Roy G. Bivolo (Rainbow Raider)

Rainbow RaiderThis week on The Flash we enjoyed the first part of the crossover with Arrow in the episode Flash vs Arrow. To celebrate the occasion, the show introduced a brand new villain, another metahuman called Roy G. Bivolo, portrayed by Paul Anthony. Bivolo is able to control people’s emotion through the color spectrum, albeit he only uses “red” for “rage” during the episode (thus putting The Flash against The Arrow, in addition to having half Central City try to kill the other half while he stole money from bank vaults). His comicbook counterpart is referenced more than once: in his apartment, for example, we see many b/w paintings, a clue to both his color-blindness and his passion for art; when Cisco Ramon decides to name him Prism, at the end of the episode, Caitlin Snow remarks she preferred Rainbow Raider as a name…and that’s exactly his name in the comics. Let’s see together.

Born in Central City, Roy G. Bivolo was the son of a famous optometrist. Since childhood, Roy developed a great passion for art, passion which he added an unborn talent to. Painting soon became Roy’s reason for living, and while all the other children spent time playing sports or watching tv, he spent hours in front of his canvas, nurturing his skills. Unfortunately, Roy was also born with a serious daltonism, and he couldn’t perceive any color at all; his lines rainbowraidercomics1and style were flawless, his sense of space and dimensions unmatched, but his combination of colors was simply awful, since he didn’t know them. Roy’s parents wanted to help their son, and presented his works to some experts they knew, but everytime it was the same old story: potentially a great painter, but cursed with a visual flaw that prevented him to truly accomplish anything. Roy got increasingly sadder because of this, and his father swore to him that he would have found a remedy to his condition, even if it took a lifetime. A genius in optical technology, Roy’s father started working on experimental eye-glasses able to compensate for his son’s defective sight, but he eventually fell mortally ill. Roy received by his father, who was on his deathbed, the incomplete prototype of the glasses: unfortunately, they weren’t able to send signals to the brain so that it could perceive colors, but they did the exact opposite, projecting colors on the outside as a beam of colorful light. In the meanwhile, Roy’s artistic career didn’t make any progress, quite the opposite, his art was still despised by the critics. The young man’s frustration soon became rage, and his father’s goggles gave him just the tool he needed to unload it.

Soon, Roy Bivolo found out that the color beam his goggles emitted could assume the density he wanted, thus allowing him to create solid objects made of solidified light; since the color spectrum affected people’s brain as well, Roy was able to manipulate human emotions, obtaining some sort of mind control. Believing that if world could not rainbowraidercomics2apreciate his art, it would have not apreciated anyone else’s one, Roy Bivolo became the Rainbow Raider, a super thief specialised in raiding art galleries. Living and operating in Central City, it was only a matter of time before Rainbow Raider clashed with The Flash, but he was defeated. Rainbow Raider managed to escape, and allied himself with Shade for another ambitious and revengeful plan: if his art was despised because he couldn’t see colors, he would have taken them away from Central City. He built a color-draining machine using his goggles’ technology, but Flash intervened once again, arresting both him and Shade. Rainbow Raider ended up being imprisoned in Belle Rive, where he helped organizing a massive riot: the entire Justice League of America intervened, and Roy saw this as an opportunity to become a premier league villain. During the riot, he attacked Kyle Rainer, cornering him with his powers…unfortunately, the angel Zauriel intervened, and knocked him out with a single punch. Roy didn’t get discouraged, and escaped from prison forming an alliance with the duplicating villain Doctor Double X: along with him, Rainbow Raider tried to take on both The Flash and Batman, but the pair got defeated and arrested once again. Nothing, however, could resist his emotional powers, and Rainbow Raider was soon out to exact his revenge.

Roy Bivolo is a sensitive and talented artist, enbittered by the continuous failures caused by his color-blindness. Proud and vindictive, Roy believes he’s just repaying the world for all the injustice he had to suffer. As Rainbow Raider, he’s able to create with his goggles (for a limited time, he was able to use his powers without them because of an accident with his machines) any color belonging to the light spectrum, giving it the density he prefers: he can form solid objects made of consolidated light, included the infamous Rainbow Bridge he uses to “walk in the air”; using his Prisma-Beam he’s also able to manipulate people’s emotions, depending on the color he uses on them (blue for depression, red for rage etc.). Using a variety of color-based weapons and machinery, Rainbow Raider won’t stop until the whole world recognizes his talent…and that could take quite a long time.



  1. Will he use more than red on Arrow?

    • I hope so, but nothing’s sure for now. At least, he’s in the S.T.A.R. Labs prison, so there’s a chance he’ll appear again sooner or later.

  2. Ah he’ll be back. :3 they arn’t done building the Rouges yet. Still got the Top, Mirror Master, Trickster, and, while I know the original one died in episode one, the Weather Wizard.

    • The Trickster will soon appear (portrayed by Mark Hamill!!), but also the original Weather Wizard will be in the team from episode 16 portayed by Liam McIntyre (time travel may be involved…)

      • Yay!

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