Mick Rory (Heat Wave)

Heat WaveLast time we saw Captain Cold in The Flash, he was talking to a friend of his at the end of Going Rogue, and he was giving him both the Heat Gun he had retrieved from S.T.A.R. Labs and an offer of alliance. The friend in question is Mick Rory, and he’ll be portrayed by Dominic Purcell in the second half of the season: in the latest trailer, we finally got a proper look at him (in the aforementioned episodes we could only see his hands). In the show, he’ll ally himself with Cold and will form the Rogues, setting up quite a threat for The Flash: this is consistent with his comicbook origins, since, despite being also a villain often acting on his own, he’s best known for being Captain Cold’s friend and ally in most incarnations of his team. Anyway, let’s see together who this upcoming villain is.

Mick Rory was born in a farm outside Central City, and was apparently a normal child living with his parents. Since his first childhood, however, Rory developed an obsessive fascination with fire, and he could spent hours simply staring at a lit candle or even matches. One night, he decided he wanted to see a bigger fire, and set his home ablaze: when the fire enveloped the entire house, Mick didn’t even ran for help, he simply stood in front of his farm, watching as it burnt to ashes, with his parents screaming in agony from inside the house. Everybody thought of an accident, and Mick was entrusted to his uncle’s care. He attended school, but he was often mocked by his classmates because of his habit of always wearing winter clothes, heatwavecomics1even indoors (Mick was always cold); a local bully, during a field trip, decided to play him a prank, and locked him in a meat locker. From that moment, Mick always felt an intense fear of cold temperatures (it’s called cryophobia). The kid however managed to escape: he tracked the classmate to his house, locked him inside, and then set the entire house on fire. Obviously, the event forced Mick to flee from home, and as in the best stories he joined a circus, starting to work as a fire eater. In the circus, Mick could finally be himself, and was truly happy; despite he believed to have his obsession under control, however, his pyromania proved to be stronger than his willpower, and he ended up setting even the circus ablaze. Painfully, Mick Rory realized that he could live no normal life, not with his obsession. Inspired by the Rogues, a team of supervillains operating in Central City initially formed by Captain Cold and the Trickster only, Mick Rory decided he would have channeled his obsession in a lucrative way, and became a supervillain: he made an asbestos costume, and built a small yet powerful flamethrower, becoming a flaming robber. Heat Wave was born.

Heat Wave started to be renowned for his robberies, especially because he always left only a mount of ashes behind. He met the one who would have become his friend and ally for the first time as a rival: Mick had a crush on a heatwavecomics2newscaster, but it turned out also another renowned criminal, Captain Cold, was trying to hit on her as well; the two entered a not-so-friendly competition to win her attentions, challenging each other in a series of spectacular robberies. None of them managed to win the love of the journalist, since both of them ended up being captured by The Flash, but they formed a strange kind of mutual respect (even if, during the fight with Flash, they battled more one with the other than with the hero). Despite his aversion for cold temperatures, Heat Wave ended up allying with Captain Cold, and he accepted his offer to become part of the Rogues. Alone or with the rest of the team, Heat Wave always ended up being caught by The Flash, so he developed a certain grudge against the hero. His greatest (albeit short-lived) victory against his nemesis was probably when he modified The Flash’s costume, so that whenever the hero ran, he left burning flames on his trail, thus forcing him to “slow down”; eventually, however, Flash foiled this plan as well. When The Top started hypnotizing other villains forcing them to reform, Heat Wave was among them, and he was turned to the good side: he got a job as a consultant for the firemen, using his extensive knowledge over pyromania and arson to help the law. He even discovered that Barry Allen was actually The Flash, and befriended him. This not-so-spontaneous conversion, however, was short-lived, and Mick eventually came back to his old habits, overwhelmed by the urge of burning something and tempted by the offers of his former teammates from the Rogues Abra Kadabra. It was time to heat Central City up again.

Mick Rory is a tormented man, whose pathological fascination with fire prevents him from having something even slightly resembling a normal life. Rory lives to burn things, and despite his many efforts of becoming a good guy, he just cannot forget his first love. As Heat Wave, he doesn’t possess any superhuman power, but his suite (at first he had one made of asbestos, later, when the dangers of the material became known, he had the Crime Taylor make a new one for him) allows him to walk unarmed even in environments at extremely high temperatures; his signature weapon, the Heat Gun, is not only a simple flamethrower, it’s an experimental gun able to emit flames at extreme temperature, but also to increase the temperature of a certain area, to incinerate determined targets, to create localized “firestorms”, everything without using fuel tanks. Unstable and lethal, Heat Wave is a menace for everyone, first of all for himself.



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