Eric Raleigh

EricAnother week, another episode of The Walking Dead…and another new character to speak about. In The Distance, it’s revealed that Aaron didn’t come alone to meet Rick Grimes‘ group, but there’s somebody backing him up from a distance: it’s Eric Raleigh, his boyfriend, portrayed by Jordan Woods-Robinson. During the episode, Eric is injured, but he’s saved by Rick and the others and left in the RV to recover, while the others continue their journey to Alexandria Safe-Zone. It’s pretty positive we’ll see him again soon, so, in the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the original Eric.

Very little is known about Eric’s life prior to the Outbreak. He lived in the Alexandria outskirts, but his job remains unrevealed. He was openly gay, and he lived with his boyfriend, Aaron: it was with him that he started traveling around, trying to survive day by day, when the dead started to rise and to feed upon the flesh of the living. When everything seemed to be lost, Eric and Aaron found a little haven (and heaven) in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a shelter built by Alexander Davidson and Douglas Munroe. In the time they spent there, Eric and Aaron saw the leadership change, as Alexander, who had become some sort of abusive tyrant, was sent away by Douglas, who became the new leader of the community and did his best to transform it into a peaceful and efficient town, a corner cut out of the world before the apocalypse. Both Eric and Aaron became two of the most trusted cooperators and councelors to Douglas, and when he decided it was time to open the Safe-Zone’s ericcomics1gates to other groups of survivor, to make the community grow and to give the others a chance of survival, Eric and Aaron were appointed as the town’s recruiters. Their task was potentially dangerous: they had to spot other groups of survivors, to observe them from a distance for a while and to decide whether they could be potential candidates for the Safe-Zone, and then act. If the survivors weren’t violent or dangerous people, Aaron would have approached them and invited them to the Safe-Zone, while Eric observed from a distance, ready to intervene if something went bad. If the survivors accepted, both Aaron and Eric would have taken them to the Safe-Zone, where they would have been received the final approval from Douglas himself. Usually, the groups spotted by the two of them were little ones, usually of three-four people at most, but they eventually stumbled upon Rick Grimes’ group, a much bigger and well-organised one.

Eric and Aaron proceeded as usual, and observed them for some days; when they decided that the big group could have been quite an asset for the Safe-Zone, Aaron went on and approached them, while Eric stayed behind, and kept spying on the group backing his boyfriend up. A well trained group like Rick’s one didn’t take much time to spot Eric in the nearby woods, and immediately thought of some trap, but Aaron kind of reassured them, telling them Eric was his “insurance policy”, ready to kill them if they turned out to be bad people, but absolutely harmless if they didn’t hurt him. Eric joined the group openly when they started traveling to Atlanta Safe-Zone, and started liking Rick’s group as well, trying to become friends with them, even if in his usual, silent way. ericcomics2When Rick and the others were “delivered” to and approved by Douglas, Eric and Aaron came back to their mission, this time with a couple of horses given to them by Maggie Greene, the only animals remaining from her father’s farm. This time, however, things didn’t go as smoothly as the last one: the two lovers spotted a lone woman in the woods, and Aaron managed to recruit her with no difficulty; Eric joined them, and they prepared to come back to the Safe-Zone. During the night, however, Eric woke up and found the woman trying to steal their horses and sneak off. He tried to talk her out of it, but she stabbed him without a second thought, and ran away with Buttons, Maggie’s favourite horse. Aaron woke up and found his boyfriend in a blood puddle in the ground: with the remaining horse, he rushed to the Safe-Zone, where Eric was entrusted to one of the doctors, Denis Cloyd. Denise managed to save Eric’s life and to stitch his wound, but Aaron felt awfully guilty because of what had happened to Eric, believing it was his misdjudgement that led to the incident. Eric tried to reassure his boyfriend, but from that moment Aaron decided that recruiting had become far too dangerous, and that the community was big enough already: Eric supported his position as always, and the two convinced Douglas to give up with recruitment and to take care of the already-existing communtiy. It was a new chapter in Eric’s life, but as all the previous ones, he would have lived it with Aaron by his side.

Eric is a friendly and cheerful guy, loyal to his community and ferociously protective over his boyfriend, Aaron. Usually quiet and apparently gloomy, Eric is actually a pretty open and positive man, who sincerely wishes to be liked. Unusually for the Alexandria Safe-Zone’s residents, Eric is also used to shooting and killing, both walkers and living humans, always for the sake of Aaron. Even for this, he’s one of the pillars of the Safe-Zone, and the only centre of Aaron’s life.



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