Darren Agonistes Cross

Darren CrossSecond character fully appeared in the Ant-Man teaser trailer, this time the main villain of the movie: Darren Cross, who’ll be portrayed by Corey Stoll. Right at the moment, we know little of Cross: he’s a former business partner of Hank Pym, but something went wrong between them and they parted ways. However he keeps using Pym’s technologies, with some modification: he militarized Ant-Man‘s suit and turned it into the Yellowjacket, a heavier, more powerful version, which he’ll also be using personally during the film. Cross is described to be more of a brilliant scientist with little or none moral restraint, thus not being a full-time villain, rather a businessman seeking purely his personal interest. Anyway, before meeting him on the big screen, let’s see who he is in the comics: he never dons the Yellowjacket costume, as we have already seen, but he goes through some drastic physical change while fighting Ant-Man. And not a pretty one.

Darren Agonistes Cross was a man who had everything: a brilliant scientist and an incredibly skilled businessman, Cross used his talents to create from nothing one of the most important companies in the country, Cross Technological Enterprises (Cross Tech for short), which made him one of the richest and most influent entrepreneurs in the world. He built for himself and for his heir, his son Augustine, a financial empire of great extent, and reached the top in the technological field…but there was something Cross just couldn’t predict, and that darrencrosscomics1risked to undo everything he had done. Cross, in fact, was diagnosed with a genetic, incurable heart condition that would have led him to death in a few years, possibly months. Cross used his fortune and the technological resources of his company to build an experimental nucleorganic pacemaker able to keep him alive, supplying his failing heart. His plan was succesfull, and the pacemaker was implanted…but it caused some unexpected side-effects. The pacemaker worked even too well, and it arrived to modify his circulatory system, strenghtening it and making it grow in size; the same process ended up investing his entire body, turning him into a purple hypertrophic giant with superhuman abilities. Despite his new superhuman condition, Cross had nothing to rejoice, as he soon realised the same machine that was keeping him alive was also the one that was slowly killing him: the intensity and rhythm the pacemaker forced his heart to was literally consuming the organ, overusing it and eventually burning it. Resolved to live no matter what, Cross decided to resort to even more drastic solutions.

Knowing the work of Erica Sondheim, a brilliant heart surgeon specialised in heart transplant, Darren Cross tracked her down and kidnapped her, knocking unconscious a man who was trying to convince her to save his daughter (he was Scott Lang, pleading for Cassie‘s life). Cross forced Sondheim to operate him repeatedly, substituting a worn-out heart with a fresh one every time. As a raw matherial, Cross kidnapped people from the darrencrosscomics2slums, keeping them alive as heart-containers, ready to be killed everytime the situation required it. Sondheim wasn’t exactly happy to work for Cross, but with her life at the stake she didn’t have much a choice. Then again, something unexpected happened: Scott Lang, the same man Cross had knocked out while kidnapping Dr. Sondheim, had come back to save the scientist (and so, in the process, to save his own daughter), but this time he wasn’t as helpless as before. Lang, in fact, had broken into the lab of Hank Pym, one of the first Avengers, and had stolen his Ant-Man equipment: as the second Ant-Man, Lang battled Darren Cross to stop him and free both the surgeon and his “donors”. Ant-Man arrived just when Cross was under surgery, but Sondheim told her “boss” that she had succesfully replaced his heart with a new one. With a new “power cell”, Darren Cross started battling the improvised superhero, and proved to be more than a match for him…unfortunately, Sondheim had lied to him, taking the only chance she had to get rid of the purple brute, and she didn’t replace his failing heart with a new one. The fatigue of the battle proved to be too much for Cross, who died of a heart attack while trying to squash Ant-Man. The hero managed to free everyone Darren had kidnapped, while Cross Tech became a property of Augustine Cross.

Darren Cross is a brilliant scientist, a skilled businessman and a genius administrator; unfortunately, he’s also a ruthless megalomaniac disposed to do anything for his own interest and profit, a killer who uses anyone just as a tool for his own purposes. Thanks to his experimental pacemaker, Cross mutated into a giant, muscular humanoid with superhuman strength, durability, senses and healing capabilities, but he’s dependant from continuous heart transplants since his heart can’t keep up with his new circulatory system. A deranged and murderous genius, Darren Cross is just as dangerous as he seems…and he doesn’t look pretty at all.



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