AaronIt’s been quite some time since the last time we wrote something about The Walking Dead; now, with so many casualties in the main cast, they needed to add somebody to the roster, and they did in the last episode. In Them, Sasha and Maggie are alone watching the sunrise, as a mysterious figure emerges from the woods, asking to speak with whoever is in charge (he already know it’s Rick…) and claiming to have “good news” for them. The man is Aaron, and his introduction mimics almost in detail his comics one. In the show, he’s portrayed by Ross Marquand, and he’ll be a recurring character from now on. As always regarding TWD, watch out from possible spoilers ahead, as we see who he is in the comics.

Very little is known about Aaron’s past before the Outbreak began. He lived somewhere near Alexandria with his boyfriend Eric, but there’s no information about his job or social status…when zombies started popping out, however, those didn’t matter anymore. Aaron and Eric started to do their best to survive, with Eric often taking the lead and protecting his boyfriend (Aaron happened to be hemophobiac, and being scared of blood wasn’t exactly useful in a world ridden by flesh-eating undead monsters); eventually, they stumbled upon Alexandria Safe-Zone, a haven built by Alexander Davidson and Douglas Monroe that was a sparkle of civilization among the chaos. When Davidson was banished aaroncomics1from the community because of the abuses he carried out, Douglas was left in charge, and both Aaron and Eric became among his most trusted cooperators. When the Safe-Zone started working as Douglas wanted, organising it in a peaceful and efficient community, he arranged things in order to be able to welcome other survivors: Aaron and Eric were entrusted with being the group’s recruiters, counting on Aaron’s friendly and reassuring look and attitude. Their task was pretty simple: they had to observe other groups from a distance for a while, judging if they posed a threat to the Safe-Zone or not; in the second case, Aaron would have approached them, inviting them to the Safe-Zone, presenting himself unarmed. If he had misjudged the group’s nature and the survivors turned out to be violent people, Eric would have intervened to save him; if everything went smoothly, Aaron would have led the new group to the Safe-Zone, where Douglas would have examined the newcomers one last time, taking the final decision on whether they were fit for their “citadel” or not. This way, the Safe-Zone community grew, and counted only peaceful people who could be of use to the group.

Among the many groups Aaron found, there was a pretty large one led by a former sheriff, Rick Grimes: he observed them for a while on their way to Washington, and got impressed for both the efficiency of the group and the bond that united them, quite rare in the post-apocalypse world. He decided to make his move, and approached Rick and Abraham Ford: distrustful, Rick punched Aaron, knocked him out and tied him up. When he regained consciousness, Aaron (quite used to this kind of situations, so not scared nor angry about being tied up) friendly aaroncomics2invited Rick and the others to an “audition for membership” in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Rick’s group had recently met another “safe zone”, the Governor‘s one, so they didn’t trust his offer, and only Abraham and Michonne seemed to believe him; when a group of zombies attacked, however, Aaron did his best to protect the group, thus gaining Rick’s trust. Aaron led Rick and the others to the Safe-Zone, saving a supply team (Heath and Scott) on the way. Douglas agreed to allow Rick’s group in the community, and Aaron and Scott went out again looking for other groups to recruit, this time using Hershel Greene‘s remaining horses to go farther. This time, however, things went even worse than usual: the woman Aaron approached stabbed him and stole his horse, leaving him to bleed out on the street. Eric arrived, took Aaron on his horse and rushed back to the Safe-Zone, where Aaron was saved. From that moment, however, Aaron asked Douglas to retire from recruiting, since it had become too dangerous, and the leader sadly agreed, considering the community was large enough already. Aaron stayed inside the Safe-Zone, and despite his initial fear, he learnt how to fight and how to defend himself with Rick, Michonne and the others as teachers. A new era for the Alexandria Safe-Zone had begun.

From the very beginning, Aaron is a brave and reliable man, who accepts from Douglas a dangerous job most would have refused; he draws his strength mainly from his relationship with Eric, who he loves deeply: the two of them are fiercely protective one with the other, and always support each other’s decisions. Despite being naturally a pacifist, Aaron became a strong and resolute warrior under Rick’s and Abraham’s training, and he’s now one of the most capable defenders of the group. Good-hearted yet more than willing to do what’s necessary to survive and to protect his companions, Aaron is one of the most trusted and needed members of the Safe-Zone.



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