StickTime for another character appeared in the Daredevil trailer: at a certain point, we spot an old man entering an elevator, and when he looks on camera we see he’s blind. That’s Stick, portrayed by Scott Glenn, the one who’s going to be Daredevil‘s teacher and mentor in the show. The character already appeared in the Elektra movie, this time portrayed by Terence Stamp: this version of the character was pretty different, and instead of looking like a vagabond, he had all the looks and dresses of a ninja master. In the film, he’s the one who uses his “magic” to bring Elektra Natchios back to life after she’s been killed by Bullseye, and he completes he training turning her into a warrior for his group, The Chaste. Stick eventually expells Elektra from the Chaste since she’s unable (or unwilling) to free herself from her rage, but helps her a little in the movie anyway. We don’t know how close the tv version will be to the original one: in the meanwhile, let’s see who Stick is in the comics.

Very little is known about Stick’s past, not even his name. A blind man, Stick learnt how to improve his remaining sense so that he could compensate the loss of his sight; he studied martial arts, became a master, and used the discipline from the combat to furtherly perfect his senses, to the point of developing what he called a “proximity sense” that acted like a radar. His calm nature and his prowess with martial arts led him to the Chaste, an elite group of warriors fighting for the light forces, eternally battling The Hand, a lethal sect of powerful ninjas who stickcomics1served the demon Beast. Within the Chaste, Stick developed mystical abilities that made him both a
powerful and a wise warrior, and he rose to become the leader of the Chaste. From the Chaste’s base on a remote mountain or from the first line in the battlefield, Stick led his warriors for decades against the Hand’s forces, becoming a feared enemy for the ones who dwelled in darkness. From time to time, Stick left the Chaste’s mountain to travel the world in search of new recruits for the war against the Hand. In New York City, the now old man stumbled upon Matt Murdock, a young boy who had suffered a serious accident: while saving a man from being run over by a truck, the boy had been blinded by the radioactive waste transported on the truck itself; the chemicals had taken his eyesight, but had heightened his other senses to superhuman levels, much like Stick had done with himself through training. Feeling the boy’s confusion and understanding his fear, Stick decided to teach him how to use his remaining senses to compensate for the loss of his sight, and took him as his disciple. Not only Stick taught Matt how “to see” without his eyes, but he even trained him in martial arts, hoping to make a Chaste warrior out of him; despite his gratitude, however, Matt preferred to go on with his life, and kept studying law (he would have used his abilities to become the superhero Daredevil).

Years later, Stick was called back to Japan by a former student, one who had been cast out of the Chaste for being unworthy to fight for the light. The warrior, now an independent martial arts’ teacher, had a new pupil, a girl who had made enormous progresses under his guidance, but that was ridden by rage and hatred following her father’s murder: he asked his former mentor Stick to try and teach her how to control her darkest emotions, and Stick took her as his new pupil; she was Elektra Natchios, ex girlfriend of Matt Murdock. Stick introduced Elektra not only to stickcomics2the advanced martial arts of the Chaste, but also to the mental powers and discipline, in the hope the young woman would have learnt to purify her soul from the hatred. When it became clear that not only Elektra couldn’t erase the rage from her sould, but that she didn’t want to and she fed upon it, Stick expelled her from the order. Unavoidably, Elektra turned to the Hand to complete her training, but she eventually left them as well, and became an independent assassin. When the Hand became stronger in the United States, Stick moved back to New York, living like a hobo and keeping an eye on his enemies from the shadows. It was during this time that he met Murdock once again: the man had lost his radar sense after an explosion, and asked his old sensei to help him retrieve it. Knowing that Matt was using his powers and the techniques he had taught him for protecting people, Stick took him back as his student, and harshly trained him to allow him to regain his lost abilities. Stick didn’t act only out of affection towards his former student: he knew that the Hand was almost ready to challenge the Chaste to a final, decisive battle, and he needed his warriors, all of them, to be ready for war. The fate of the world would have been decided shortly after.

Stick is a serious warrior and a strict teacher, an inflexible man who knows no compromise in his decades-long battle against darkness and evil. Stick has the unborn talent to recognize potential into people, and to help people making it thrive: it’s what he did with Daredevil, Wolverine (who he saved from his feral state bringing him back to reason), StoneShaft and all the other Chaste warriors, and what he tried to do with Elektra and other lost pupils. Despite being old and blind, Stick is still a fearsome warrior, an unmatched martial artist who mastered many styles and techniques; through a harsh self-training, Stick gained enhanced senses and even some sort of natural radar, superior even to Daredevil’s one. He’s also able to manipulate Chi, the natural energy from human body, to a variety of uses, from telepathic communication to devastating techniques (he’s able to kill an enemy by draining life from his body, thus making his body vanish). Wise and unmerciful, Stick is the perfect leader for the Chaste, especially in wartime (not that the Chaste ever knew peace).



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