Claire Temple

Claire TempleToday we’re going to speak about the fourth and last character introduced in the Daredevil trailer. This is possibly the most unexpected addition to the roster, as in the comics she’s known to be the love interest of another famous character (who, by the way, is going to appear soon in his own tv series). Rosario Dawson will appear as Claire Temple, in her first live action version. In the show, she’ll be a nurse rather than a doctor, as she was in her first stories, and she’ll help Daredevil by treating him from time to time… and from what we’ve seen from the trailer, the blind superhero will be often in need of a first aid kit, to say the least. Anyway, waiting to see who Claire will represent for the Man without Fear on tv, let’s see who she is in the comics.

Claire Temple was born and raised in California, daughter of a perfectly normal middle-class family. Growing up, she became interested in medicine, and she decided to study to become a doctor. At college, she met brilliant biochemistry student Bill Foster, whom she fell in love with. Bill eventually graduated, and found an important job at Stark Industries, as the youngest researcher in Plans and Research Division. In order to stay with him, Claire suspended her studies, and the two got married soon after. Unfortunately, their happy times were short-lived, as Bill soon became obsessed with his work, and totally neglected his wife: tired of being just the background in her husband’s clairetemplecomics1life, Claire separated from him and moved to New York City, where she started working in the Storefront Clinic on the 42nd Street. Claire’s boss at the clinic was Dr. Noah Burstein, a brilliant yet controversial surgeon whose early work had been experimenting on human test subjects to replicate the Super Soldier Serum. One of Burstein’s guinea pigs had been Luke Cage, the only successful experiment, an ex-convict who had gained superhuman powers and had become Power Man, a “hero for hire”. Claire met Cage when he was wounded, and she fell in love with him. The two started a relationship, and Claire found herself sucked in the superheroes’ world. Soon after she began dating with Cage, John McIven, the supervillain known as Bushmaster, kidnapped both Burstein and Claire, forcing the doctor to perform on him the same experiments that had given Cage his superpowers holding the nurse as a hostage. Eventually, Luke Cage saved the day, but Claire started having some doubts about dating a superhero.

Ironically enough, even Bill Foster had become a superhero, the Black Goliath, gaining the same powers as Hank Pym. Claire received a letter from him, where he asked her for her help: just like Pym, he was stuck in his giant form, and had joined a circus to make a living. Claire, who wanted to ask Bill divorce so that she could marry Luke Cage, agreed to go to Los Angeles to meet him, and asked Luke not to follow her. When in California, Claire found out that Bill wasn’t stuck at all, and that he had made it up in order to meet her and to try and win her affection back. clairetemplecomics2Unfortunately, Cage had actually followed Claire, and the two superheroes started fighting over the woman. Plus, the circus Bill had chosen for his acting was the Circus of Crime, and the Ringmaster wasn’t exactly happy to have two superheroes on his property. In the following fight, Power Man and Black Goliath were at first overpowered by the villains (with Princess Python showing quite an interest for Cage… thus enraging Claire, of course), but the two eventually managed to put their rivalry aside long enough to defeat the Ringmaster and his crew. At the end of the adventure, Claire told Bill she wanted to come back to NY with Luke, and definitely broke up with him; humiliated, Bill came back to LA, and granted his ex-wife divorce. Claire stayed with Luke for most of his time in the Heroes for Hire business, but she eventually found out she just couldn’t bear the fact that her man was continuously and willingly exposing himself to deadly risks: the moment it became clear Luke Cage wouldn’t have changed his life for her, she broke up with him, and she came back to her studies. She finally obtained her degree, and became a doctor, determined never to let a man decide her life ever again.

Claire Temple is a tough and strong-willed woman, who consecrated her life to her man (being him Bill Foster or Luke Cage) and learnt from the experience to take care of herself first. A skilled medical doctor, Claire makes helping other people her job and her life, and acts as some kind of heroine herself… this time, however, she follows her rules only.



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