Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic)

mrfantasticfilmFinally, after waiting for months, we got our first trailer from The Fantastic Four, the upcoming reboot by Josh Trank, as well as our first look at the protagonists. Speaking of Marvel’s first family, let’s start from the head of the household, Reed Richards, who’ll be portrayed by Miles Teller. From what we can see, this version will be significantly younger than his comics’ counterpart (and even than his live action predecessors), but he’ll always be the genius behind the project that brings himself and his three companions in the Negative Zone and that eventually give them powers. In the first (unreleased) The Fantastic Four, Reed was portrayed by Alex Hyde-White, and he was a scientist who organised a space mission to study a comet, but the intervention of the thief known as The Jewler made the ship’s shield fail, so that the four explorers got exposed to cosmic rays and got superpowers. The latest version was Ioan Gruffudd‘s one, again slightly younger than the comics (he even got his white hair due to the shock following a fight with his former boss Victor Von Doom rather than from age), and this time the mission involved a space station and cosmic energy clouds…with the same results as always. Now, let’s see who the Fantastic Four‘s leader is in the comics.

Reed Richards was the only son of brilliant physicist Nathaniel Richards and of his wife Evelyn. From his very childhood he proved to be a prodigy, and had a natural grasp over even the most difficult problems in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. By the age of seven, Reed was smarter and more cultured than any high school student, while at fourteen he was already college-level. He learnt to strictly follow the rules when his favourite uncle, Ted, was charged for anti-government activities and died in depression soon after (in the same period, Reed lost his mother to an illness, quite a difficult time for him). Finally Reed entered State University in HegemanNew mrfantasticcomics1York, where he met the guy who would have become his best friend: football star Ben Grimm, his roommate. He also met a foreigner genius, Victor Von Doom, who elected him to his personal rival, an enmity that brought him to cause an explosion during an experiment ignoring one of Reed’s advices, an accident that got him expelled. Reed lived well his college years, and spent even his summer months studying in a room rented to him by Mary Storm, but he wanted to learn more. When he served in the military with Ben, Reed used the occasion to travel the world, and when his duty tour ended he started an adventure that brought him to a brief but intense relation with a woman named Alyssa Moy and to an intricated plot around a mystical artifact, the Claw of Bast, that brought him to China, Egypt, Romania and Mexico; it was during this time that Reed first opposed a vengeful Von Doom, still trying to get the better of him. Eventually, Reed came back to the United States, where he started teaching at Columbia University. One of Reed’s students happened to be Sue Storm, niece of Reed’s former tenant Mary: Reed and Sue fell in love, and eventually started a relationship. In the meanwhile, Richards was still trying to realize the project of his life: a revolutionary interstellar spaceship he was designing since his college years.

One night, Nathaniel Richards mysteriously disappeared, and left to his son two billion dollars. Reed spent most of the money to finance his spaceship project, and even received fundings from the federal government. The project was based in Central CityCalifornia, and Richards moved there with Sue, her brother Johnny and Ben, who had promised him he would have piloted his rocket. Near his work’s completion, however, Reed was informed that the government was about to cut fundings, having lost interest: in order to convince them to reconsider, Richards mrfantasticcomics2decided to steal his own spaceship and to perform a test flight to another solar system and back by himself. Ben accepted to accompany him as a pilot, despite some doubts about the ship’s shields, and Sue and Johnny insisted to be there as passengers. The four friends infiltrated Central City’s base and managed to blast off with the spaceship, but something unexpected happened: an unforseen solar flare had charged Earth‘s Van Allen Belts with an incredible amount of cosmic radiation, far too much for the spaceship’s shields to bear. Ben decided to abort the mission and to come back to Earth, but it was late: the radiations had already mutated the four’s bodies. Reed, for example, could stretch his body as if it was made of rubber: the military took them in custody, and put them in quarantine. During their imprisonment, Reed and his friends managed to foil the plans of Professor Franz Stahl, another mutated who tried to take over the base, thus proving to the officer in charge, General Walter Montgomery, that they were not to be considered a menace. Free to go, Reed Richards proposed to the others that they used their newfound powers to help other people. Renaming themselves the Fantastic Four, Reed, who now went by the name Mister Fantastic, and the others became the first superhero family. Reed used what remained of his fortune to rent the top floors of the Baxter Building in New York, and used his (frequent) inventions to fund the group. Despite saving the world more than once, Reed’s greatest failure kept haunting him, as he was uncapable of curing his best friend Ben from his new condition (if turning into a giant rock monster could be called a “condition”).

Reed Richards is one of the most intelligent men on the planet (some say the most intelligent), a scientist driven by a neverending curiosity towards anything unexplicable and mysterious. Charismatic and altruistic, Richards is a loving husband for Sue and a caring father for his children Franklin and Valeria, but he tends to be quite absent-minded when it comes to his job, and he can ignore everything around him while he’s focused on his research and experiments. As Mister Fantastic, his intellect has been even augmented by the cosmic rays, becoming even more “flexible”, and his body became elastic, a characteristic that Reed uses in many ways: he can elongate his body to great extent, change his own shape to a variety of uses (he can bounce like a ball, flatten or inflate himself, or even mimic other face’s features); his flesh is also highly resistant, to the point that he can deflect bullets and contain explosions. Albeit being pretty arrogant and sometimes close-minded, Richards is the perfect leader for the team: wise, smart and cautious, guided by a strong sense of morality (even if he can be pretty self-righteous sometimes), Mister Fantastic will do anything to protect his family, even while leading them into dangerous missions.



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