Sandra Hawke (Moonday)

Sandra HawkeThis was quite a surprise: at the end of The Flash episode Flash vs Arrow, just before leaving Central City the ex-billionaire Oliver Queen meets a girl from his past, one who he had an affair with. She already appeared in Arrow in the episode Seeing Red, always portrayed by Anna Hopkins, but she was unnamed: she was the girl Oliver got pregnant, and that Moira paid 2 milion dollars to pretend she had lost her baby and to move to Central City never to look for her son ever again. This time, she’s credited as Sandra, and her baby is proved to be more than alive, since she speaks to him on the phone. Knowing this, we have more than enough clues to identify her: she’s Sandra Hawke, mother to an illegitimate son that becomes pretty famous in the comics. Let’s see together.

Sandra Hawke was born somewhere in Idaho: her parents were Nathan Hakwe, a veteran from the Korea War, and a Korean woman he had met during the war and who he had brought along to the United States. Sandra grew up in a very conservative enviroment, with his father totally dedicated to his new life (he had a farm, in which he grew potatoes and bred cattles); with age, she started to become pretty sandrahawkecomics1allergic to the kind of life thought for her by her father, and when she was little less than twenty years old she decided to leave, running from home. Traveling the country, she met a group of hippies, and she found herself admiring their freedom and their open-mindedness, the exact opposite of the domestic, cultural and social environment she was coming from. Eventually, Sandra chose to stay with them, and took for herself the name Moonday (the name her mother called her with), burying Sandra Hawke in her past along with a life and a future she didn’t want anymore. During her time with the hippies, she enjoyed pure freedom and met a lot of interesting people. Also, she fell in love: during her wanderings, she met a charming college student, Oliver Queen, a rich boy from Star City. Ollie wasn’t exactly a knight in a shining armor, and he soon got tired of her after they spent some nights together. Moonday, however, found out that her affair with Oliver had not been without consequence: she was pregnant, and she wanted her son’s father to be with them.

Sandra quit with Moonday, and came back to her former identity. She tracked back Ollie, and informed him of her pregnancy, but Queen didn’t believe he was the father, and refused to recognize his unborn son. He just thought that, as many others before her, Sandra wanted money from him, and he offered her a tidy sum to convince her to let him be. Sandra refused the money and left, quite saddened by Ollie’s behavior. A few days after, sandrahawkecomics2Oliver Queen was reported to be dead in an accident at sea, and Sandra realised she would have really been alone in growing her son up, but she decided to keep him anyway. After nine months she gave birth to Connor, the illegitimate son of Oliver Queen. Unexpectedly, it was Ollie himself who came to pay a visit to her in the hospital: he had survived the accident and he had come back to Star City. He took his son in his arms for the first time, but still he didn’t believe Connor was truly his: still believing Sandra was just trying to get some money from him, he opened a bank account for her and the baby, making sure they would have never lacked anything. After that, he left the hospital, and his not-recognized-family as well. Despite Oliver’s money, obviously, raising Connor proved to be anything but easy, both because Sandra had some difficulties finding a job and because of the bullying Connor had to suffer at school because of his mixed heritage (part Afro-American, part Korean, part Caucasian). Eventually, Sandra decided to tell her son the truth about his father, allowing him to go looking for him: this way, she unwillingly put in motion the events that would have led Connor Hawke to become the second Green Arrow.

Sandra is a strong-willed and charming woman, a girl who dreamed of freedom and love turned mother who dreams of granting her son the best future she can. Sandra is a beautiful and attractive young woman, who unfortunately is used to nut on the worst kind of men (the irresponsible and immature Oliver Queen first, the violent and deceiving arms dealer Milo Armitage later). Now, however, her priority is Connor, and she can be a fiercely protective mother if the situation requires it…



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  4. […] the comics: this caused some changes in the already existing continuity, and the woman credited as Sandra Hawke has been renamed Samantha Clayton…just when, in Legends of Today, we met her son. Connor […]

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