Clarissa Clemens

Clarissa ClemensThe second character appeared this week in The Flash wasn’t so unexpected as the first one. In The Nuclear ManMartin Stein tries to get his life back despite being in another person’s body, and for first he comes back home to his wife, Clarissa, portrayed by Isabella Hofmann. Clearly, the poor woman doesn’t recognize her husband and calls the police, but she’s later contacted by Harrison Wells and his coworkers and learns the truth about Martin’s situation, and convinces him to give Wells a chance to “cure” him. This version of the character appears to be pretty different from the comics’ one, in both the disposition and the history. First of all, she’s Martin’s wife still, and that’s a big leap already from the original story. She seems to be loving and caring…and that’s another BIG leap from the original. Let’s see together.

Born and raised in New York CityClarissa Clemens was a brilliant young woman, independent and ambitious, clearly aware of her own potentials and skills. While attending Hudson University, she was pretty much impervious to her fellow students’ attentions, but on the other hand she found herself fascinated by the high-level scholars among the teachers. In particular, she felt a strong attraction towards physicist Martin Stein, and she eventually started courting him. Stein soon fell in love with her, and the two started a clarissaclemenscomics1relationship. Clarissa Clemens and Martin Stein got married a few years later, and the woman truly believed she had found happiness. Clarissa took care of Martin and loved him, she supported him in his work, and was sincerely proud of her husband the moment he won a Nobel Prize for his work, but her attentions and affection didn’t seem to be fully reciprocated by the scientist. When Stein started working on the “most important project of his life”, an experimental nuclear testing centre, the first of its kind, 100% safe and environment-friendly, he started neglecting his wife even more than usual. Soon it became clear that the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant was Martin’s one and true love, and Clarissa eventually decided to leave her husband, tired of being always the second priority in his life. She left their house, obtained divorce and came back to her maiden name, determined to work her own path, wherever it led her. Unfortunately, it didn’t lead her any good place, albeit her ambition would have soon be satisfied.

Clarissa put both her natural talents (and feminine ways…) and the experience she had gained in the years living with a Nobel Prize winner to build quite a position for herself, until she managed to make contact with really influencing people. Through important businessmen, she accessed a secret group named 2000 Committee, a criminal cartel whose firm belief was that the United States government had grown weak and inefficient, and that only an “enlightened” oligarchy woul have brought the country back to its former glory; the aim of the Committee was to overthrow the government by the year 2000 (hence the name), using bot licit and illicit ways. Most of the clarissaclemenscomics2Committee’s members and leaders were powerful politicians and businessmen, and the identity of most was a secret to the others. Once inside the organization, Clarissa worked her way up to the top, winning influent friendships and eliminating possible competitors, until she became one of the leaders, one of the very few women in charge. With the Committee’s intelligence, Clarissa learnt that her ex-husband had fused with young Ronnie Raymond due to an accident in his long-dreamt Power Plant, becoming the powerful hero Firestorm. The Committee grew interested in Firestorm, and since Clarissa knew Stein’s way of thinking, she was put in charge of the project to kidnap the hero and to replicate his powers. When another one of the leaders, industrialist Henry Hewitt, kidnapped Senator Reilly‘s daughter Lorraine in order to obtain a monopoly, Clarissa used the occasion to make some experiments aimed to duplicate Stein’s Firestorm Matrix, using as guinea pigs both the kidnapped girl and Hewitt: as a result, Lorraine Reilly became the superheroine Firehawk, who escaped the Committee’s custody, and Henry Hewitt became the supervillain Tokamak. The 2000 Committee decided to recapture Lorraine, but the original Firestorm got on the way, and defeated their agent Slipknot: the orders changed, and the leaders decided to kill the superhero. It was with pleasure that Clarissa Clemens hired the notorious Assassination Bureau to do the job, hoping to finally see her estranged husband crawl.

Clarissa Clemens, formerly Clarissa Stein, is a smart and cunning woman, highly manipulative and calculating. Ambitious and determined, she’s ready to do anything to reach the top, and she entered the 2000 Committee hoping to get a share of their new world once they completed their plan. Gifted with a cold intelligence, Clarissa doesn’t value much human life, at least as long as it prevents her from reaching her goals, and she’s more than ready (and willing) to sacrifice even her loathed ex-husband on her way to power.


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