Ti Asha Ra

Ti AshaLet’s take a little break from tv shows: Guardians of the Galaxy has been released in home video, and this means deleted scenes! In one of them we meet a character who’s been cut off the final version (albeit she appears as a background actress during Gamora‘s attempt to steal The Orb). When Peter Quill comes back to Xandar, a furious Bereet (the girl he forgot was on the ship) leaves him in anger…and a few seconds later Quill is already hitting on another one, this time blue-skinned and with a beautiful black mane. She’s Ti Asha, portrayed by Simara Dixon. And yes, she’s from the comics…although her appearance has been radically modified (sincerely, she looks much better in the movie). Let’s see together.

Ti Asha Ra was born on Korbin, a distant planet extremely hot, whose population, the Korbinites, were a peaceful yet powerful race. Most of the Korbinites got killed when Surtur, ruler of Muspelheim, started a cosmic cataclism that wiped out the entire galaxy, destroying Korbin in the process. Ti Asha and a few other survivors started traveling the galaxy with a fleet protected by Beta Ray Bill, a super-Korbinite who wielded the mighty mystic hammer Mjolnir (previously property of Thor) and used it to guard his scattered people. Finally, the Korbinites found a new world to inhabit, one in which they could settle, giving up with all the wandering. The Korbinites proved to be a very unlucky people, since some year later Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, chose New Korbin as his next snack, annihilating the tiashacomics1entire species (with the only exception of Beta Ray Bill, who was in space at the time). Ti Asha died, but this wasn’t the end for her. A vengeful Beta Ray Bill decided to kill Galactus in revenge, and since he could not match the Devourer’s power, he started following him, destroying any planet he was about to feed upon before he could reach it. This tactics of starving Galactus proved to be effective, and the Devourer started dying…until Silver Surfer, one of his former heralds, intervened, convincing Bill that his former master was a part of the cosmic balance, and that his death would have proved catastrophical for the entire universe. Bill decided to spare the Devourer’s life, and a grateful Galactus rewarded him with a gift: he created a new body for a female Korbinite, and infused it with the essence of one of the casualties on New Korbin, recreating a mate for Bill. Ti Asha Ra was reborn.

Beta Ray Bill rejoiced realising he wasn’t alone anymore, and now that there was a female Korbinite the species could have been reborn. Ti Asha, on her side, realised some other things: first of all, she felt quite a lot of pressure about the “repopulation thing”, feeling compelled to stay with Bill for a “greater cause”; second, she didn’t like Bill. At all. Only, she didn’t know how to tell him. She however decided to follow Bill on his sentient ship, the Skuttlebutt, hoping she would have learnt to love the hero spending some time with him. The two together traveled the galaxy, until the ship fell “ill”, infected by an alien bio-mechanical virus: wanting to protect its passengers, the ship crashed onto the Avengers Deep Space Monitoring Station, a satelitte belonging to Beta Ray Bill’s friends from Earth, and expelled both Bill and Ti Asha. Hoping to meet his Asgardian friend Thor, Bill entered the satellite, but found another Asgardian in his place: his ex-girlfriend Lady Sif, who was tiashacomics2on the Station looking for Tony Stark, since she needed his help to cure Gaea, one of the three All-Mothers. The situation was pretty awkward, but luckily enough (for the Korbinite girl, at least) Ti Asha and Sif soon became friends, and the Asgardian lady gave Ti Asha many useful advices on her relation with Bill. Eventually, Beta Ray Bill and Sif together managed to destroy the alien virus, but only after it had infected Ti Asha as well, since it belonged to a parasitic species seeking to assimilate any form of life in the universe. Saved, Ti Asha started looking at Bill under a new light, and Sif wished for the two of them all the best as she parted with Gaea. Maybe Ti Asha wasn’t sure she wanted to spend her entire life with Beta Ray Bill, but she was starting to like him, and they had an entire universe to explore together to know each other better.

Ti Asha Ra is a perfectly normal girl (at least for an alien), who found herself in the middle of an absolutely not normal situation. Young and unexperienced, she suffers for the loss of her people, but she’s more afraid of being obliged to marry the only other Korbinite in the universe, Beta Ray Bill, whom he doesn’t feel any particular attraction to at first. Lost in a universe she doesn’t fully understand anymore, Ti Asha must trust the only existing being similar to her, who happens to be Bill…


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