Benjamin Jacob Grimm (The Thing)

thethingfilmTime for the last member of the Fantastic Four appeared in the first trailer of the upcoming The Fantastic Four. In the footage, we can clearly see Ben Grimm, portrayed by Jamie Bell, and he looks…well…pretty small. And, judging from the pic, we can guess he’ll be a baseball star rather than a football one. There’s a rumor about him being able to turn into The Thing and back to human form during the movie, but that remains to be confirmed; in the meanwhile, we do not know anything official about the character. He first appeared in the 1994 unreleased movie: human Ben Grimm was played by Michael Bailey Smith, while his rocky alter-ego (who, oddly enough, was shorter than Ben) by Carl Ciarfalio, and he was portrayed as a tragic being who ended up joining The Jeweler‘s band of outsiders out of depression (of course, he’d join his friends again just in time to assault Dr. Doom‘s castle and to free his beloved Alicia Masters). Michael Chiklis portayed both Ben Grimm and The Thing in Tim Story‘s two movies, and this time he acted mostly as the comic relief, despite a tragic background (even if he regained his human appearance at least once per movie). Now, let’s see who the most popular character among the FF is in the comics.

Benjamin Jacob Grimm was born and raised in New York City, in Manhattan‘s Lower East Side. He was the son of Daniel Grimm, an alcoholic permanently unemployed, and his wife Elsie; since his parents couldn’t bring any income to the house, the task was up to Daniel Jr., Ben’s older brother, whom he idolized. Daniel was the leader of the local Yancy Street Gang, and earned his money illegally on the streets. Ben learnt to imitate his brother, even in his tough attitude towards the world, and when Danny got killed on the streets, Ben became quite embittered, to the point he took up the role of leader of the Yancy Street Gang for himself and embraced a life of petty crime. When his parents died in unspecified circumstances, Ben was adopted by his uncle Jake Grimm and thethingcomics1his young wife Petunia: the two showed Ben a new world of caring and affection, and despite being quite distrustful at first, the teenager ended up reciprocating his new family’s love, and changed his life in accordance. He left the Gang and started studying seriously; in Stuyvesant High School Ben became a young football star, nicknamed Grimm Reaper, and earned a sports scholarship that allowed him to enter State University in Hegenam. Ben immediately got along with his roommate, a young genius named Reed Richards: when Reed told Ben his dream was to build a futuristic spaceship, Ben jokingly promised him that if he managed to do that, he’d pilot it. Ben and Reed became best friends, with the first always trying to make the second become more “social”; following graduation, they both joined U.S. Army, where Ben became a skill fighter pilot. During a mission in the South Pacific, Ben met and befriended veteran soldier Nick Fury, who recognised his talent and enlisted him for a secret operation along with Canadian agent Logan (the future Wolverine) and Department of Defense agent Carol Danvers (future Miss Marvel): the trio prevented KGB from accomplishing a delicate mission against U.S. Army. Upon ending his tour of duty, Ben Grimm came back to America, where he became a test pilot and trained as an astronaut: while in training, Grimm met Richards once again, and the latter reminded him of his college days’ promise. Reed, in fact, was building his rocket, and Ben was happy to keep his word, and became his pilot.

Ben Grimm followed Reed Richards to Central City, and contributed to his work on the rocket, learning to pilot it while Reed was building it. Following an accident with an alien invader, the military cut the fundings, and Reed almost lost his lifetime’s project: to prove its worth, the scientist decided to run a test flight “stealing” his own creation. Ben expressed some concerns about the rocket’s shields, but he ended up accompanying his friend in this crazy adventure; along with him there were Reed himself and two passengers, Reed’s fiancée Sue Storm and her brother thethingcomics2Johnny. The four managed to steal the spaceship, and Ben made it take off, but a sudden solar storm hit the Van Allen belts, exposing the rocket to an incredible amount of cosmic rays the shields weren’t enough to contain. Ben aborted the mission, thus saving the lives of everybody, but it was too late, as the radiations had caused a physical mutation in the astronauts. Ben had underwent the most radical and gruesome change: he had become a gigantic humanoid monster, a “thing” made of rock and extremely strong. Before even realising what had happened to him, Ben was captured by General Walter Montgomery and put in quarantine: the quartet earned their freedom by defeating another mutated, Professor Franz Stahl, who tried to take over the base. Differently from the other three mutated, Ben came back home to see his girlfriend, Linda McGill, a young woman who had just swore to him she would have loved him whatever he looked like…but theory didn’t prove to be up to practice, as the girl fled from him, horrified. At first, Ben reacted with rage, destroying his apartment, but then he fell into a deep depression, and was about to commit suicide: it was Linda who stopped him, telling him she had made a mistake and that she wanted to give their relationship a try. Ben, believing she was acting out of pity, rejected her, but also abandoned suicidal ideas. He came back to Reed, who promised him he would have spent all his time and intelligence to find a “cure” for his situation; in the meanwhile, Ben accepted to stay with his friends and to be part of the “Fantastic Four”, the team Reed had founded believing they should have used their powers for a greater good. Naming himself The Thing, Ben became the heart and muscle of the team, always trying to lead a normal life with the appearance of a monster.

Ben Grimm is a man with a heart of gold, the most loyal and trustworthy of friends. Funny, smart, caring, tough and macho-like but with a soft side he just cannot keep hidden, Ben suffers from his mutation, that made him look like a gruesome monster and prevented him from having the normal life he would have liked, or from living the love he’s always dreamt of. As The Thing, he’s extremely durable and strong, able to stand toe-to-toe with the Hulk (at least until he gets really angry); Ben is not only virtually invulnerable, but even immortal, since in his rock form he doesn’t age. He’s also a skilled pilot and astronaut and a trained fighter, specialised in hand-to-hand combat. With the entire world looking at him as a freak, The Thing has only the Fantastic Four left on his side, and he considers Reed and the others like family: even the kindest member of the superhero community, however, can give proof of his determination, courage and unbreakable willpower while defending his family, even taking on foes far beyond his reach.



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