Susan Storm (Invisible Woman)

invisiblewomanfilmTime for the second member of the Fantastic Four seen in the trailer of the reboot: Sue Storm, who will be portrayed by Kate Mara. We know little about her, apart from some family stuff that make her different from her comics counterpart: in the movie, she won’t be Franklin Storm‘s biological daughter, but she’ll be adopted. We don’t know much else for now. Obviously, she’s appeared in every live action version of the team: in the first The Fantastic Four she was portrayed by Rebecca Staab, and she married her beloved Reed Richards by the end of the movie. In the much more belligerant version portrayed by Jessica Alba she married him only at the end of the second movie, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (she also was pivotal in the “conversion” of the titular cosmic hero, Silver Surfer, who was convinced by her to spare Earth and to rebel against his master Galactus). Waiting to learn something more about Mara’s version of Sue, let’s see who the Invisible Woman is in the comics.

Born in Long IslandSusan Storm was the elder daughter of Franklin and Mary Storm. Sue spent her early life taking care of her troublesome little brother Johnny, until her mother died in a car accident: her father fell into a deep depression, that led him to alcoholism, that led him to jail being prosecuted for murder. Sue and Johnny moved to their paternal aunt, Marygay, who at the time was renting a room to Reed Richards, a genius student from State University: she got a crush on him, and she even became friends with Reed’s roommate, Ben Grimm. Sue had a little taste of a wider world when her brother Johnny became the target of both the demon Zarathos, who wanted to make him his new host, and of the vampire St. Germaine, who wanted to use Zarathos’ power to revive his master invisiblewomancomics1Dracula. Things ended well because of the intervention of Max Parrish, uncle of Sue’s friend Cammy, but after the experience Sue decided she would have taken care of her brother, and started raising him on her own (thus forging her patience to unbelievable extents). For a time Sue moved to California and tried to become an actress or a model, but she eventually preferred to follow Reed Richards to Columbia University, still feeling something for him: she entered Columbia on a scholarship, and she ended up under Reed’s tutelage. Finally, Reed started being interested in Sue as well, and the two began a relationship. Sue fully entered her boyfriend’s (and then fiancée’s) world, and supported him in his long-time project to build an experimental intergalactic spaceship, which would have revolutioned space travel. She moved with him to Central City when the government started funding the construction of the rocket, and she brought Johnny along. When in Central City, however, an other accident happened: the military base was attacked by an alien known as Gormuu, who almost destroyed the entire city; only Reed’s intervention defeated the invader, but the army believed the creature had arrived attracted by Reed’s inventions, so they decided to suspend the funds for his spaceship.

Not wanting to lose the work of a lifetime, Reed decided to launch the rocket nevertheless, performing a test flight that would have proved to the army the effectiveness of his invention. Sue just couldn’t let him go alone, and joined him as a passenger, while Ben Grimm was the pilot; Johnny didn’t want to leave his sister, so he joined as well. An unexpected solar flare caused the spaceship to be invested with a huge amount of cosmic rays, and despite Ben
aborted the mission, the radiations had already transformed the four friends’ bodies: Sue found out she could become invisible (some years later, further examinations led by Reed discovered she had many more powers than she invisiblewomancomics2herself believed). The quartet was taken into custody by General Walter Montgomery, who put them in quarantine, but while imprisoned the new superhumans stopped another mutated, Franz Stahl, who was trying to take over the base along with a guy he was manipulating, Ray Perry. Upon the defeat of the two hostiles, Sue and the others proved to Montgomery they were capable of controlling their powers and posed no threat, so they were released. Reed proposed to the group to use their newfound powers to do something good, acting as superheroes (even if he had in mind something closer to “super-explorers”), and Sue and the others agreed. The group, now calling themsevels Fantastic Four, moved from Central City to New York City, where Reed rented the top floors of the Baxter Building and transformed them into their base. Sue, who went by the name Invisible Girl (it took little time for her to turn it into Invisible Woman), had from the very beginning the most delicate task: to keep the group together, trying to control her ever-childish and exuberant brother Johnny and to stay close to Ben, who didn’t take well his transformation into a rock monster; she also had to remind her fiancée to come out of his lab from time to time, something that he tended to forget. What Sue had gained from the accident was a family, and she found herself playing the role of the mother, taking care of all the others.

Susan “Sue” Storm is a caring woman, who puts her family’s safety and well-being before anything else; she’s also strong and determined, quite the opposite of the damsel in distress most of her friends and enemies believed her to be at first. As the Invisible Woman, she’s by far the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four: she’s able to turn herself or anything (and anyone) else she wants invisible, and she can also create extremely durable, invisible force fields she can give any shape she wants to, even changing their density and size and using them to “levitate” or as solid projectiles against hostile foes; the force fields last just as much as she can concentrate on them. Sue is for the team (and not only for her actual children) a warm and caring mother, despite being pretty severe: with a mother’s heart, she’s perfectly able to turn into a fierce lioness anytime her cubs are threatened…not a pleasurable experience for whoever is on her way.



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