that he escaped from his cage during the explosion of the particle accelerator, leaving behind just destroyed iron bars. Grodd is actually one of the cruelest villains ever in DC Comics, and it’s positive we’ll see more of him during the series…unfortunately for poor Barry Allen. Let’s see together who this ape is.

Grodd started out as a normal gorilla, living somewhere in the central part of Africa. In the jungle he lived in, however, a meteor crashed (in other versions, it was an alien spaceship, whose occupier decided to experiment on the local fauna forcing its evolution): the rock emitted powerful radiations that modified the gorillas gorillagroddcomics1at a genetical level, making them skip some evolutional states and transforming them into super-apes; the gorillas were now extremely intelligent, and some of them disposed of psychic powers. One of them, in particular, was capable of mind-controlling others: it was Solovar, a wise and peaceful ape that would have become the leader of the new comunity. Under Solovar’s guidance, the apes founded Gorilla City, an utopia hidden by the mountains and by the king’s mind powers in which every gorilla lived in peace and armony…everyone but Grodd, who was extremely intelligent and ambitious, and wanted to take Solovar’s place and fiancée, Boka. Grodd planned to overthrow Solovar, and tried to guide some human explorers to the city, thus exposing the king’s incapability of protecting them. Solovar, however, got out of the city and let himself being captured by the humans, thus protecting the city. Grodd offered himself for a “rescue” mission, but in fact he wanted to kill Solovar and to extert from him the secret of his telepathic powers. Solovar had been brought to a zoo in Central City, and Grodd found him in a cage: he tricked him to reveal the secret of his powers, and gained them as well. When he was about to kill his rival, however, he was confronted by The Flash, the city’s superhero: the two clashed, and Grodd was defeated, thus having his plan of leading his people to the conquer of the world foiled. The Flash freed Solovar and returned him to Gorilla City, while Gorilla Grodd was captured and imprisoned.

Grodd escaped his imprisonment soon after, thanks to his newfound powers, and came back to Gorilla City. Grodd arrived just in time for the marriage of Solovar with Boka, and he was ready and willing to ruin the ceremony: during his time in prison, Grodd had developed a machine that amplified his powers and that made him emanate neo-gorillagroddcomics2magnetic radiation, that made everybody around him like him…Boka included. Solovar was imprisoned following Grodd’s orders, while the villainous gorilla was appointed the new king, and married Boka instead of his rival. He had finally conquered Gorilla City, but he wanted more: remembering the human that had humiliated him, he moved war to the outside world, and marched on Central City. The radiation made every human, The Flash included, adore him, and Grodd was given the keys of the city upon his arrival: learning about humans’ laws, Grodd decided to run to become Governor, planning to become President after that. Unfortunately, Flash was a scientist as well, and had discovered that solar flare radiation countered and nullified Grodd’s machine perfectly: he had his body vibrate at the same frequence as the inteded radiation, and canceled the effects of the gorilla’s mind control. Grodd was easily exposed and defeated, and brought back in chains in Gorilla City. His powers, however, were rapidly evolving, and the more powerful he became, the more brutal and greedy he got: the world hadn’t seen anything of Gorilla Grodd yet, and he was more than eager to show who the real king of Gorilla City was…and, after that, of the entire world, of course.

Gorilla Grodd is an incredibly intelligent and cruel ape: with a genius level intellect, he’d be more than able to contribute to Gorilla City’s development, but he rather prefers to constantly study plans to conquer it, always in competition with the wise Solovar. Being a gorilla, Grodd is far stronger and more durable than a human being, and his body is further strenghtened by his mind powers; after getting from Solovar the secret to unlock the area of his brain controlling mind powers, Grodd is able to control the minds of others, to project illusions, to shoot powerful telekinetical blasts, even to transfer his mind from a body to another. Violent and brutal, moved by a feral intelligence and by a boundless ambition, Gorilla Grodd is a threat to both humans and apes, a force for evil like a few others on the planet.



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