Percival “Pinky” Pinkerton

Pinky PinkertonThere’s yet another character in the pics from Agent Carter‘s upcoming episode The Iron Ceiling. The young man in question shows the same look of another Howling Commando, Montgomery Falsworth… who was in fact mistaken for him in the first movie: it’s Pinky Pinkerton, portrayed by Richard Short. He’ll appear as a new recruit of the Commandos, following the orders of Dum-Dum Dugan and travelling the world doing what he does best… until he’s called back to the United States to help Dugan’s old friend, Peggy Carter, accomplish the mission the S.S.R. assigned to her. Pinkerton is another of the original Howlers from the comics, and it’s pretty funny they’re bringing so many old characters to the screen with this show. Waiting to see who else pops up, let’s see who Pinky Pinkerton is in the comics.

Born in England at the beginning of the century, Percival Pinkerton was the second son of the heir of the glorious Pinkerton family, holding a name which was a synonymous of a glorious military tradition. Both he and his older brother Reginald felt compelled to follow their father’s (and grandfather’s, and great-grandfather’s and so on) footsteps and to enter His Majesty’s Army. Unlike Reginald, who found himself at ease with the harsh training and severe discipline of the academy, Percy soon got bored, and preferred to spend his time chasing girls, hanging out with friends, driving fancy cars. Eventually, his results with studies were so bad that he was asked to resign from pinkypinkertoncomics1the academy, something that he did, but he also refused to go back home, ashamed of his failure and unable to face his father. Despite his best efforts of avoiding his “family fate”, however, war reached Percy nevertheless, and when World War II engulfed Europe, he knew he had to do his part: he joined the army, and both the “home-training” his father made him go through and his time at the academy proved to be useful, as he became a commando. He served many years as a regular commando (possibly even in Spain, judging from his red beret), until he received the offer of his life: one of the legendary Howling Commandos, Junior Juniper, had fallen in action, and the Howlers needed a replacement. Being the best in his ranks despite his weird appearance, Pinkerton was selected by Happy Sam Sawyer as the new member of the First Attack Squad, and sent to Nick Fury and the others just before they embarked on a new, deadly mission. Seeing this skinny and lumpy man with eyeglasses carrying an umbrella on the battlefield wasn’t exactly a good first impression for the Howlers, and all of them actually doubted he had what it took for being one of them: they would have changed their minds almost immediately.

The mission was a highly dangerous one, even for the Howlers’ standards: they would have travelled to Germany to stop one of the Third Reich‘s main men, Baron Heinrich Zemo, who had built a death ray to use on England. During the mission Pinkerton (nicknamed “Pinky” by the Howlers) proved himself extremely useful, and thanks to his effort the Howling Commandos destroyed a U-Boat, a tank, an ammunition damp, and some coast defenses… all of this before reaching Zemo’s castle. During the actual battle with the Baron, the Howlers managed to destroy the death ray (along with the entire castle), and came back to England victorious: Pinky Pinkerton was then officially welcomed among the Howlers. Percy’s attitude was a source of fun for his teammates, but his gallantry became a pinkypinkertoncomics2source of fun for Nick Fury’s girlfriend instead: upon meeting the only British in the Howling Commandos, Pamela Hawley found his gentlemanly behavior amusing, and she pretended to be fascinated by it just to have Nick become jealous (a small satisfaction, even in war times). The following mission proved to be the most difficult so far, as the Howlers were ordered to kidnap Adolf Hitler himself in Berlin: they infiltrated thanks to a mole, but Baron Strucker recognized them, and exposed them. In the following battle, only Nick Fury and Izzy Cohen managed to escape, taking Strucker as a hostage, while Pinky Pinkerton and all the others were taken captive: the small time spent in Nazis‘ prison was more than enough for a lifetime, and Pinky resolved never to be captured again. When Fury came back to save his companions, he had forced Strucker to help him kidnap Hitler, and the Howlers came back to England with the Führer himself… unfortunately, he was just a double, but the mission proved that Hitler was actually using lookalikes, so it was a small victory in its own account. Despite the not-so-pleasurable experience, Pinky decided he would have stayed with the Howlers: his greatest fear had always been the perspective of dying alone, but with such friends and teammates, he knew for sure it would have never happened.

Percy “Pinky” Pinkerton is a fancy-free, light-spirited man, fiercely loyal to his friends, but usually devoted to as many pleasures as he can manage. Despite his overall attitude makes him look unfit to war, Pinky is brave and courageous, often putting his life on the line with no second thought. He’s a capable fighter, an expert in explosives, a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and a good marksman (especially with his rifle), but his most distinctive (and curious) weapon is his bumbershoot, an inseparable umbrella that he actually uses in battle: he can fence with it, he can use it as a grappling hook, he beats enemy soldiers with it as it was a club, he even uses it as a parachute. Despite his appearance, his being loyal and unpredictable makes Pinky Pinkerton one of the most valuable Howlers ever.


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