Gary London

Gary UnwinTime for the last comics character appeared in Kingsman: The Secret Service. The best for last, so today we’re seeing the protagonist (one of the two) in both the movie and the comics series. Of this character, only the first name remained, as well as his story of street kid turned super spy; all the rest has been pretty much changed. First of all, Taron Egerton will not portray Gary London as in the comics, but Gary Unwin, a street-smart boy nicknamed Eggsy who will become a spy for the Kingsmen, a super-secret service who monitors pretty much the entire globe. He won’t be the unaware nephew of a spy, nor he’ll be as violent as the comic version (well, every work from Mark Millar has been censored more or less on screen). Anyway, before meeting this new Gary, let’s see together who the old one is.

Born and raised in the glorious England, Gary London grew up with his mother only, since his father was nowhere to be seen. The only father figure he knew during his childhood was his father’s brother, Uncle Jack, but he was often out traveling the world for work (he was an employee in the Fraud Office), so the boy was left pretty much to his own devices. Predictably enough, the smart yet undisciplined Gary soon became a street kid, trying to prove his garylondoncomics1worth with petty crimes and stupid capers he tried to impress his friends with. When he became a teenager, unavoidably things got worse for him, until the time he got in serious trouble: he stole a car, and during a race escaping from the cops, he smashed it against a hydrant. Gary London was arrested and imprisoned, but unexpectedly he was released soon after: Uncle Jack, under Gary’s mother request, had used his credentials to bail him out of jail. Gary was invited by Jack to a serious man-to-man talk, and in a pub his uncle revealed to him that he had been lying to his family all this time, pretending to work in the Fraud Officer: he was actually a spy from MI6, working every day for saving the world from behind the curtains. When Gary asked Jack why he was telling him all that after all those years, his uncle told him that he didn’t want to see his nephew, one of the most intelligent persons he had ever met, to waste his life in a future without perspective, and that he was actually offering him a job in the secret service. With nothing to lose, Gary decided to accept Jack’s offer, and also agreed on keeping the thing secret from his mom. He followed Jack to the MI6 training facility, where he was introduced to veteran agent and drill instructor Rupert Greaves, the man who would have taught how to become a professional spy. Gary London spent three years training with some other recruits, and he finally managed to prove his worth by breaking many records during both tactical and physical training. Finally, Sir Giles (the head of the MI6) decided it was time to put the newcomers to the test, and ordered Greaves to examine them.

As a first assignment, Gary was ordered to kill some street thugs, along with a fellow recruit: not only he accomplished the mission without any particular effort, but he even managed to save his teammate’s life in the process. The second test proved to be tougher for Gary: the recruits were sent to a nightclub to prove their abilities in seduction and persuasion, using women as test subjects. Everyone arrived in fancy suits, everyone but Gary, who presented himself dressed in pretty casual clothes. The test went pretty bad for Gary, as he was the only one who didn’t succeed in seducing a woman in the club; even more, he overheard his fellow recruits speaking about him via the transmitting pens they had been given: they were mocking him because of his social background, his criminal garylondoncomics2record, even his accent, and they agreed on the fact that he would have never made it to a field agent. Frustrated and enraged, Gary left the nightclub and stole Uncle Jack’s car (the spy one, with all the gadgets). He drove to his former neighborhood and collected his old friends, and together they started running through the city. Soon police was on their trails, wanting to stop them for violating the trafic laws: Gary wanted to throw some oil at them, but missed the right button and shot a missile to a nearby building. At that point, he finally stopped, only to be contacted by Jack once again. He told him everything, and his uncle told him spies were meant to save the world not for glory nor fame, but because it was the right thing, prompting him to ignore his companions. He offered him a last chance, and Gary came back to training…only to be tranquilized and transported to Colombia, where he would have had to come back to England in twelve hours, after recollecting his passport and flying ticket hidden in a drug lord’s mansion. For Gary, that was an all-in: either he would have succeeded in the last exam and become a spy, or he would have lost it all (possibly, life included). Gary didn’t lose his spirit: he stole clothes and weapons from a local policeman, infiltrated the criminal’s mansion, killed all the guards, abducted the drug lord and used his private jet to come back to England, all in perfect timing. Finally, Gary London had become the spy his uncle had wished him to be.

Gary London is essentially a kid eager to prove to the world (and to himself) that he’s worth something, and he’s ready to do anything, even the most stupid things he can think of, to prove it. Extremely smart and intuitively intelligent, Gary is able to muddle through nearly any kind of situation, compensating with his inventiveness the lack of experience. As a trained MI6 spy, Gary is an expert hand-to-hand combatant, a proficient user of firearms and a brilliant tactician; he has at disposal a nearly unlimited variety of lethal gadgets, and even a bunch of non-lethal ones, plus some fancy car with a ton of hidden weapons. Gary London has finally achieve a dream for many people: he travels the world, seduces beautiful women, meets interesting people…and kills them for the sake of England.


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