InvuncheI almost forgot about the mid-season finale of Constantine, another pretty entertaining episode. In The Saint of Last Resorts, we see our truly John Constantine investigate on the disappearance of a newborn baby, called in by his (ex) friend Anne Marie Flynn. It turns out that the child has been kidnapped by one of Eve‘s damned sisters, Lamashtu, who’s working for the ancient (and wrongly believed extinct) group Brujería. Just when John defeated the evil vampiress, an unexpected threat appears: it’s the Invunche, a twisted demon drawn by Zed at the beginning of the episode, believed to have disappeared from the world at Noah‘s times but pretty alive and well. The Invunche is announced by a baby’s cry, and that’s a reference to his comics’ origin; he’s said to be unstoppable and undefeatable, and that’s bad news for our hero, judging from the situation we left him in: in the comics, John’s saved by a friend who doesn’t (yet?) exist in the tv series, so it’ll be funny to see how he gets through this. Anyway, let’s see together who the Invunche is.

Hard to believe, the demonic Invunche was once a human being, a baby of no more than six months old. The baby was kidnapped by the Brujería, an ancient covenant of male witches, brutal and ruthless mages whose aim was to destroy Heaven itself. The brujos (the members of the Brujería) used a secret, dark ritual on the baby: they twisted invunchecomics1his arms, legs, hands and feet, and they broke his neck with a complete turnaround. Then, they casted powerful spells to give the dead baby demonic life, and they transformed him into the devious and lethal Invunche, the Guardian of the Cave, their personal bodyguard as well as their unstoppable killer. The Invunche was a demon acting only on the Brujería’s orders, and his main task was to protect the Council of the Cave, the highest ranking members of the order who lived in Chilóe, in South America. From time to time, the Invunche was also sent to kill the ones who meant to harm the Brujería: thanks to his nearly unlimited powers, the creature could also cross great distances to eliminate his target, thus acting preemptively to protect his masters. When the Council of the Cave started to put into action their ultimate plan to destroy Heaven, they found almost nobody aware of what they were doing and eager to stop them: among these few there was John Constantine, an outcast mage, who had allied himself with the powerful Swamp Thing, avatar of the Green (the embodiment of all plant life), and who had called back in action his old fellow mages from the Newcastle Crew. Eager to stop his countermoves, the Brujería sent the Invunche to kill Constantine’s allies.

First on the list was Emma, Constantine’s ex-girlfriend: following a presentiment, Emma was painting a disfigured man with his right hand inserted into his back and his head looking backwards. The Invunche materialized from the painting, and scared the woman to death: in order to escape to him, Emma threw herself from a window, meeting her end. After that, the Invunche traveled to London, in the subway: here, Sister Anne-Marie got off the train at the wrong station, and was waiting for the next one. The Invunche approached her, ripped her cross from her neck, invunchecomics2and slaughtered the elderly woman. Constantine understood what was happening, and traveled with Swamp Thing and two others from the Crew, Frank North and Judith, to Chile for a direct confrontation. Unfortunately, scared by what had happened to Emma and Anne-Marie, Judith betrayed her friends, killed Frank and joined forces with the Brujería. The Invunche, meanwhile, destroyed every plant inside or near the entrance of the Council’s cave, so that the Swamp Thing had no access to his masters; then, he ambushed Constantine in the swamp, effortlessly overpowering him. Following his orders, the Invunche brought Constantine to the Council, where the elder mages wanted to meet their adversary face to face before killing him. Judith revealed her betrayal, and told her old friend she preferred to become a Voladoras (a bird-woman servant to the Brujos) rather than to oppose the evil mages. During the ritual to transform Judith, however, the Brujos used a magic root, and that was enough Green to allow the Swamp Thing in: in order to protect themselves, the Brujos ordered the Invunche to stop the plant monster, but Swamp Thing proved to be a tough adversary, harder to bring down than his usual victims. The two monsters faught to a stalemate, until the Brujos got killed: in that moment, the Invunche lost his powers and disappeared in thin air, with no masters to serve anymore.

The Invunche is a living blasphemy, pure innocence turned a tool for pure evil, a parody of a human being created to offend God‘s creation. The Invunche is relentless, invulnerable, unstoppable, he’s impervious to any kind of spell or physical arm, he can be slowed down but he can’t be killed; he’s able to travel between dimensions, through space and time, and kills with no remorse nor hesitation. The Invunche is a demon made only for destroying the Brujería’s enemies, and as long as his masters live, he exists to serve them.


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