George Harkness (Captain Boomerang)

Captain BoomerangWhen we thought this week’s episode of Arrow couldn’t tell us anything more, at the very end we meet a character who we can expect some pretty funny stuff from. In the epilogue of Draw Back Your Bow, in fact, we see a man chasing another one, who tries to confront him but is killed by a peculiar weapon: a boomerang. This identifies the aggressor as a famous villain from the comics, here making his live action debut: Digger Harkness, portrayed by Nick E. Taraby. As for now, we know we’ll see Harkness for at least a couple of episodes, but it’s possible he’ll be more of a recurring role during the season…at least we hope so, it could be very funny to see him kicking some archer’s butt for a change. Now, let’s see together who Digger Harkness is in the comics.

George Harkness was born in Australia, in a small town called Kurrumburra. He was the illegitimate son of a rich American toymaker, W. W. Wiggins, and an Australian woman, Betty Harkness; since Wiggins didn’t recognize him, George (nicknamed “Digger”) was raised by his mother and her legal husband, Ian Harkness, who hated the boy fully realising who his true father was. Living in extreme poverty and constantly beaten by his stepfather, George didn’t have anything good in his life, until his biological father decided to make a little present to his bastard and sent to him an anonimous package containing the latest product of his company, a toy-boomerang captainboomerangcomics1which the boy immediately loved. With time, George developed a natural skill with the ancient aborigine weapon, albeit he mostly used it for cruel pranks along with his best buddy Mick Wentworth. Eventually, things went awfully wrong, and pranks became small crimes, until George robbed a general store (always using the boomerang, of course). Ian decided this was the last drop, and kicked his “son” out of his house, declaring that living on his own would have helped him “straighting up”; Betty, however, was of another opinion, and couldn’t accept her son to live alone: she secretly bought him a plane ticket for the United States, and told him to go to Central City and look for his father. George did as he was told, and found out Wiggins was looking for somebody able to act as a spokesman for his new line of toy-boomerangs (yup, again): under the false name George Green, George auditioned and obtained the job. Wiggins liked his style, gave him a fancy costume and nicknamed him Captain Boomerang, the new hero of kids…unfortunately, George had other ideas.

Harkness used his identity of Captain Boomerang to rob a jewlery store: obviously, The Flash arrived right on time to identify the criminal, but when he confronted Harkness he claimed somebody had impersonated him using his costume and equipment (he also paid a couple of actors to pretend they were his poor, dependant parents…): the hero was tricked, and Boomerang could continue his criminal spree. When Flash finally fought the robber, he unexpectedly got knocked out by his modified boomerangs, even trying to send the hero to the outer space (!). The captainboomerangcomics2Scarlet Speedster eventually defeated him and had him imprisoned. After his first experience in jail, Harkness visited all prisons in Missouri, and hid in everyone of them a special invisible boomerang, which materialized only in response to his brainwaves: this way, everytime The Flash captured him, Captain Boomerang was able to escape, with nobody able to understand how he could craft a new boomerang with no material at disposal. His talents didn’t go unnoticed, and when Amanda Waller started recruiting her new Suicide Squad, Harkness was among the villains who were promised freedom and pardon in exchange of their services. After an almost suicidal mission, Captain Boomerang and Deadshot managed to kill the monstrous Brimstone and to complete the mission, and thanks to Rick Flag‘s intervention Waller kept her word and released the villains. The experience didn’t seem to have taught Harkness much, and he started another spree moving in New York City (this time, he was stopped by the combined effort of Changeling and the third Flash): nothing could make Captain Boomerang walk the line for too long…

George “Digger” Harkness is essentially a sociopath, a man with no natural conception of good and evil, of right and wrong, simply allergic to any kind of rule or law. Depending on his momentary interest, he can act on the good or (preferably) on the bad side, and everytime he tries to have fun while doing it. As Captain Boomerang, he’s the most accomplished living master with the boomerang, which he can use in an extremely proficient and even lethal way; he builds and owns a variety of Trick Boomerangs, which include Razor Boomerangs, able to cut through anything, Explosive Boomerangs, and even a space-launching Rocket Boomerang. With no regard towards human life at all and an egocentrical view on the world, Captain Boomerang is a mercenary, a thief, a rapist, a murderer, an anti-hero, a robber, an assassin for hire, a government agent: whatever he is from time to time, however, he’s always extremely dangerous.



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