Janis (Retro-Girl)

Retro GirlSecond character introduced in the recent group of pics from Powers today. We’ve already seen the second Retro-Girl, but we didn’t have the chance to take a look at the first one yet (she’s not the first one at all, but that’s a long story). The first case in which the protagonists Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim will be involved with is about the murder of a different Retro-Girl from the one we’ve seen, one who’ll be portrayed by Michelle Forbes. Starting the show as a corpse, she won’t have much of a role probably, but it’s possible she’ll pop up in some flashbacks sooner or later (from the pic, at least, she appears to be alive and well). Anyway, waiting to see what the authors will do of the character in her live action version, let’s see together who she is in the comics.

The entity recently known as “Retro-Girl” was present in history since the dawn of mankind: a legacy more than an identity, Retro-Girl reincarnated age after age in different women through history, and each one of the “Retro-Girls” had some memory and little knowledge from the previous ones’ lives. Around the 1980s, Retro-Girl reincarnated in a girl named Janis, and from that moment her history changed. Janis, in fact, was not just some ordinary girl from Chicago, and she had not been chosen for her strength of will and her intellect only: she was a Power, a human being born with amazing abilities that made her something
different, something more than regular men and women. For the first time in history, the Retro-Girl legacy passed on to a super-powered young woman, and Janis decided to use her gift the best way she could. Learning from her retrogirlcomics1past lives (all of which had belonged to exceptional, yet “normal” women), Janis put up her mind and created a costume for herself, with the intention of becoming a superheroine. It was Janis who created officially the name “Retro-Girl”, and started fighting crime in her city. Beautiful, smart and caring, Retro-Girl became in no time the most popular heroine of her era, with always something nice to say to the people she saved day by day. At first, Retro-Girl fought the good fight alone, but eventually she was contacted by Diamond, another powerful superhero, to form a team, along with immortal Zora and armored Triphammer. The four of them became an unbeatable force for good, able to make any criminal, even superpowered ones, tremble…well, almost: one of them, Johnny Royale, decided to counter the superhero alliance gathering a team composed of the most powerful and vicious criminals around. It was Retro-Girl who discovered Royale’s plans, and informed her allies of the villains’ meeting that same night, at midnight (quite a cliché). The heroes just couldn’t stand by and watch, so they decided to intervene: the one that was preparing would have been known as the greatest battle among superhumans ever occured.

The battle itself was succesfull, and the good guys won, albeit at a great cost: as many villains got killed or captured during the fight, with the remaining ones scattered and forced to hide, the heroic Diamond permanently lost his powers in a battle with his nemesis Wolfe; above all, the destruction caused to the city had reached an unbearable level, and the US Government decided to declare the superhuman community illegal: from that moment, only registered government agents could have used superpowers, and “independent superheroes” got banned. Needless to say, retrogirlcomics2this didn’t stop many of the superheroes from acting even outside the law, Retro-Girl included. Without Diamond at her side anymore (she had had a sexual relation with him, one that had evolved into a triangle with him and Zora), Retro-Girl started to date Triphammer: the two, together, fought crime and shared some intimate moments, trying to live like they were still in the old times. The heroine’s popularity didn’t cease even after the government’s ordinance, quite the opposite. Unfortunately, she also attracted bad kinds of attention, and among her fans there were a number of delusional weirdos. One of them started stalkin Retro-Girl: he told her he wanted to preserve her from society (which was “corrupting” her someway), and that he wanted to be an important part in her life; the heroine didn’t give him much consideration, since he was just a creepy yet inoffensive fanboy…and this turned out to be her greatest mistake. The admirer, knowing she wouldn’t have allowed him to be at her side, decided he would have been a part of her history as the one who killed her: quite an accomplished engineer, he managed to replicate Triphammer’s Power Drainer, and used it on his idol to make her a normal woman…just the time necessary for slitting her throat. Retro-Girl died without even realising what was happening, and her legacy passed on to a girl named Calista Secord, the second super-powered Retro-Girl. It would have been her old friend and lover Diamond, now known as Detective Christian Walker, to hunt down and corner her murderer.

Janis is a cheerful and positive girl, who wants to live her life to the utmost, but who’s also ready and willing to help other people the best way she can. As Retro-Girl, she’s a powerful superheroine disposing of super strength, invulnerability and the ability to fly, even at pretty high speed; she also has memories belonging to tens of past Retro-Girls, thus giving her a wisdom and an experience far beyond her actual age. Popular, admired and loved by everyone, Retro-Girl is one of the icons of the new century, the embodiment of a brightest era who came to an end far too son, and that is eager to come back…



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