Franklin P. Nelson (Foggy)

Foggy NelsonSecond character appearing in the Daredevil trailer, again one of the main ones: Foggy Nelson, portrayed by Elden Henson. Little is known of his actual role in the series, apart that he’ll be as always the best friend of protagonist Matt Murdock, and his partner in the law firm they run together. The character appeared very briefly in the tv movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, he never spoke and he was uncredited, poping up in Murdock’s office for a single sequence. In the 2003 movie he had a bigger role, and he was portrayed by Jon Favreau: in this version, his personality and ideals differ much from his comics’ counterpart, and he’s portrayed much more ambitious, to the point he’d have nothing against having a man such as Wilson Fisk as a client, not caring about the “only defend the innocents” rule that in the movie is carried on by Matt only. Let’s hope that the tv version will be a little bit closer to the original character, at least in his ideals; in the meanwhile, let’s see who he is in the comics.

Franklin P. Nelson was the son of Edward Nelson and of his wife Rosalind Sharpe. Franklin’s mother was a brilliant lawyer, and she inspired her son to follow her footsteps; unfortunately, it was her career that brought her away from her family, since she decided she would have put her job at the first place, ultimately obtaining divorce from Edward in order to be free enough to follow her own path. The boy of course suffered for his mother’s departure, but he still dreamt of becoming a lawyer like her; some time later Edward got married again with a foggynelsoncomics1woman named Anna, who acted as a mother for Franklin. Eventually the boy became a young man, and he got to study law as he had always wanted: he entered Columbia Law School, where he met the one who would have become his life-long best friend, his roommate Matt Murdock, a blind student who helped him with his studies, and who also protected him from all the bullies harassing him because of his overweight appearance. The only time during college Franklin (now “Foggy” for everybody) and Matt discussed about something was when the latter got a crush on a Greek girl, Elektra Natchios, who Foggy believed to be “dangerous”: Foggy’s feelings proved to be exact, and when the girl disappeared into thin air, both him and Matt moved to Harvard Law School, where they eventually graduated. During their studies, Foggy and Matt found out they not only shared a good friendship, but also the same principles and values, and the same idea of law and justice: following graduation, they decided they would have worked together, and founded a private law firm, Nelson & Murdock; they even hired a secretary, a girl named Karen Page they both got a crush on (Foggy would have gone so far as to pretend he was the superhero Daredevil to impress Karen…with no result). When it became clear that Karen reciprocated Matt’s feelings, Foggy stepped aside, wanting his friends to be happy together.

During the years in the firm, Foggy proved to be a more than capable lawyer, and his skills got an official recognition when Abner Jonas, who had formed a new party and was running to become the major of New York City, asked him to join his party as a candidated for District Attorney. In Jonas’ party, Foggy met his high school crush, Debbie Harris, who this time seemed to be romantically interested in him. The two started dating, and Foggy foggynelsoncomics2accepted Jonas’ offer. Unfortunately, Daredevil found out Abner Jonas was secretly the supercriminal Organizer, and that Dabbie was actually his lover: her flirt with Foggy was meant only to make him a pawn of the criminal group. Wounded and humiliated, Foggy accepted to help Daredevil expose the Organizer’s plan, and sent both him and Debbie to jail in the following trial. Unexpectedly enough, Foggy was once again approached to be a candidate DA, this time without any villain scheming behind the curtains: enthusiastic about the occasion of fighting crime directly, Foggy gave the campaign all his energy and time, but he felt abandoned by his best friend, Matt, who didn’t help him like he had promised (Matt was at the time trying to balance his difficult relation with Karen and his life as Daredevil). During this time, Foggy also started to date Debbie again, after she came out of prison (they eventually got married). Foggy and Matt clashed over the latter’s absence during the campaign, but eventually Foggy forgave him, and when he won the elections and became DA, he offered Matt a place as his assistant. Things got weary again when the mysterious Mr. Klein started blackmailing Foggy, forcing him to prosecute the Black Widow…unfortunately, Matt was dating her in that period, so he defended her in trial. The clash between the two lawyers brough Matt to move to San Francisco with the Widow after the trial, and Foggy managed to win his friend back only when he was shot by Black Specter, a para-military secret organization who tried to silence him for investigating on them. Apparently, despite being severed more than once, the friendship between Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock could survive anything.

Foggy Nelson is essentially a good-hearted and honest man, who tries to make the difference the best he can. Foggy is a brilliant and capable lawyer, just as good as his best friend and colleague Matt Murdock is. Haunted with a terrible luck with women, Foggy falls in love pretty easily, but all his romances end up pretty badly (both for his fault and for others’). Loyal to his principles and to his friends, Foggy may even quarrel often with Matt, but he’s always ready to forgive him, and to accept forgiveness from him.




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